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The celebrity star Paris Hilton made it to the head lines of the newspapers being at the top list by having one of the ten most expensive wedding rings in the world. The first lady of America Jackline Kennedy Onnasis or Jacky Kennedy the wife of John Kennedy the former president of the united states came at the third place in the list of the most expensive wedding rings in the world with a ring made of 15 carat diamond. Although the princess Diana’s ring was not on the top ten of the most expensive rings, The show pointed out that the ring captured the public attention again when her eldest son presented it to his fiancee Kate Middleton.
The celebrity star Tom Cruise has placed his beautiful pride Katie  Holmes in the fifth place after he presented her a 1.5 million dollar ring. In the sixth place came the ring of the beautiful American star Jennifer Lopez that was given to her by her ex-husband Ben Affleck. Prince Charles has occupied the seventh place with the one million dollar diamond ring he presented to his second wife Camilla Parker Bowls after the death of princess Diana.
In the eighth place the American star Charlie Chen who presented a 550.000 dollar ring to his fiancee. The most expensive cocktail glass in the world the price of the cup reached 15.250 sterling.
As the proverb said cut your coat according to your cloth and the old words that said man does not attain all his heart’s desires and we do not want to go very far from our topic. Face cosmetics is the a wide industry that is and will absolutely continue to be popular as long as there are women on earth. Japanese actors were the first to use this cream, a fact that may undermine the cream’s quality since the Japanese enjoy a sleek skin, both men and women! La Mer is known for it high-priced moisturizing cream that got fame through not only branding but the feedback of celebrities as well.
The Recovery Complex is named as such for its ability to recover your skin to the youthful state once again. The Sensai creme offered for 650 dollars is an anti-aging creme that not only allows for a youthful look, but repairs your DNA and your metabolic processes as well. The Neuropeptide Facial Conformer, is one of the cremes that include the body chemicals of rejuvenation. There are some watches that just tell us the time, but there are others that be more than a time tool.
This watch is the most expensive one with 201 karats of colored diamonds that costs $25 million. It comes in pyramid style which makes the watch has two faces, the first face as a bracelet if you close it and the second one as a watch if you open it up.
It is made of 18-carat, rhodium-plated white gold and covered with over 3,000 brilliant-cut diamonds. This one is made by Parmigiani Fleurier which is decorated with enameling of a lotus flower from many cut diamonds and some precious stones. This one has 480 diamonds for a total of 58 carats with  white gold three-piece case which is set with 42 carats of diamonds. Instead the trending luxury fashion item comes either in a pair of slim fit or flared, boot cut, acid-washed or torn. While she is not working, she loves to read books, play sports, dance, watch movies or simply travel.
The price of the ring was estimated to be 2.6million dollars when it was sold in a public raise in 1996.

