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By now, we’ve all heard about Natalee Holloway and the dangers of hooking up with strangers.
Power in Numbers: Before you hit the dance floor, develop a game plan with your girlfriends and stick to it.
Pick a Location: If you do meet a guy you want to hook up with, try to go somewhere you feel safe, preferably in a place that’s near your friends so they know where you’re headed and how to reach you. Watch Your Drink: Drugs like GBH, Ketamine, and Rohypnol (“roofies”) are popular date rape drugs because they can be discreetly slipped into a drink and take effect quickly, often lasting several hours.
Can I Get Your Number?: It's always a good idea to carry around the number and address of the hotel you're staying in.
Between flying on an airplane, staying in a hotel, and running around town, there are an unfortunate amount of opportunities for thievery on Spring Break. Lock It Up: Sherman says using a neck safe or a money belt, instead of a purse, is the most effective way to keep your valuables safe while flying. Mix Up Your Money: When figuring out what kind of money to bring, plan on bringing a few different kinds of payment. Lighten the Load: When considering what to pack, ask yourself, “do I really need this?” Cutting down the amount of prized possessions you bring might seem like a sacrifice at first, but chances are you really won’t need your grandmother’s pearls in the Bahamas, and you’ll never forgive yourself if they got lost or stolen.
Tropical destinations like the Caribbean are a Mecca for stunning beaches, gorgeous people and unfortunately, food-borne illnesses. Accessorize: Nothing looks more beach-chic than a flirty cover-up paired with Jackie O shades and a wide-brimmed hat.
Moisturize, Baby!: If you do get sunburned, Dr Schweiger recommends using the over-the counter topical cream, hydrocortisone 1% to reduce swelling and redness.
Be Patient: While we all want to become tan the moment our feet hit the sand, our skin simply doesn’t work that way.
Snack Attack: While we traditionally think of pancakes as classic hangover food, Sass says scrambled eggs are better. I got home from school one day in late April and checked my mailbox with that feeling we all have when we’re waiting to hear from our top choice college. For those who know me, I’m going to stop putting on a show: when I received my first rejection letter from Michigan State University, aka my dream school, I wasn’t shocked. I still cried for hours and later became depressed for the majority of the end of my senior year. I kept telling my friends at school that I had no idea where I was attending school next year. I had hit rock bottom as I sunk into the corner of my room at the end of this six-week strut. I was at a party at Michigan State one night in August where a friend had drunkenly convinced me it would be the best idea to go to the admissions office the next morning and state why they needed to accept me for fall. The next morning I walked into the office and surprisingly, they let me meet with the Dean of Admissions.
Going to the Fashion Institute of Technology had been a dream of mine since eighth grade, but it was something I thought I could never do—it was something I didn’t think I’d be able to do. I spent that year at home not really enjoying community college and sort of just going to class to go.
Attending FIT has been the best thing that has ever happened to me and I am the happiest I’ve ever been. Bloating is rarely serious, but as it is sometimes associated with certain digestive disorders and allergies, Blahut recommends seeing a doctor if you have frequent, uncomfortable bloating. It may seem counterintuitive, but drinking lots of water and eating fruits and veggies with a high water content can actually help reduce bloating. This delicious breakfast food hasn’t been specifically linked to bloating, Blahut says, but it could make a difference if you experience constipation or gas, which do often go hand in hand with bloating.
While having a bloated stomach can make you feel gross and uncomfortable, there are many quick fixes if you watch what you eat, chew slowly and try some of these bloat-busting foods!
There’s a pretty good chance you’re going to be dragging yourself to class instead of out partying on March 17 since it falls on a Monday. If you go to school where the weather is warm by mid-March, why not bring out a cute sundress (Modcloth, $57.99) to show off your Irish pride? But did you ever consider you might be one bad decision away from a spring break nightmare?
While it might seem like an extreme example, it’s important to recognize that hooking up with someone you don’t know puts you in an infinitely more vulnerable position than hooking up with a friend from home.
It’s easy to get lost in a crowded club, so agreeing on a time and place to meet at the end of the night is a great way to keep track of each other. At first, when a person is slipped a date drug she’ll just seem really drunk, often making it difficult for friends to realize the person has been drugged before she’s sauntered off with the guy and it’s too late.
