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My first engagement ring was a round blue sapphire set with a pear-shaped diamond on either side.
In fact everything at Blue Nile is now on sale for 15% off, except previous sale items and engagement jewelry. The product you have selected is not currently available for purchase.For assistance, call us at 1 888-565-7641. A decade and half later I bought myself a pair of oval ruby earrings, surrounded by diamonds. I gave those ruby earrings to my brother and sister-in-law, seized by a conviction that they would help in kicking Project Future Nephew off the ground.

This month, when Blue Nile offered me a choice of small pieces to review or give away, I kept some garnets. No tiaras, more’s the pity, although this necklace might actually work as a diadem on someone young, sparkly, and many-faceted. I love wearing the ruby heart pendant my husband gave me one Valentine’s Day some years ago. The use of white space really does give them a much larger and fuller presence they wouldn’t have otherwise. When SIL called to say she was pregnant I did wonder if my crazy impulse had some backing from the universe.

I picked garnets with a bit of brown to their red to go with the autumn colors I tend to wear, but garnets are great because they come in different beautiful colors & price ranges. While privilege can teach you what color shoes to wear with navy blue, nothing beats the privilege of being alive.

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