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Richgirl consists of four multi-talented young women, who reign from different parts of the country.
AUDRA Hailing from San Diego, California, Audra has a sexiness that captivates the eyes of her fans coupled with quirkiness and unexpected wit.
SEVEN Raised in Haines City, Florida, Seven will automatically be known for her dynamic vocals which she acquired from growing up singing in the church. At 9 o’clock one morning in early August, she and her relatives ran out of their home and into the street to join a group of terrified Yazidi families. When they arrived, the militants killed the Yazidi men, including Samia’s brother, and they took the women and girls to Mosul, where they ordered them to convert. Even as her very recent past continues to haunt her, Samia struggles to imagine a brighter future for her country and her people.
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It’s believed that once the girls arrived in Syria, they were both married off to ISIS fighters.The girls’ radicalization is being blamed on a Bosnian preacher living in Austria.

All have different backgrounds and experiences, but each has a common thread that brings them together: the same passion and love for creativity, expression, music and entertainment. Aside from her sassy persona, her rich, syrupy vocals give the group its soothing element, which seals the all-star package.
She possesses sex appeal, uniquely combined with insightfulness, which is heard through her powerful voice, thoughtful spoken-word and street tinged raps. Word had spread of Islamic State group fighters approaching their village of Tal Azir in Sinjar.
According to the United Nations, by the end of August, Islamic State militants had abducted up to 2,500 civilians, mostly women and children from northern Iraqi towns.
She now lives with her parents in Khanke refugee camp near the town of Dohuk in Iraqi Kurdistan, and dreams of an Iraq free of the Islamic State group.
On Tuesday, the PBS NewsHour takes a look at the brutal treatment of women and girls by the Islamic State group.
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There have been reports that Sabina was pregnant, which she denied at the time, though she is now missing. The teenage boys and girls were sexually assaulted, and the women were trafficked or given away to Islamic State group fighters.
A quiz 3Too many American women die during pregnancy 44 things to remember about your frozen greens and the Listeria recall 5What happens when a nursing home and a day care center share a roof? In the images, the girls are seen holding Kalashnikov rifles, surrounded by armed fighters.
At the same time she has a focus and hunger that will take her and Richgirl around the world. By submitting comments, you agree to the PBS Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, which include more details.

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