San Diego-based travel agent Bonnie Sherman says vacation destinations are a hot spot for theft because “places that tourists gather are prime targets.”  She also claims that TSA agents are notorious for stealing out of travelers’ luggage.
If you are planning on packing some valuables, make sure to pack them in a carry-on bag instead of your checked luggage. Better yet, scan and store all your key documents in Google Docs so that you have access to them anywhere.
Sherman suggests carrying both cash and a credit card, and keeping them in separate places. Getting sick on vacation is never fun, but when you’re in a foreign country it can become a total nightmare. Some resorts claim to have filtered water, but if you’re unsure, it’s always better to buy bottled water or bring along a filtered water bottle. But the quest for the perfect tan can often result in the incredibly painful (and much less attractive) sunburn. You can also soothe your skin by taking cold showers and applying a moisturizer that contains aloe vera. But while drinking definitely ranks high on the list of popular activities, having a few too many can ruin your entire vacation.
Our life goddess, Cher Horowitz, taught us everything we need to know about relationships, negotiating grades and how to spot a "full-on Monet," and for that, we thank her. If you embarrass yourself in public, the best course of action is to brush it off and assume that nobody saw anything. I hid my head as I ran upstairs yelling at her and telling her there was no reason that she needed to look at my eyes. But I was the girl who cared more about extra-curricular activities and doing the things that I wanted to do rather than the things that I had to do.
No other school appealed to me—Michigan State was all I knew, therefore, it was the only school I wanted to attend. A letter from my third grade self, and the last three sentences are forever ingrained in mind, “U wyll be a grate persyn. I became a better student and really needed this year to shape my learning abilities for my future. You are some of the first people I’m admitting them to, but in some odd, twisted way, they helped shape me into the person that I am.

She convinced me I could convince them to let me in and that I would be here in a few weeks.
He explained that I missed another window of opportunity to get in for spring, and that I would have to wait another year.
Bloating makes our jeans feel a little bit tighter, puffs up our stomachs and can sometimes even give us gas and an uncomfortable feeling of pressure. It can happen for several reasons: food allergies and intolerances, irritable bowel syndrome, constipation and pre-menstrual syndrome—but more often than not, eating certain foods that either produce gas or cause your body to retain water is the culprit. Salty foods cause your body to retain water, which will give you the classic bloated stomach. But like everything on this list, there’s no need to abstain completely from the foods and drinks you enjoy. Pineapple is a prime example—delicious and tropical, it’s also great at flushing your system out because of the combination of enzymes it has. While cheese and milk (especially if you’re lactose intolerant or even just sensitive to dairy) can cause your stomach to puff up, yogurt can help slim you down. But here’s even more reason to love bananas: “[They’re] high in potassium, which can help combat water retention from salty foods. Just because you’re following your academic pursuits, however, doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice a little festive fun.
Throw a cozy cardigan (Tory Burch, $225) over the dress and toss on some beige booties (River Island, $100) and you’ve got yourself a cute, celebratory outfit that is totally class-appropriate. Patrick’s Day plans include a good amount of green beer, make sure your outfit is worthy of your night out.
What about getting all of your valuables stolen so a thief can dine on unlimited breadsticks at the Olive Garden? Or, if you don’t mind a little PDA, stay at the club and get a little smooch time in there.
Stay in control and be aware of your surroundings by making sure you know exactly what’s in your drink and holding onto it the entire night. Their parents will feel better knowing they can contact you, and you'll know how to get in touch with them in case of an emergency.
Once on vacation, many hotels will offer safes in the room, but bringing your own is also an option. She recommends bringing a debit card rather than a credit card, because “parents can reload it if needed, but if it’s lost, there isn’t a large amount at risk.”  If you’re travelling internationally, make sure to call the credit card company and let them know you’re going away beforehand; otherwise they might think your card was stolen and cancel it when they see the foreign charges! If you do get sick, it will save you from the hassle and possibly the hospital (see Amanda’s story below). Being wary of how long you’re in the sun will reduce your chances of getting sunburned and you can always come out later for evening cocktails on the beach! If you let your skin burn to a crisp, you’ll most likely peel without ever getting brown, and you’ll have to stay indoors the rest of your vacation.