The ring is made of blue ruby and embedded with diamond .the whole world saw their amazing wedding in April 2011.
Her husband the American star Michael Douglas presented the ring to his pride the Oscar winner in 2002. Despite all the family problems that occurred to her marriage reaching the level of divorce because her husband was cheating on her. Now we will go back to the cocktail glass that is considered the most expensive in the whole world. Evanka did everything for Jared Kushner and Kushner presented her a platinum ring with a diamond stone weighs 5.22 carat. It went into media that the TNS cream contained the foreskin as its major ingredient, the thing that got it more fame. The ingredients of this pot of creme is a mystery as the website and the ads mention nothing about it.
La Prairie decided that it is not the collagen, neither the foreskin or the fibroblastic copy of it even that will do the job of fighting age. It says that the major component behind this cream was discovered when one hermit visited a brewery and found that all the people their have smooth hands.
A mixture of synthetic neuropeptides, phospholipids that moisten your skin and repair damage, and DMAE.
The pot comes in a magnetic tube that gives you the feel of owning a treasure, something to calm your burning pockets.
They are a piece of jewelry that decorate your look and give you a special place among people. It is made by Switzerland-based company named Chopard which comes with three heart-shaped diamonds weighing 38 carats (15 carat pink heart diamond, 12 carats blue heart diamond and 11 carats white heart diamond) surrounded by white and yellow flowery diamonds weighing 163 carats. It is made from 233 colorless cut diamonds of different sizes totaling 106.93 carats with18-carat white gold. Few details have been released on these two, but from the look to the watches you can guess what you want to know.
Subscribe Now Subscribers2,50,000G+ Views4,167,817Facebook546,080 Subscribe with us to be Updated on the Latest Fashion Trends, Beauty and Health Tips! The ring is made of white gold embedded with blue diamond which is the most expensive diamond ever. Michael Douglas and cathrine could have used the same amount of money to buy all available lands in Nauru island. It’s a 17 carat stone surrounded by 58 smaller stones and two other ones taking the shape of half moon on each side of the ring.
Beyoncee has two copies of the same ring one is fake so that she can put it in public events and parties, The fake ring costs 5000 dollars . With the anti-aging (technology?) busying the minds of beauty seekers, some of them would pay every cent to get look younger. Although these might be frauds, collagen is the certain ingredient that has this effect on your skin.
It was as such because their work entails contact with a material, discovered afterwards, called Pitera. It offers them not just a moistening creme for their skin but a method to appease their minds as well.

Another thing to be mentioned is that the name of the man who had the idea of the cocktail glass is Harvey Nickels in Manchester city.
Using the money paid for the ring Maria carrie can pay more than half the debts of a city called Wallis. The price of the ring can pay off half the debts of kinya according to the estimates of 1999. They are ready to buy the most expensive of these products, and as you expect, the following list fall in this line. They have expression, modesty, sex appeal, and simplicity – all I hope for in my clothes. When the cocktail is served to clients in restaurants it is usually accompanied with security guards not for him but for the glass containing a 18 carat diamond ring and this glass has a 6.5 carat of pink tourmaline. A man in charge of chopard said that at the present times the ring exceeds 18 million dollars. By now you have known it is platinum, but you should know that you have to pay a 1000 bucks to get your 1.7 ounce pot. The idea of the cocktail glass was the idea of the24 year old Jay Mallek and the employees of the restaurant to be the strangest idea in the surrounding areas. Jay has ordered a creation of a cocktail drinking glass suits dinner in the wonderful restaurant.
The restaurant has been prepared by all the possible security means and surrounded with guards so that clients can choose the cocktail glass that contains the diamond ring they desire and the most expensive glass or the most expensive ring at the restaurant that worth 27.000 sterling. In 1998, Gucci made headlines when their normal pair of distressed, ripped denim was priced at an astonishing $3,134.To summarize not all denims created by same manufacturer are equal. When the price tag of any particular pair is sky high then we must comprehend the finest quality of the blue jeans that incorporates the best weaves, rarest batches of fabric, manual labor and lot of detailing. While the above mentioned brands in the list of the top 10 most expensive jeans brands are jeans manufactures, the fashion designers are not left behind to grace the chart.Roberto Cavalli is counted among the high end fashion houses in the world and when such a brand decides to design a pair of lush jeans, it had to come with a heavy price tag as well.
Earnest Sewn Custom FitHere is another company, which accepts personalized offers from customers.
Apart from encrusting crystals and gold chains, the brand also accepts orders for personalized fits. EscadaEscada, the luxury American fashion house that was established in 1978, allows their customers to personalize their jeans with their own personal detailing. While some customers add in a button fly, others prefer good old-fashioned zipper.Some customers even want their jeans to be faded and there was an occasion when someone had once asked Escada to encrust Swarovski crystals into a customized pair. APO JeansOne of the most expensive pair of APO jeans is accentuated with silk pockets and riveting made of gold, silver and platinum along-with exquisite gemstones. 7 For All MankindAlso referred as Seven Jeans, this premium denim brand was founded in 2000, initially for women.

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