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This week we’d like to introduce a new series of blogs that will focus on different types of physicians and their various specialties.  Knowing what kind of experts and services are available is an important part of managing your health. Physicians in this field are typically referred to as “ENT” (ear, nose, and throat) doctors.  ENT’s commonly treat people with persistent ear infections, vertigo (dizziness and ringing in the ears) hearing loss, and are also able to conduct surgeries in those areas when necessary. It may be necessary to see your family-care doctor or primary care physician before setting up an appointment with an ENT.  This is often the case with specialists, as your regular doctor will be able to determine if your condition is treatable on its own, or if a specialist will need to intervene. These areas of the body are extremely delicate and sensitive, and as such the ENT needs to be skilled at using a variety of diagnostic tools.  An ENT will often use different scopes to try and identify the underlying cause of the symptoms. If a surgery or procedure is needed, the ENT will use the necessary form of anesthesia (numbing) to help make the process more tolerable for the patient. At Advanced Research Institute, we have partnered with one of the top ENT’s in the region in order to conduct clinical trials focusing on new treatments for ear, nose and throat disorders. We are currently conducting a study for a unique form of anesthesia to be used by ENT’s before conducting diagnostic procedures or surgeries.  The study will involve two office visits as well as two phone calls.
You may be compensated for your time and travel, depending on whether you qualify and how many visits you complete.  Call our research team at 801-409-2040 to see if you qualify. Our physicians are all certified in specialized fields, some holding multiple degrees, others having even used their extensive knowledge to author various publications in their particular areas of expertise. The newest addition to the Westwood family, specializes in otolaryngology within the head & neck. Holds fellowships with the American Academy of Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery and the American College of Surgeons. These experts come together and combine their experience in order to create a collaborative environment that is more fully comprehensive, thus better meeting the needs of patients. The Royal Berkshire Hospital provides both elective and emergency ENT care for the surrounding population.
ENT is in the West Drive Buildings (off Redlands Road).Park in the multi-storey car park in Craven Road.
The department provides an integrated approach to head and neck care by working closely with other health professionals such as radiologists, clinical oncologists, ophthalmologists, speech therapists, dietitians, audiologists and nurse specialists.

Please be prepared to give a medical history and list of medications you are taking to the doctor. To keep you and your family healthy, it's always best to treat illness at the first sign of symptoms.
So when the sniffles hit this spring, how will you know if it's a cold, allergies, or sinus problem? I suffer from sinus problems usually twice a year due to allergies and dust---usually during weather changes here in Pa.
After taking a few Thai cooking classes while on my honeymoon in Thailand, I can say I make some pretty rocking’ curry and mango sticky rice. While studying abroad, I had an emergency appendectomy and spent two weeks on IV antibiotics in a hospital in Costa Rica. Unlike many conventional medical facilities where patients are moved through in a quick, impersonal manner, Westwood Ear, Nose & Throat takes a softer, slower approach where our professionals take the time to allay anxieties and answer all your questions.
Board certified in Otolaryngology and beyond, our physicians are both Connecticut natives who take a personable and professional approach to each case. The Otology, Thyroid and Multidisciplinary Team (MDT) Head and Neck Oncology clinics receive referral from other consultants within the hospital. While allergies may produce a low-grade fever, they are never accompanied by high fevers (more than 100 degrees). Did they give any tips as to what other things can cause sinus troubles like those described in the chart? The faculty really understand that this early in my residency, I need a little more guidance and patience so that I can learn the proper techniques in the OR. We fully explain pathology, present options, and develop a plan that addresses the patient's needs and circumstances.
If you have a condition that continues to impede the way you wish to live, this is a simple way to start on the path to ending the suffering and improving your life, today! Then turn right and follow the footpath to ENT OPD which is in the third single storey building on the left.

Spinella and Chris Loughlin possess strong backgrounds and are well versed in the latest advancements in ear, nose and throat medicine, treatments and procedures. I was having a hard time getting the list to print and I forgot all about posting the source and of course Ive cleaned out all of my old emails already.
Michael Stadler has been named one of five physicians in the nation to be a Visiting Scholar of the American Board of Medical Specialties.
There are some amazing hiking trails through the Kettle MoraineState Forest, which our puppy Maggie loves. The Visiting Scholars Program facilitates research that has the potential to address critical health care needs in the United States and better measure patient outcomes, while assisting physicians with continuous professional development. We were able to go strawberry picking in the summer, apple picking in the fall, and we found a few different pumpkin patches all within about 45 minutes of where we live in Milwaukee. 25 - In an interview with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, State Senator Alberta Darling reflects on her marriage to the late Dr.
William Darling, an MCW medical school alumnus who completed his residency here in Otolaryngology and Communication Sciences. We hang out on the weekends,  and a few of us are in some co-ed sports leagues together. Milwaukee Journal SentinelBest Evidence ENT conference planned for July 25-28 at The American ClubJuly 16 - The Department of Otolaryngology and Communication Sciences is presenting the second annual Best Evidence ENT conference July 25-28 at The American Club in Kohler, Wisconsin.
Bruce Campbell (Otolaryngology & Communication Sciences), essayist for WUWM-FM’s “Lake Effect” discusses the hazards of physicians providing care to patients with whom they enjoy talking.

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