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Above you see the Duke and Duchess arriving at the Metropolitan Museum of Art for tonight’s fundraising dinner. On the menu at the Met: Duo of mushroom-crusted tenderloin of Angus beef and cedar plank Scottish salmon with a Scotch ale reduction, truffle-whipped parsnips and potatoes and miniature sticky toffee pudding with caramel gelato and praline brittle. The British Consulate posted a video showing the flickering candles lining the stairway at the Museum.
Some attendees had paid a staggering $10,000 each to attend the event, which will close with a charity auction. It appeared Kate was wearing her Jimmy Choo Cosmic heels, now out of stock at Jimmy Choo and everywhere else we checked.
On a side note, I am amazed each time by someone who feels upset over other’s comment on Kate (or any celebrity of their favorite for that matter), not just on this site I have never commented on this matter until now.
Like Lili and a few others here I sort of follow the Duchess merely I am interested in what she wears and how she wears.
Last but not the least, greetings to admin and everyone at the most wonderful time of th year!
I think this dress looked best the third time around mainly because of her hair and the jewels she wore with it. I am personally not a fan of the jewellery but I realise it was an event that called for a little more royal bling, and it is nice to see her change it up. Could the bracelet and earrings be a remake from the Greville diamond and emerald necklace which had been inherited by the Queen from her mother?
It would be lovely to see the picture of these emerald ear rings and bracelet had belonged to Princess Diana previously.
In the super close up pictures, the earrings appear to be yellow and white diamond earrings with emeralds. There is so much jewelry within the royal family that I think that Kate could wear something daily for many years and not repeat – there is much that is re-fashioned as well. I think that it can be assumed that these pieces have been in the family for years and may have been restyled either due to personal preferences or to better secure the stones. The design of this piece looks very Cartier based on other similar designs of starburst, multiple cuts of diamond accent stones and a large center gemstone. Diana is my absolute fashion idol over anyone else on earth, and she loved wearing emeralds!!! Melanie Georgacopoulos, whom I’ve written about previously, debuted a new collection called Duality at London Fashion Week.
There is a link to this video buried in a post about New York Fashion Week Day 2, but I wanted to highlight it because it’s so good.
Gina Lollobrigida, one of the most beautiful and iconic actresses of the 20th century, is auctioning some of her famed Bulgari jewelry at Sotheby’s Magnifcent Jewels and Noble Jewels auction in Geneva on May 14.
Marie-Helene de Taillac, known for her candy-colored gemstone pieces, has just opened up a retail location in New York City at 20 East 69th Street.

Angelina Jolie’s recently expanded jewelry collection, Style of Jolie, will be available at retail for the first time April 4. If you aren’t familiar with One Kings Lane, it’s an online retailer of dreamy housewares, both new and vintage, offered mostly in 72 hour sales. For Wallpaper* magazine’s annual ‘Handmade’ issue, a collaboration was undertaken with Harry Winston’s artisans and industrial designer Stephen Burks for a very unique jewelry box. The 2013 spring auction season is under way and there are likely to be a number of  price records broken.
I was alerted to the very interesting artist Hubert Duprat via jeweler Frances Wadsworth-Jones (whom I will be posting about in the near future). Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, which means we may receive a commission if you click a link and purchase something. Then I spent this entire season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills coveting Kyle Richards’ very similar emerald earrings. The earrings Kyle wore throughout the season were created by Jennifer Miller.? Think you can’t afford these beauties?? I was surprised to see these White Gold Plated Faux Green Emerald Teardrop Earrings sell for just $125! Who We AreShop NYC Daily (formerly Fantabulously Frugal in NYC) is a shopping blog for women. William is the Patron of that fundraising campaign, and the couple has participated in a number of events related to the anniversary.
The chandelier style earrings showcase several strands of diamonds with a large emerald, that emerald is also surrounded by diamonds. Kate most recently wore the gown to a National Portrait Gallery event in February 2014; the first time we saw it was for a 100 Women in Hedge Funds dinner in October of 2013. Internet is just that: people post whatever they feel like not whether you consider appropriate or not.
The first two times l felt the dress was wearing her, this time around she’s owning this dress. While I already consider her day-to-day earrings elegant enough for me, obviously fancier occasions call for fancier jewels. I would bet those are her pieces that have been refashioned, although they look very big and showy like how Diana liked to wear statement pieces. I have seen a short version of it and I think it is great, but have no idea who designed it. Emerald is the only stone besides Topaz that is listed in all of the ancient birthstone tables. The small but glamorous space, just 270 square feet, is her third freestanding location after Paris and Tokyo. They have expanded to include jewelry so if you are into artisanal and vintage pieces, be sure to check it out. Designed for her in 1970, the modern ring features a rough, flawless 5.16 carat diamond in a spiky gold setting.

She was accepted to the Pratt Institute’s School of Architecture, but fortunately for jewelry lovers she took the offer of admission to Pratt’s School of Art & Design instead. The Taiwanese designer is well known for her opulent gem-encrusted designs that she has been producing since 2004, and also her annual butterfly design, of which the 2009 version now resides in the Smithsonian “Hall of Gems”. The first record has already fallen with the sale of a D-color, flawless, 28.86 carat round diamond at the Magnificent Jewels and Jadeite sale by Sotheby’s on April 8 in Hong Kong.
What might look like a traditional ring at first glance turns out to have 18k gold ants looking like they are trying to make off with the gemstones.
The unidentified owner of the collection obviously enjoyed color and bold design, with a number of pieces coming from the world’s finest jewelers.
Shocked was I to see that they are nearly identical (in style) to those worn by Angelina Jolie way back when. The 600th Anniversary fundraising campaign kicked off in March 2011, that occasion was one of Kate and William’s first joint engagements. If people fail to see this fact, maybe internet is not the best place for them to hang out. I also know some ppl were disappointed, but I knew she had to wear a repeat at least once on this tour and she seemed to get some flak for wearing the 1,000 dollar Goat coat to Harlem ( a really poor area). The emerald green makes a great contrast to the petrol of the dress and is a great choice this time of year.
She is wearing a green silk chiffon evening dress, with those exact same earrings and bracelet at London event in 1991. It must have been cold though, given it’s December in New York, with those open shoulders. For deals for babies, kids, moms, and moms-to-be, be sure to check out our sister site, Shop Mama Daily. The name Emerald comes from the Greek "smaragdos" via the Old French "esmeralde", and really just means 'green gemstone.' Emerald's precious green color is caused by trace amounts of chromium and vanadium.
Emeralds are considered one of the four Precious Stones; the Sapphire, the Emerald, the Ruby and the Diamond. Emeralds are found in many countries, but Columbia and Brazil are the major producers; Columbia is recognized as the source for the finest stones.
They are also found in Pakistan, Russia, Australia, South Africa, India, Norway, and the United States. Incas and Aztecs of South America, where the best emeralds are still found today, regarded the emerald as a holy gemstone. Written many centuries ago, the Vedas, the holy scriptures of India, say the emerald enhances the well-being, and are supposed to aid in fertility and abundance.  Commonly today, they are closely associated with love and gifts of love.

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