By drinking responsibly, you can immerse yourself in the Spring Break experience, without suffering the next morning.
Drinking no faster than that rate and drinking plenty of water with and between drinks may help prevent a hangover,” Sass says. Taurine has been shown in studies to reverse liver damage caused by a night of heavy drinking and help the body flush out toxins more quickly.” She also recommends bananas or coconut water for a much-needed boost of electrolytes and potassium. By arriving prepared and staying aware, you are well on your way to creating a Spring break that’s fun, fabulous, and most importantly, disaster-free! I slammed my door shut, sunk into a corner of my room, lowered my head between my legs and just cried.
Finally, during my last week of classes as a high school student I figured I had to confirm something for next year. I don’t know if MSU is for me and I’m not ready to go away.” This was partially true—I had to figure things out, but oh man I was ready to get away.
I stated my piece, and he told me he agreed with everything I said, but that he just couldn’t let me in. I had also stayed away from the friends I hung around with the year prior—I didn’t want to fall back into that trap. I was able to land my dream internship three months after moving to New York (AHHH!!!) and literally lived a year of becoming myself.
Bloating is temporary—but you can help your body out by nibbling on certain bloat-busting foods, as well as avoiding a few that cause bloating to begin with.
The way that you eat a food can also make you bloat, too—like eating too quickly or drinking from a straw. But beans are also high in fiber and protein, so you shouldn’t necessarily nix ‘em from your diet! If you’re just chewing gum to freshen your breath, try a mint instead to avoid the bloating side effects. Moderation is key, but if you already do feel bloated, that glass of seltzer water won’t do you any good. Sipping on some peppermint tea, taking peppermint oil supplements or even sucking on some peppermint candy can help soothe your system if you feel bloated.
Unripe bananas have a certain starch that can cause gas, however, so make sure you eat ripe bananas to help with bloating,” Blahut says.
Fiber does help maintain bowel regularity, and avoiding constipation is one way to avoid bloating,” she says. Green jeans (Bluefly, $119) with a traditional Irish wool sweater (Topshop, $65) and statement earrings (White House Black Market, $28) will amp up your outfit.
Or attempting to get a sexy tan, but winding up looking like a full-fledged lobster?  Read on for some tips and testimonies about the 5 most common spring break horrors and how to avoid them.
Also, if you think you might be spending the night somewhere else, bring your phone charger with you. Also, ask your bank what kind of fees they charge for withdrawals overseas and what kind of foreign currency exchange fees they impose. But by reapplying sunscreen (a 30 SPF or higher every two hours), you’re much more likely to get that sun-kissed glow. According to NYC-based nutritionist and author, Cynthia Sass, “most women who drink 3-5 drinks will get a hangover.”  But she says that if you do get a hangover, the following foods and practices may lessen the headache, nausea and dehydration that stem from a night of heavy drinking. The other a small letter from the school I was hoping so very hard to get into and planning on attending. In my head I knew that I would have to do the one thing I just didn’t want to do at all: I would have to attend our local community college. So I printed off our local community college’s application, filled it in by hand (this was the only option), and drove about 15 minutes from my house to turn it in. However, one of my friends pressured me into trying weed, and I felt so wrong about it the whole time, but I tried it and liked it and really thought nothing more of it. I spent so much money (that I really didn’t even have) on weed, and got high everywhere except work. I wrote the best application essay I had ever written in my life—the words literally sparkled and jumped off the paper.

We talked to Diane Blahut, a clinical dietician at Johns Hopkins Nutrition Clinic in Baltimore, for tips on how to beat the bloat! Taking a supplement like Beano (available at grocery stores) before a meal, which is a tablet that contains an enzyme that helps your body digest foods, can keep you stay gas (and bloat!) free. Try eating smaller portions at a time or taking a supplement like Beano or a gas-reducing pill like simethicone, both of which you can buy at a pharmacy or grocery story, if you’re worried about gas and bloating. It is theorized that bromelain decreases inflammation and can help reduce bloating, but to my knowledge there is little actual scientific research into the specific topic. Paddy’s Day falls on a Monday, which means you could be in several different places while you’re celebrating. For the first time in my whole life I felt like there was absolutely nothing I could do to beat this defeat. As motivated as I am, I just didn’t give my high school grades as much attention as they deserved.
