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Etymotic GSP-15 Electronic Ear Plugs are a powerful new in-ear device that provides hearing protection from both hazardous gunshot blast noises and from loud continuous noises. One of the most powerful features the GSP-15 provides is a cutting-edge Dual-Mode Switch that allows you to literally flip a switch to toggle between two different modes of electronic hearing protection. In Natural Hearing + Blast Protection (LO) Mode, when the sound levels around you are at a safe 60 dB or less, GSP-15 lets you hear normally as you would with the open ear.
In Hearing Enhancement + Blast Protection (HI) Mode, sounds below 60 dB such as voices and game sounds are amplified by 15dB, so you can hear sounds around you much better than you can with the open ear.
NOTE: While the exposure limits appear to be quite high, at 105 and 115 dB, in LO and HI modes, respectively, it is anticipated that such exposures will be the result of impact noises such as gunfire that are of very short duration. Etymotic GSP-15 Electronic Ear Plugs are designed especially for hunters, professional shooters, gun sport enthusiasts, and guides and instructors. GSP-15 Electronic Ear Plugs come with a good assortment of ACCU·Fit ear tips so you can get an effective seal and comfortable fit. If you are interested in hearing protection for working in warehouses, shops, construction sites, and other industrial settings, check out the HD-15, which is optimized for workers. Hunting hearing aids are small devices that usually fit behind the ear, and connect via a hollow tube to a tip that fits into the ear canal opening. Low cost hunting hearing aids generally give less hearing protection and have a lower quality of sound amplification than do more expensive digital models.
Electronic ear plugs are a superior choice for any situation in which you need hearing protection AND situational awareness (the ability to hear what's going on around you - absolutely critical when using firearms or working around heavy machinery!).
DC Glove Company has you covered from head to toe, and Hearing Protection is at the top of the list. Rifleman ACH Electronic Hearing Protection Ear Muffs are one of the first hearing protectors to bring the benefits of electronic shooting ear muffs to shooters and hunters on a budget. Designed with firearms shooting and tactical professionals in mind, and with its slim-and-light profile and equally light-weight price tag, the ACH is an excellent choice for any shooter or hunter looking for economically-priced electronic shooting hearing protection. MusicPro™ Electronic plugs let you pop your hearing protection in and then forget about it while you enjoy your music, whether you're in the crowd, on the stage, or just playing with friends.
In Natural Hearing with 15-dB Sound Mode, the MusicPro™ allows for natural hearing when the sound levels around you are safe. In Enhanced Hearing with 9dB Sound Mode, impact noise protection still kicks in when a sudden, loud impact noise occurs. But are left guessing what is being said because of noise, then electronic hearing protection can offer you a different alternative, if you are in a work place that requires continuous communication.
Electronic ability to hear security can present you with a set of safety features so you can carry on and lessen noise, whilst delivering an alternate for connection.
Understanding the particular elements of electronic digital ability to hear safety can help you to move into an improve for listening to.
These electronic ear plugs also deliver impressive amplification of safe, ambient noises such as game sounds and voices. The result is an electronic shooter's ear plug that provides a perfect balance of blast hearing protection, protection from loud constant background noise, natural sound hearing, and hearing enhancement -- and with the Dual-Mode Switch, you can customize your hearing protection on the fly to suit your current situation.
Accordingly, GSP-15 does provide adequate protection for outdoor shooting practice and hunting with all but the highest caliber weapons. Whether you're a hard-core hunter, a competitive shooter, or just someone who enjoys spending weekends at the shooting range, the GSP-15 is an ideal choice for blast hearing protection, loud continuous noise reduction, improved situational awareness, and hearing amplification and enhancement. These devices then amplify ambient sound so the wearer can hear his surroundings better than he could without the device - until a weapon is fired. These electronic ear plugs have no behind the ear piece or sound tube, with the ear plug doing all the work itself.

