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This weekend, Fling Fashions participated in an extraordinary event hosted by the Texas Birth Networks.
When I learned that the filmmakers were going to be speaking in North Texas, I jumped at the chance for Fling Fashions to get involved. I signed up for Fling Fashions to be a vendor at the Mom & Babies Fair, held at the at Hall of Fame in Globe Life Stadium (where our beloved Texas Ranger play). That’s me (left) with my dear friend Chelsie, who enthusiastically showed all the moms how our scarves can double as a breastfeeding cover. If you live here in North Texas, I invite you to check out the sponsors and vendors of this event and consider supporting their local businesses and non-profit organizations. If blue, gray, and purple all fell in a paint can together, this would be the resulting color. We hear a lot about clothing storage; what needs to be hung up, what needs to be folded, what kind of hangers to use, etc. If having your earrings on a counter or in a drawer is more your speed, you can skip the small, pricey earring trays (they never have enough compartments!) and grab some $1 store ice trays.
If you’d rather keep them in the closet, take some plastic circular shower curtain rings and attach them to a hanger.
Layering your clothes is a great way to create new looks and get the most out of your wardrobe. If you live in the South (like I do) you know that summer time is not very conducive to wearing more than one layer. A lightweight vest can take the place of a cardigan or blazer that you would normally add to an outfit. Okay, Color-Block technically is not a print, but it is one of the most popular new color trends. Like Chevron, the Ikat pattern has evolved from just clothing and accessories to home goods. The Infinity Scarf is the one FLING that we can’t get enough of and keeps us coming back for more. Beyonce coordinates her blue jacket with her black basics by adding a cute Infinity Scarf in a fun and trendy pattern.
Selena Gomez shows us just how versatile the Infinity Scarf can be, pairing it with 3 different outfits and wearing it 3 different ways. Minka Kelly smartly adds a splash of color to an otherwise dull outfit with her Infinity Scarf.

Use this hanging storage to keep pacifiers high and dry, or keep those pesky hair bows and clips organized. I’m standing next to a mannequin that shows how a simple infinity scarf can transform into a breastfeeding cover. You get to show a little skin, bust out your bathing suit, and dressing like a ray of sunshine is totally acceptable.
This gorgeous neutral is the perfect alternative to black, and provides a great foundation to any of the colors on this list.
It’s warm, earthy tone makes it a perfect pair for blues, yellows, greens, grays, and even some purples. This color is nothing short of regal, and a blazer or a pair of heels in this color tells everyone that you are basically royalty. You may not only want to wear it, but you may just want to paint a wall in your house Misted Yellow. If you have a fancy night out , fall wedding, or cocktail party to attend, this is the color to wear.
This color would look especially awesome paired with yellows, and is a lovely shade for some new accessories.
It offers a really nice foundation color to shades of purple like Mauve Mist and Radiant Orchid, without making you out to look like The Joker.
You might have a jewelry box, but they all just end up mixed up together, and leave you hunting for a matched pair. You can spray paint them to match your room colors, or leave them plain and put them in a drawer. Maybe you started out with a small collection on the back of your closet door, but now they fall off every time you open the closet. You can go with something more structured like a denim vest, or embrace the summery boho trend with a fringed scarf vest. Necklaces:  With all of the different styles, textures, lengths, and colors, the possibilites are endless!
There are a huge variety of styles from a sleek gold mirror belt to a classic slim leather belt. It’s gained popularity not only in clothing and accessories, but in home decor as well.
It has a variety of variations, and looks just as striking in black and white as it does in color.

She adds a leopard-print Infinity Scarf to instantly update her basic jeans and tank outfit. If you continue browsing the site, you are giving implied consent to the use of cookies on this website. Try an almost monochromatic look by pairing it with Aluminum, or let it be the neutral foundation and pair it with Royal Blue.
You don’t have to be dressed to the 9s everyday to look pulled together.   There is nothing wrong with being comfortable and casual when you are just out running errands. Put a few cute little bowls by the kitchen and bathroom sinks, and put one jewelry tray in your room (preferably near your bed) to catch your daily jewelry. You can layer a few different lengths and colors together, or go for one big statement necklace in a bold color. Mixing together a variety of bangles in different colors and textures gives any outfit a stylish kick in the pants. A fun cocktail ring is a great addition to your look, and adds an element of texture without adding more layers to your clothing. Earrings bring the focus up to your face, and come in a huge variety of styles, shapes, and colors. If you’d rather stick to just one or two bracelets, a bold cuff is simple and elegant.
If you want a simple and elegant look, some studs with a beautiful stone will keep your look understated and classy. A cute summer scarf with a great pattern and color not only brings some texture to your look, but it also will ward off the chills in those cold indoor places.
Set aside some of your wardrobe budget for trips to the tailor and the shoe hospital to keep items looking their best. Mixing metals, beads, and chain types can all add texture and style to your outfit without adding another bulky layer.

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