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Why?  Am I some sort of save-the-earth hippie?  Well, a little bit, but that’s not the full answer.  Could this spider be the reincarnation of my dead grandma?  No, it’s certainly not that either.  So what is it?
I have to say that the shift in your life is truely awesome and the relation in which it even affected your spiritual life is really evidential.
Yet you have made him a little lower than the heavenly beings and crowned him with glory and honor. I feel like a douche for interrupting the well-deserved praise of this piece with a nit-picky question. How would you assimilate the myriad of scripture passages which indicate God’s purpose in us was primarily His own glory and not his desire to dote on us.
But even those of us in beautiful, temperate West Michigan will acknowledge there exists the occasional fly in the ointment—well, flies anyway, ointment or not. I am terribly guilty of judgmentally discarding human lives.  But my sorry life was worth the precious blood of a perfect Savior – and so is yours.
If you look at all the fine tuning it takes to have a planet with ideal conditions for carbon based lifeforms, you can’t help but notice someone took a lot of time to fashion an ever-expanding universe just so.

In the interest of presenting all sides of summer, the good and the not-so-good, here are some books that feature that much-maligned creature, the fly. I suppose I was just pointing out I knew what I was walking into and walked into it anyway. Oh, Lynn, you need to read,  I, Fly: The Buzz about Flies and How Awesome They Are (2015) by Bridget Heos. When Fly buzzes into an elementary classroom, he is dismayed to learn that the students are studying butterflies . Back matter in the form of a bibliography, illustrated glossary, and pictures of contributing experts adds to the study value. This unassuming, fourth-grade housefly becomes Super Fly by eating a slice of key lime pie and taking on the school bully, Cornelius C.
Actually, all the insects in this sweet book are cute, from the pink, wiggly worm, to the purple caterpillar. Each page compares the things another insect can do—wiggle, jump, roll, march—to what the fly can do.

Though we may understand him better by the end of the story, this is one fly we still won’t invite for sandwiches. I especially like the extra-thick pages of this book, designed to withstand little hands.Closing out our fly-filled post is Astrid the Fly (2015) by Maria Jonsson, a Swedish author making her American debut. Astrid is an adorable little fly who lives behind the couch with her large family—43 baby fly brothers and sisters which she sometimes has to fly-sit. Astrid would much rather be exploring the fascinating place she lives even though her Aunt Ally tells her scary tales of the dangers lurking outside their home, like the Big Bang and the Horrible Inhaling Machine. One time, Astrid ate so much, she fell asleep beside a salami and woke up in the refrigerator.

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