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Electronic earmuffs block all noise, just like regular ear muffs, but reproduce the audio below a specific pressure level, in this case, 85dB.  That means that gunfire gets muted somewhat, but conversations go through just fine.
But what if you already have a set of cans that you love, that you trust to protect your hearing and always have, and have that cordite smell baked into them after all these years?  A headset that’s just fine and totally comfortable like old pants?
Well then, you do you earplugs with them too, right?  Are they cheap yellow disposable foam jobs?  Are they premium, molded to your canals personally plugs?  Well, how premium can they be if they’re not battery-operated? Now look at the text, “The EHD-MC1 increases the user’s ability to hear up to nine times their normal hearing yet compresses any sound over 85 db to a safe level. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.
The problem when it comes to hearing protection has been this: How do you block sound when it exceeds harmful levels, but at the same time retain the ability to listen clearly and comfortably without taking out the earplugs? As sound levels increase, the earplugs provide the option of 9- or 15 dB sound reduction with the flick of a switch.
15 dB  mode (natural hearing mode) — natural hearing when it is quiet and 15 dB protection when sound exceeds safe levels. MP•9-15 earplugs contain high definition transducers: balanced-armature drivers, high-sensitivity microphones, and wide-dynamic range-compression circuitry. The MP•9-15 earplugs run electronically so batteries are required, and each device uses one #312 zinc air battery.
Since they come complete with a range of seven eartips, custom ear molding is not required but is supported.
I was fortunate enough to test the MP•9-15 at three different music venue locations in and around New York City.

First, I gave them a whirl at the Bowery Ballroom for an concert indie rock show featuring the Bright Light Social Hour, Black Taxi and Echosuite.  The atmosphere was loud rock and roll, so I chose 15dB  protection.
My second attempt was an outdoor beach club environment, for the Nervous Party with DJ Oscar G at Neptunes Beach Club in Hampton Bays.
Thirdly, for my last experience I saw K.D Lang and the Siss Boom Bang in concert at the Westhampton Beach Performing Arts Center. In the past I have always lusted for quality custom ear plugs, but felt discouraged from seeing an ear specialist and getting an ear molding due to the associated expense. The Music Pro•9-15 high definition ear plugs provide an extremely high level of hearing protection while still allowing you to preserve, listen and enjoy your favorite music. Adaptive attenuation lets the user hear naturally as if nothing was in the ears, until sound exceeds safe levels. They are designed with what Etymotic refers to as K-AMP signal processing, which includes adaptive compression circuitry.
The MP•9-15 earplugs are clear and are connected with a clear cord which is very helpful, because I am always afraid of losing one out of two and have run into this problem in the past.
I compared them in and out of both ears and alternatively switched between modes while testing. Made in Miami, DJ Oscar G is famous for his addiction to drums and is a slave to the dark beat. Any loud musical venue such as a concert, club, performance or even during a loud rehearsal or practice.
Although Music Pro •9-15 earplugs are a significant investment relative to most non-custom earplugs, they still offer good value for the money.

They sort of stick out of the ear and look a bit alien-esque, but this is because there are a lot of little mechanics compacted into one tiny multipurpose earplug, so they stand out. In this way, the MP•9-15 earplugs offers an unprecedented capability in that it acts both as an electronic earplug and a personal hearing device. I felt that the earplugs were snug in my ear canal for accurate protection, and I was able to still hear the highs of vocals, guitars and keyboards clearly, while also not losing the low-frequency power of the bass guitar and drums.
I switched the MP•9-15 earplugs over into 9-dB mode, because I did not need as much protection. Ideal for the person who needs protection such as DJs, directors, music educators, engineers, performing musicians (especially symphony and jazz) , front-of-house crews, entertainment industry support staff, security personnel and audiences. Beyond aesthetics, protecting your hearing is what’s important and what’s cool (spread the word!). Most importantly, I was able to hear the concert and converse with noticeable ease, without muffling or distortion.
I’m happy to report that I was still able to hear the soulful vocals and feeling of the sultry tribal drums.
I was able to hear every word and be soulfully serenaded by K.D Lang and her soothing vocals. After eight hours of straight listening, I was not ear-fatigued despite being very close to the pulsating speakers.

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