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Round face: Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet, Drew Barrymore and Penelope Cruz are few celebrities who have a round face. Oval face: The main feature of an oval face is the forehead which is usually wider as compared to the chin. Square face: The main features of a square face are broad and strong forehead, square hairline and angular jaw. Heart shaped face: Heart shaped faces are usually narrow at the jawline and wide at the forehead or cheekbone.
Diamond face: The main features of a diamond shaped face are broad and strong forehead with square hairline and angular jaw. Oblong face: An oblong face is very much similar to a square face but it is longer and not very wide. An elegant fashion style, these inside-out diamond hoops feature a single row of brilliant round diamonds set inside and out, so the eye sees an endless circle of diamond brilliance.
These lovely hoop earrings feature a 1ctw of round diamonds, fashioned in a classic modified S-Link 14K white gold setting.
These highly polished 65mm hoop earrings feature diamond-cut detail work that adds a touch of brilliance to this sleek silhouette.
These stylish hoop earrings feature a unique twisted rope design that adds a modern touch of brilliance to this classic style. Get the look and feel of solid gold at a fraction of the price with our exclusive 18kt yellow gold layered jewelry collection, Oro Bello. These beautiful earrings features 2 carats of round diamonds set in flower leverbacks of 14 karat yellow gold.
These sparkling earring feature two cushion cut cubic zirconias accented by small round cut cubic zirconias set in leverbacks of sterling silver. These gorgeous earrings feature two 7mm purple amethysts accented by an engraved vintage style setting of sterling silver.
Modern Legacy is an exquisite collection of diamonds and sterling silver with a vintage style feel and a modern flair. These pearl stud earrings feature lustrous 10 mm Tahitian pearls with posts of 14K white gold. The first pearls to be cultured early in the 1920s, their white color and rose overtone complement a fair complexion.

If you want to define your features in the best possible manner, it is very important to choose the right style according to the shape of your face. The main feature of a round face is the circular shape that is as wide as it is long and is usually characterized with a round chin. The hairline is gently rounded and the approximate length is equal to one and a half times width. Earrings with a round and angular edge will work best because it will help in softening a square face.
It is very much similar to an oval face but below the cheekbones it is narrower due to which the chin looks more pointed. This article talks about the different face shapes and earrings that will and won't suit each face type. These classically styled 18k yellow gold bonded textured filigree fashion earrings never go out of style.
When it comes to usage, you can certainly make use of your fashion earrings, rings, necklaces, gems, and diamonds in a wide range of cultural events gracefully such as wedding celebrations, birthday events, Christmas, Valentine's Day, friendship day, carnivals, galas, and many other cultural events.
Compare the sales of any other ornament types like say jewellery necklaces or jewellery bracelet and you will find that earrings will win the race by far. Earrings with lean, long and angular curved lines can be the perfect choice because it helps in elongating a round face. Celebrities like Charlize Theron, Jessica Alba, Kate Hudson and Beyonce Knowles have an oval face. If you have a square face, avoid wearing angular style, large earrings so that your face doesn't look wider. Generally beauty is consisted of many unique forms and shapes such as facial beauty, physical beauty and spiritual beauty. Add to that, earrings, necklaces and rings can be given as a complimentary gift to your beloved ones with elegance and grace. The ease and the utility of these jewellery earrings is so attractive that its cliental is not limited to the fairer sex but instead a lot of men are also known to wear them from time to time.
If you also have an oval face then earrings with soft shapes like studs, ovals and teardrops will look good on you. If you also have a face shape like this, wear earrings that are less in length and more in width.

When it comes to earrings, they are undoubtedly called as the most beautiful and glamorous fashion accessories in the worldwide market today.
More importantly, earrings bring an immediate smile and happiness on our faces and lend a hand to us to remove our stress, mental agony, trauma and depression forever. Celebrities like Demi Moore, Katie Holmes, Geena Davis and Salma Hayek have a somewhat square face. Earrings are by and large made from unique tools and techniques by the artistic jewelry experts with special care, attention, dedication, and professionalism.
Last of all, earrings are the best source to change your own behavior and thinking into a pragmatic manner. You can always do some experiment with different styles and decide what looks good on your face.
Usually earrings come in many unique forms and shapes such as Gold Earrings, Silver Earrings, Studs, Hoops, Dangle Earrings, Gemstone Earrings, and many more. With the aid of rings, we cannot only improve our style but also boost up our self image to a great extent. Therefore if you need any assistance regarding the earrings, please feel free to contact with online jewelry shop. The most fabulous aspect about necklaces is that they attract to the hearts of the women on the spot. That is why necklaces are the most loving and caring fashion accessories especially for the chic ladies today. You can wear earrings, rings and necklaces on various parts of your body with elegance and grace such as wrists, neck, fingers, ear, nose, and so on. The most magical influence of wearing fashion jewelry is that it boosts up your inner as well as outer beauty to a great extent.

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