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ISO (International Organization of Standardization) is a standard-setting organization comprised of representatives from 162 national standards organizations. Thanks to a generous donation from a resident, Bangor, ME’s Fairmount Park neighborhood is home to a brand-new red, white and blue Flex Court basketball court. BANGOR, Maine — Adam Moskovitz is the first to admit he’ll never be mistaken for a great basketball player, but he’s being credited for a huge assist to the city of Bangor and his Fairmount Park neighborhood.
Thanks to a private donation by Moskovitz, a Florida native who has been living in Maine the past nine years, the asphalt basketball half-court at the corner of Fairmount Street and Norway Road has gone from crumbling eyesore to a visible park centerpiece. Moskovitz came to Maine for the first time several years back to visit his best friend, who hailed from Franklin. Moskovitz earned his degree in recreational business management and eventually started his own business. Work started on the new court at the beginning of the week and Moskovitz expects it to be playable by Friday afternoon. The new bright red court, with a blue key and white markings, has one hoop with a much larger, full-size halfcourt measuring 50 by 42 feet and featuring a Flex Court all-weather sports surface with a 15-year warranty. The surface should be much more resistant to damage from seasonal freezing and thawing and is also perforated for much quicker rain drainage and drying.The work was done by Brock Starbird of Starbird Contracting in Hampden. The entire neighborhood appears to be excited about the project, which has attracted plenty of attention from passers-by the last few days. And when it’s game time, Moskovitz has plenty of reason to expect preferential treatment and a pass to the front of the line to get on the new court, right?
It’s summertime, which, for many, means plenty of fun in the sun playing basketball, tennis, volleyball and other summer sports and activities. Always warm up and cool down – Before you head out onto the court, make sure that your muscles are primed for play by doing a few minutes of stretches. Use appropriate safety equipment – Keep serious injuries at bay by wearing helmets, goggles, knee pads, mouth guards and other protective gear necessary for your sport. Keep hydrated – Playing outside in summer temps means more sweating, which means you have to work harder to keep properly hydrated. Don’t play in dangerous weather conditions – Avoid playing in thunder and lightning or other forms of severe weather. Don’t ignore signs of physical distress – Headaches, fatigue, muscle cramps and nausea are all signs of heat exhaustion, a condition caused by not cooling the body enough in hot conditions. Flex Court’s surfaces make great indoor or outdoor courts for basketball, tennis and a variety of sports.
Especially in rainy climates, basement floors can be prone to mildew, causing bad odors and triggering health problems. Flex Court offers a low-maintenance, slip-resistant and versatile surface for your deck, pool or patio.
Make your pet’s space more comfortable by installing a Flex Court surface for your kennel or pet run. Our online design center allows you to create your very own court in the sizes and colors as well as with the extras of your choice. Extras – Upgrade your court with options such as fencing, nets, rebounders and lighting. The Design Center offers up helpful tips to help with the design process such as providing customers with the sizes of professional courts. Once your court design is complete, click Finish to print your design and even send your specifications directly to Flex Court. Our tennis surface offers the highest return on investment in the new tennis surfacing market. Our ?” thick shock absorbing co-polymer surface reduces stress on joints, significantly cutting down on the risk of sports injuries.
Our tennis surfaces dry within minutes of rainfall, leaving no standing puddles on the court. Our surfaces are much cooler than asphalt or concrete surfaces, adding to your comfort during gameplay. Offering the highest performance-to-price ratio on the market, our courts are covered by an unmatched 15-year warranty with a 25-30 year life expectancy. If you’re looking for a cost-effective way to spruce up your aging tennis court, consider Flex Court tennis surfaces.
Any tennis player will tell you that there’s nothing quite like playing on a clay tennis court. Our Classic Clay court doesn’t require any water to keep in great shape, saving you time, energy and money. We have designed our Classic Clay tennis courts to simulate what it’s like to play on a real clay court. Because the infill used in our Classic Clay surface is too small to be airborne and coated to disable cling, our court produces zero dust, meaning you want find clay on your shoes or outfit after your game. Our Classic Clay court allows you to enjoy all the advantages of having a clay court at a fraction of the cost.
Because of these reasons (and more), our Classic Clay surface is becoming the top choice for players and enthusiasts alike.

Anyone who regularly tears up the court can tell you that, unfortunately, sport injuries are practically part of the game.
