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Every product in the Fairy Store is handmade in our workshop in Oregon, created with materials from nature, and designed to provide a real home to real Fairies.
FAIRY DOORSWhen you sit in a quiet room alone, without music or TV, have you ever heard scratching and rustling in the wall?  Or the ceiling?  "A mouse!" you think, or perhaps - horrors! Electrons move around, but when they do they create imbalances in the relative charges of atoms. We invite you see with your imagination – and give yourself permission to believe what you see.
Windows are backed with a shiny reflective surface and drilled with holes in top and bottom for easy installation to any surface.

Since electrons have a negative charge and protons have a positive charge, when electrons leave one atom and go to another, the original atom loses some of its negativity and takes on a positive charge. The blog that attempts to explain some of the universe's coolest things in the most comprehensible way possible. The world is alive, Fairies are real, and they peek out at us from every Earth place that remembers the wild. If you get enough charged particles in one place, you’ve got a recipe for electricity. We (Steve Kux and Geoff Lee) are just a couple of former students who never got tired of researching, writing, and doodling in the margins.

We are here to explain all things science and we will happily consider requests for articles.
When we took photos of their habitats, the Fairies appeared in them, giving birth to the prints, calendars, and cards.

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