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Your use of this website constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of our Terms & Conditions. A headman of this name was listed as chief of the Inyan-ha-owin (Shell Earring) band of Miniconjou in 1857-58.Lt Warren in 1857 met a bunch of Miniconjou headmen at Inyan Kara Mtn, including "old Yellow Hair". It is even a reference from a family member who was a contemporary of Lone Horn.Walks Out was ca.

Spotted Elk, belong to ?Was it "cik cik cila" band ?Does anyone know more about Feather Earring ? His other name is Sichuha-la, meaning Sole of the Foot (with the -la, dimunitive suffix, indicating a nickname).I sometimes wonder if this man was not the father of Roman Nose the Miniconjou.

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