Most outdoor courts simply aren’t constructed to stand up to ever-changing weather season after season.
Add safety and enhance gameplay by installing Flex Court in your gymnasium, outdoor court or playground. We offer three kinds of sport flooring, depending on your sport, level of play and court location. Our courts are available in wide variety of sizes and layouts, from small backyard basketball courts to full-size professional courts.
Flex Court’s outdoor sports surfaces are great for that home tennis court or backyard basketball court you’ve long dreamed of for practice or pick-up games. Flex Court’s all-weather tennis court was the surface of choice for the 2009 DirectTV ESPN US Open Tennis Experience in New York City’s Bryant Park.
In 2008, Flex Court was the official playing surface of The World’s Biggest Basketball Practice at the University of Illinois’ Memorial Stadium. The Nebraska Huskers men’s basketball team plays their outdoor basketball games on an all-weather Flex Court basketball court. ISO 9001:2008 Certification is globally recognized as a benchmark of quality management systems for a variety of standards, including consistent product quality, process efficiency and improvement and customer satisfaction. We continuously strive to produce products that are not only top-of-the-line but built to last. Adam Moskovitz donated $20,000 to transform Fairmount Park’s aging asphalt court into a bigger, weather-resistant and performance-enhancing Flex Court.
Make sure to drink plenty of water as well as sports drinks packed with electrolytes to prevent dehydration. Strong winds, rain torrents and lightning strikes can make for hazardous conditions, which can lead to serious injury or death. If you feel these symptoms coming on, be sure to take a break, move to a cooler location and drink some water. Long-lasting, and great-looking, Flex Court’s surfaces can transform your humdrum garage into a showroom-quality space. Unlike concrete and other common basement flooring, Flex Court surfaces do not hold moisture, making them resistant to mold and mildew. Our SoftStep tile absorbs shock to prevent serious injuries and can be customized in a wide variety of fun colors and designs. Our surfaces do not absorb heat, making them great for comfortable for walking, laying or playing on even on hot summer days. Quick-draining Flex Court whisks away pet messes for a more sanitary space, and durable surfaces stand up to years of wear-and-tear. Each of our basketball courts, tennis courts and gym floors can be made specially in wide range of sizes, colors and logos and to include extras such as goals, rebounders and outdoor lighting.
Instead of removing and rebuilding courts from the ground up, why not consider simply adding a new surface to your courts?
By opting to retrofit your old court with a new surface instead of building a new court, you can save between 60 to 80 percent on improving your court. As an avid tennis player, I wanted to be sure that we chose a surface that our community would like, that would be low-maintenance, forgiving and would last a long time.
Chief among the reasons why playing on a clay court is such a premium is that clay surfaces tend to absorb shock, reducing stress on joints as well as fatigue. Born out of years of development, our Classic Clay tennis court surface is a world-class surface that offers all the benefits of playing on a clay surface without any of the upkeep.
Our Classic Clay surface is quick draining, allowing games to resume almost immediately after the rain stops falling.
Talk to us today about installing a Classic Clay tennis court in your home, club or resort.
Though great exercise, running, jumping and sprinting can take a serious toll on the body, resulting in injuries ranging from minor aches and pains to sprains, muscle strains and fractures.
Our modular surfaces were designed with a shock-absorbing orthopedic technology that helps reduce both lateral and vertical stress resulting from gameplay.
Over time, these courts develop cracks, chips, dips and other flaws that, if not avoided, can result in harm. Not only are these surfaces designed to absorb shock to extend and enhance gameplay; they’re built to stay in great shape for many sport seasons to come. For the serious player, we recommend our ProStep tile, which features a performance traction design to prevent slips and falls. From orange to royal blue, Flex Court has 16 color choices to choose from for your court, border, key, key lines and 3-point line.
But, beyond the home court, a variety of professional and collegiate sports teams have also used Flex Court athletic surfaces for their sport courts. World-class tennis pros such as the Williams sisters, the Jensen brothers and the Bryant brothers showed off their skills on a Flex Court surface in these exhibition games. Featuring both men’s and women’s basketball teams, the mammoth event broke records for the most attended men’s basketball practice as well as the most attended women’s basketball event.

To ensure the life of our products, we offer a 15-year warranty against manufacturing defects, a warranty unmatched in the industry.
Ignoring signs of heat exhaustion can cause heat stroke, a potentially life-threatening condition.
