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We were invited to our friend Josi’s birthday extravaganza (Happy B-Day!!!) and her pick of the restaurant is Taci's Beyti, located in Midwood district in Brooklyn.
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Josi’s party has over 30 guests and we sit on a looooong table eating like one big royal family. Once we walk in the brightly lit dining hall we realizes most of the patrons have blushy face and every table has bottles of Vodka and wines. This place is BYOB and no wonder the atmosphere is so festive and everybody talks loud, I love it! So you must think it will be hella headache to order with over 30 guests.

Each guest pay $32 (Tips included) and we got to sample 18 Taci's Beyti’s signature dishes.
Stuffed Grape Leaves ($3.75) - grape leaves stuffed with chef's special blend of rice, herbs and spices 4.
Tarator ($3.75) - a very special mixture of tahini, yogurt, sour cream, fresh garlic and parsley 7. Pastrami ($4.25) - air-dried beef, which has been highly flavored with cumin, garlic and paprika 8. Pan-Fries Calf's Liver Cubes ($4.75) - cubes of calf's liver fried in vegetable oil with onion, lemon and spices 10. Sigara Boregi ($4.00) - feta cheese, parsley, dill and herbs wrapped up in homemade turkish fillo (five rolls) 11. Spinach Pie ($4.00) - thin-layered dough filled with a blend of fresh spinach, feta cheese and parsley (five triangles) 12.

Shrimp Sautee ($13.50) - shrimps sauteed with tomatoes and mushrooms topped with kasseri cheese and specialty prepared in a casserole 14.
Grilled Trout ($13.50) - whole trout charbroiled on the grill, topped with a dressing of lemon and garlic and served with a green salad 15. Mixed Grill ($14.75) - mixed grill assortment of shish kebab, baby lamb chops and adana kebab (chopped lamb) grilled to taste and served with tomatoes and green pepper 16. Baklava ($2.00) - layers of very thin fillo dough layered with walnuts and pistachios then baked until golden and served with honey syrup 17.

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