That makes electronic plugs particularly excellent for hunters and shooters in the range or out in the field, for music educators and musicians of all ages, and for industrial workers both on the factory floor and operating heavy machinery. We offer a complete selection of Dewalt, Pyramex, and Howard Leight Foam Ear Plugs and Ear Muffs that will satisfy your needs. With their affordable price tag, Rifleman ACH Ear Muffs are ideal for casual hunting and shooting enthusiasts, or for anyone interested in just starting out with electronic shooting hearing protection. The ACH is feather-light, weighing in at just under 9 ounces, making these ear muffs comfortable enough to wear for hours at a time. They allow you to experience sound in a whole new way, with active attenuation and dual-mode protection you can change up on the fly.
The electronic ear plugs will literally listen to your auditory environment and take care of the safety and protection for you. But the major advantage of the 9dB mode is the hearing enhancement it provides: the MusicPro™ actually amplifies quiet noises, so you can hear quiet details and nuances like never before! One #312 zinc-air battery in each ear plug (included) provides about 300 hours of continuous use.
The difference is that the HD-15 is optimized for workers, while the GSP series is designed for hunters and shooters. This makes sure that you stay shielded using the noise that may be around you while offering you new products that will help you to receive the best outcomes for ability to hear. If you use these particular safety gadgets it is possible to learn what others are declaring if they are linked to the ear canal muffs with an amplifier method. For individuals who have been in a noisy environment, this can assist you together with the best choices when giving you safety for the ability to hear.
Etymotic GSP-15 Electronic Ear Plugs provide many of the same benefits for hunters and shooters that you would get from a high-end electronic shooter's ear muff, packed into a low-profile, in-ear earplug design. For intense practice with larger caliber weapons and for all indoor shooting, muffs should be worn over your GSP-15 ear plugs providing dual protection for optimum safety. Providing smart protection and enhanced situational awareness in a highly compact in-ear design, electronic ear plugs are a step up from most in-ear hunting hearing aids, and they effectively serve as the in-ear equivalent of a really high-end electronic shooter's ear muff.
Electronic ear plugs help you get exactly the protection you need from one moment to the next, without you ever needing to remove or fiddle with your ear plugs. Natural hearing mode allows the user to hear what's going on around her just as if she were not wearing ear plugs at all (until a dangerous sound occurs).
The excellent situational awareness these plugs provide, combined with their smart hearing protection, make electronic ear plugs some of the best hearing all-around safety equipment available today.
You may require ear plugs with cords or ear plugs without cords, or for the real noisy applications, our electronic ear muffs may be what you need. These shooter's ear muffs also have slim ear cups and an adjustable headband, so you can wear this hearing protector under virtually any cap, hat, or helmet -- and the Rifleman ACH is easy to store and transport, too.
Unlike normal ear plugs, MusicPro™ Electronic High-Definition Musician's Ear Plugs are designed to let you hear naturally -- and with the flip of a switch, even amplify quiet sounds around you, so you can actually hear those pianissimos more clearly than ever before while wearing your ear plugs.
And for those seeking a truly superior listening experience, the high note of these new electronic ear plugs is their Dual-Mode switch. However, when the background noise (like the roar of the crowd waiting for the band to come on stage) exceeds safe levels, 15dB of noise reduction automatically and gradually activates to protect you from those constant, hearing-eroding noises. This amplification also makes it easier to hear distant voices and a whole range of other safe, quiet ambient sounds.
The bandwidth (40 Hz - 15 kHz) is unprecedented, and the sound is absolutely the best quality provided by any digital hearing enhancement device available today, period.
All three models of these cutting-edge electronic ear plugs from Etymotic employ similar technology and implement the Dual-Mode Switch system.

Discovering how these power tools operate are able to provide you with a new way to care for your seeing and hearing, while keeping conversation wide open.The concept of electronic hearing security is to offer an amplifier process within earmuffs or another devices that happen to be needed for protecting ability to hear.
Anyone who has problems hearing might also take advantage of this to amplify basic appears to be which can be encompassing their environment to get a diverse response.
The GSP-15 is ideal for anyone who needs situational awareness as well as protection from sudden loud impulse noises and constant loud background noise.
Amplification mode actually makes safe sounds such as voices, game sound, your range instructor's commands, or bird song from that tree across the field louder, playing the amplified sounds through tiny speakers in your ears. Electronic ear plugs really are in a class of their own.Hunting Hearing AidsIn-ear hunting hearing aids are available in behind the ear or in the canal models. If you need NRR22, NRR25, NRR27, NRR30, or NRR33 Hearing Protection, DC Glove can provide you what you need. Like other electronic shooting ear muffs, the Rifleman ACH provides amplification of low-volume ambient sounds such as quiet voices or game sound, as well as providing NRR 21 protection from gunshot noises. With these two modes to choose from, you can select the type of hearing protection (or enhancement) to perfectly suit your auditory environment on the fly, from the club to the concert hall.
The MusicPro, however, is the only electronic ear plug designed and fine-tuned especially for musicians. An over-all group of ear canal plugs or ear canal muffs are made to decrease noise in virtually any work environment.
Choosing the right ear connect for almost any surroundings and being sure that it is able to decrease sound to quit difficulties from happening can then help you in choosing the right assist for your personal sense of sound, so that you do not have obtain a loss of hearing remedy.
These devices amplify sound so you can hear better, but they automatically limit the volume to a safe level when a dangerously loud sound comes in contact.Electronic Communications Ear PlugsMaintain communications in high-noise environments without ever having to remove your hearing protection, for superior all-around safety and situational awareness. Add an Ear Plug Dispenser, or a box of Laser Lite Ear Plugs, or Reusable Ear Plugs to your cart today. Too, natural hearing means you get better situational awareness and clear hearing without having to remove your ear plugs, and knowing what's going on around you -- especially if you're at a live show, where the scene can get very intense very quickly -- is just one more no-hassle way to stay safe. That means if your drummer decides to kick his set over mid song or the girl next to you in the crowd suddenly starts screaming bloody murder, you're covered -- and the rest of the time, you can hear like you would if you weren't wearing any ear plugs at all. If you are in a space where the noise levels are above 85 db, then these will stop the noise from affecting your ears by lowering the volume to 20 db. Choose from face-to-face, two-way radio, or bluetooth communications capabilities to get the hearing protection you need while facilitating your critical communications clearly, even in the noisiest of industrial settings. Not what I wanted or expected.Rifleman ACH Electronic Hearing Protection Ear Muffs (NRR 21)1ls byingtonMay 27, 2013super disappointed. This is a musician's ear plug that truly lets you put the music first -- without sacrificing one of your most important assets, your hearing.
Most that are in these environments know that exposure to noise will then occur when individuals are communicating to each other, however.
Ideal for musicians, concert-goers, directors and music educators, other stage performers, stage crews, venue staff, security personnel, music students, and more. Accordingly, we carry a number of hearing aid accessories to keep your in-ear devices clean and dry between uses. If music is a big part of your life, then the MusicPro™ might very well be be the perfect protection for your unique ears.

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