Durable, moisture-resistant, simple-to-clean, customizable and easy-to-install, Flex Court works for all kinds of applications around your home or business. Plus, it only takes Flex Court 2-3 days to complete a double court overlay, including our special crack fill for extended life. I found Flex Court online and their representative met with us several times to come up with a solution for our courts. Also, it’s important to keep the moisture level of a clay court at a certain optimal level. Flex Court surfaces are designed to cut down on these injuries, allowing you to spend less time recouping and more time playing.
To boot, the built-in flex also helps decrease fatigue, helping you to play longer and harder. Also, as our courts are drain quickly after rainfall, you can be sure that your outdoor court will be free of hazardous puddles and other slick spots.
Our courts are infused with an innovative surface expansion technology that helps prevent wear and tear as a result of the changing seasons.
For our roller rink players, we suggest our SoftStep tile, which offers an innovative skate technology. Shock-absorbing, all-weather and long-lasting, Flex Court’s surfaces are designed to enhance game play, whether you’re shooting hoops with your family in your backyard or competing for the national title in front of thousands.
AdemA?s cubriA? tests matches por Mar del Plata, San Juan y Chaco y fue el enviado al Sudamericano de Seven en Mar del Plata 2010.
The Mayo Clinic has excellent examples of how to warm up and cool down before and after activities. Thankfully, Flex Court offers the Flex Court Design Center, an online feature that allows users to preview courts with the options of their choosing to help with the decision process.
My co-committee member Steve and I visited different types of courts throughout Westchester and Connecticut and played on them to make our final decision and were most impressed with the Flex Court surface. They were able to patch the cracks and fill the depressions and lay the tiles right over our old courts. Although the slower game pace may be an adjustment for players who prefer faster games, many players enjoy the extra time to respond to plays.
Luego, final en Madrid y cuartos en Roland Garros, en ambos casos con derrota ante un intratable Rafael Nadal. I was very nervous that my picky friends would find fault with our courts but no one has and they choose to play here rather than on turf courts or hard courts where they normally play.
Depending on the climate, this kind of upkeep can make having a natural clay court too much of a hassle. Stan Wawrinka.Pero antes de proyectar un escenario semejante, muchos de los favoritos deberA?n sortear duros obstA?culos de arranque. Pero esta vez el uruguayo cortA? la racha ante Sela por 6-2, 3-6, 6-4 y 6-1, para citarse con Fabio Fognini en la prA?xima rueda.Entre los favoritos, gran primer paso de Novak Djokovic y festejo de David Ferrer, en su vuelta a las canchas.
En segunda aparecerA­an Marcos Baghdatis o Steve Darcis y en tercera ya asoma Philipp Kohlschreiber, otro que supo darle dolores de cabeza hace algunas semanas (en pasto). Frances Tiafoe (el mA?s chico, con 17 y 7 meses), Andrey Rublev (17), Tommy Paul (18), Alexander Zverev (18), Borna Coric (18), Jared Donaldson (18), Hyeong Chung (19), Thanasi Kokkankis (19), Elias Ymer (19) y Yoshihito Nishioka (19), los nombres que dejaron su huella.La historia de estos jA?venes, con distintos matices, no tuvo sin embargo resultados positivos en cancha. Y la expresiA?n sienta perfecto para el suizo, un jugador que ha evolucionado notablemente en las A?ltimas temporadas y se ha mezclado en la pelea grande. No obstante, sus palmas no fueron suficientes en la cancha 11 en el partido ante Thomaz Bellucci. Dio cuenta de Donald Young por 6-4, 1-6, 6-3 y 6-4 y se clasificA? a cuartos de final del US Open. No los nombran asA­ por lo que ha pasado en estos A?ltimos dos aA±os, sino por lo que ha sucedido en los A?ltimos diez.
En ese tiempo ellos lo han ganado todo", explicA? Wawrinka, el A?nico jugador que ha ganado un par de Major por fuera de dicho selecto grupo desde 2005. Dio batalla en cuatro sets (6-3, 6-2, 4-6 y 6-4) ante Rafael Nadal, quien reconociA? sobre su rival que "es muy joven, demasiado. Incluso se animA? a desafiarlo gestualmente en cancha al abrir los brazos y soltar un fuerte grito al ganar el segundo set en tiebreak. En su segundo octavos en el US Open (el anterior en 2011), intentaba alcanzar cuartos de final de Grand Slam por primera vez en su carrera.

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