Tears started forming, and I threw the rest of the mail back into the mailbox, I got in my car, and I just drove. But my stubborn mind was convinced that I was going to get lucky—I truly thought there was a chance I would get admitted.
The thought of that just nauseated me, including the fact that I would have to start telling people my unattractive plans. I was giving myself life advice that life had planned to give me on the day that I needed it most! Every single class was attended, most tests were one-hundred-percented (made this word up… no?), and I had such a strong ambition to succeed.
I didn’t want to keep doing that because I didn’t want to be the stereotypical community college pothead—I just wanted to get out. I was high in my car, high in my room, high with my friends (when I chose to be around others), and even got high in my garage. Time wasn’t on my side, and I was losing my window of opportunity to try to figure something out. However, on March 30th a feeling developed in my stomach, and I left school, hopped in my car, and drove quickly to my mailbox. I am so thankful that the guy at Michigan State told me that to him I was just a number because now I know that I’m not—here I am, myself and happy, and in the end that’s all I want to be. Pineapples also contain potassium, which helps combat water retention caused by eating foods high in salt,” Blahut says. Various other active compounds block signals of nausea and vomiting from reaching the brain and may reduce intestinal spasms,” Blahut says.
This good bacteria helps your intestines process foods better, beating bloating at the same time. And your bank may have a partnership with a bank in the country you’re going to so you can withdraw from there and won’t have to pay the ATM fees at all.
If my THIRD GRADE self was telling me to rise above this situation, then I felt pathetic as my eighteen-year-old self sitting in a random parking lot and sulking.
I felt like I was giving up on my dreams, but looking back at this moment, I really wasn’t. My teachers saw such an incredible side to me and quite honestly, I saw myself grow happier. The letter was from the Dean of Admissions, so clearly my application was given heaps of thought.
So if I added you in for consideration you would just be number 731 and not the girl I would let in next.” He had called me a number and, in that instant, I knew this wasn’t the school for me. I don’t really remember where I ended up, but I found a parking lot that I wasn’t familiar with at all and just sat there as I opened up my mail. I wiped my tears, put my key in my ignition, and drove home with the aid of Telenav (my blackberry GPS, of course—I had no idea where I was). I was doing the first step in taking control of my actions and trying to change a situation that I didn’t want to be in.
I was getting the best grades I’d ever gotten and my teachers called me their star student—school was becoming something that excited me. I had dropped it without a single worry and happily landed a 3.8 my second semester in school.
He so kindly said in not these exact words, “Hey, your grades are great, but you don’t have our required math class.
Smart me had decided that this wasn’t going to make me happy, but only put my problems on pause.
I was not the kind of girl who was going to get lost in a sea of people and I was surely not number 731.
As soon as I parked and opened up the box I saw the best letter that I’ll ever receive in my entire life.
Consuming probiotics may help keep a healthy balance of bacteria in your gut,” Blahut says. It may be a little challenging to dress chic without looking too much like a leprechaun, but we’ve got you covered.
While there’s no shame in having a little fun, monitoring how much alcohol you consume and making sure to not exceed your limit will help you evaluate a hookup situation with more clarity and better judgment.
I thought that since my letter was taking so long to arrive that maybe, just maybe, they were going to let me in. Going to a community college wasn’t my first, second, third or even last choice—but at this point it was my only choice.
But I did walk out with the most awesome schedule and the best professors I will have ever had in my life. Science became my new favorite subject (this was the weirdest), I fought my way through history, and I did every homework assignment I didn’t want to do because I knew it would get me farther. At some point mid-semester I had reapplied as a transfer to Michigan State and was eagerly waiting on a letter of admission from them. I would get offended when my friends would make comments like, “You’re doing so well because you’re at community college.” GAG ME.
I was doing so well because I was working so hard, and most of my professors were once professors at my friends’ universities; they just wanted a change of pace. I had addressed my math class in my new personal statement, saying that learning math for 4-hours, once a week, was so difficult, and I could take the class once I got to school where they had it multiple times a week in one-hour blocks.
I spent my summer depressed, so very depressed, and not wanting to go back to community college for a year.
No one was handing me the 3.91 I received—I had worked so, so hard for that, and it was the first time I wanted to stand by my GPA.

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