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If you're going to inhale the oils, you first need to know that even with inhalation you should follow some basic precautions. The plants that are used to make these oils in a process that concentrates the power of 45 lemons into a 15 ml bottle of lemon essential oil, and 30 lbs of lavender flowers into a 15 ml bottle. I think if you want to get into anything that’s new to you, you need to try it in very simple ways that are easy to incorporate into your daily life.
I used a couple drops of the Serenity essential oil blend mixed in a teaspoon of coconut oil to make this bedtime massage oil to promote sleep and soft skin for my toddler. These homemade chocolates were made with a drop of Wild Orange in one batch, and a drop of Peppermint in the other. Putting my oils prediluted in roller bottles helped make using them in everyday life a lot more simple.
Another way to get to know doTERRA essential oils better is to attend or host a home-party.
There are soooooo many essential oils that provide a multitude of possibilities for benefitting your daily life. For instance, if you have a seizure disorder taking a big whiff of some oils can trigger a seizure. When I posted about this recipe, I was surprised by the amount of people that I know who responded about how much they swear by their essential oils for a variety of different purposes. For most purposes (which there are a wide range of uses that many people swear by) you only need 1-4 drops of oil, so a little bottle goes a long way.

The natural disinfecting properties of lemon make for a cleaning spray that works and leaves you with the delicious and invigorating scent of lemons.
Rub yourself or a family member down with an oil of your choice (I like lavender or the Serenity blend) as a relaxing calm-down before bedtime, promote a restful sleep, and to help skin stay soft and moisturized.
You can add a drop of peppermint, wild orange or cinnamon in the mixture when you make homemade chocolate, a drop of lavender in your cookie mixture, a drop of lemon in your water jug, a drop of wild orange in your homemade sugar-free soda (click the link for recipe and a NuStevia giveaway), and try the endless other ways of using essential oils in your cooking and baking. This gives you the opportunity to try out many different oils, learn about doTERRA and how to use the oils, and browse books full of information to find out which oils might be of the best benefit to you. I'm Hannah, and I'm a Canadian West Coast, preschool-teaching, guitar-and-ukulele-playing, nature-loving, green-living, toddler-chasing, mindful mama.
And using essential oils with strong camphor or menthol properties around infants can cause them to instantly collapse.So use wisdom whether you are using the oils for yourself, in your home, on your pets, on older children, or around infants and toddlers. I have to admit, starting out with no knowledge, a pack of 3 trial oils (lemon, lavender and peppermint – three very versatile oils), and booklets and printouts of the bajillion different ways to use these oils to enhance my own way of life was somewhat overwhelming. You can put a few drops on a piece of paper to test out an oil, and if when it dries you see an oil mark left, it’s not pure. If you, too, are curious about what essential oils have to offer, here are 5 easy ways to use essential oils that are simple and can fit right into what you’re already doing. Melaleuca (tea tree oil) is another natural disinfectant I like to add to my homemade cleaner.
You could choose an oil with an energizing aroma to wake up like Wild Orange, instead, or choose many other oils for their specific properties to make your massage oil.

Use an aromatic diffuser (there are a couple types available from doTERRA) to fill up the space with a pleasant smell, while reaping the benefits of breathing in the benefits of the specific oil you’re diffusing. Add a couple drops of lavender (or the oil you choose for the purpose you need) in your bath water and enjoy a scented and oil infused soak.
Remember, while essential oils have amazing healing and therapeutic benefits, they are just like any drug or chemical and should be used with caution and kept out of reach of the children. Check out a whole post I wrote on my experience with making and using my natural lemon cleaner.
I still feel that they pose no threat when used sparingly in cooking to flavour foods, but I am no expert.
Bergamot essential oil has properties that promote healthy, clear skin while offering a calming benefit.
Try Eucalyptus, Peppermint or the Respiratory Blend to promote easier breathing while you sleep.
Ylang Ylang promotes healthy skin and hair, and can offer an uplifting effect on your mood while having a calming effect at the same time. A few drops of lemon, peppermint or Invigorating blend (there are many others, too) in your diffuser in the living room might pep you up.

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