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We are currently developing the website to be able to offer you all of our exceptional products at the click of a button.
Funky Jewellery and Bags sources funky, colourful, ethical fashion accessories from around the world. Instead of simply selling accessories, Funky Jewellery and Bags seeks to promote each of our brands’ efforts to better the individual stories and outcomes of artisans living in emerging countries. They carry unique pieces from fresh, on-trend suppliers, including Saffron Winds, La Vie Devant Soie, Shiraleah, and Owen Barry. Join the 1% CampaignDespite promises by the fashion industry, abuses are still being uncovered in their supply chains.

Offering more than stylish, well-crafted pieces, Funky Jewellery and Bags works to further the passionate outreach of our brands. Each boutique company shares our vision of sustainability and complies with fair labour practices.
Whenever possible, they hand-pick artisan jewelry, handbags, and purses that are ethically manufactured using quality materials, including Oeko-tex cotton, raw and satin silk woven fabric. They support their efforts to improve the working conditions and livelihoods of a global community of craftspeople and designers.
In addition, we offer lines from fully fair trade certified small businesses, including Saffron Winds, Kazuri Beads and Manuhit.

Products are also available from our outlet in Botany Bay, Lancashire, and through our popular Jewellery Parties.

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