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Whether you have read the book, seen the movie, or just enjoy art, most people know of Johannes Vermeer’s master painting ‘Girl with a Pearl Earring’.
When not on display in The Hague, the painting was part of the Frick Collection touring the world and visiting New York from October 2013 to January 2014.
As the bond between them grows, Catharina (Essie Davis) suspects her husband, while their daughter (Alakina Mann) spitefully attempts to get Griet dismissed. Although the artist Johannes Vermeer has never been held in higher esteem, his personality remains shadowy. The movie's view of the past is determinedly unromantic: Delft, the film's rain-slapped setting, is a raw place where pigs' heads are thrown on butchers' trestles and bailiffs hover round bankrupt neighbours. Griet's duties include cleaning the artist's studio, a charged space announced by a sliver of daylight at the end of a dark corridor.
Although the film fudges relationships, it is far more assured at depicting environment and Griet's thoughtful response to it.
Artistic responsibility is matched by the emotional burden of posing for a portrait upon which the household finances depend. Griet earlier wonders whether to wash the mucky studio windows and risk losing the precious muffle of dusty light. Hopefully this practice on this study will stand me in good stead when I begin to repaint this subject again in oils. I feel a "Style" can be a bit like a trade mark and you can be recognised for it but but if you stick to that one style it mat very well pigeon hole you.
What draws us to the work is not just the beauty of the girl, dressed with an exotic turban, but the focal point of the painting, the simple pearl earring. We have used 5 very different techniques to enhance a print of ‘The Girl with a Pearl Earring’ and invite you to be the critic.
His subject matter depicts ordinary people and narratives of domesticity in the 17th century. Griet (Scarlett Johansson), whose family has fallen into poverty, is employed as a servant by the Vermeer household.
The predatory Van Ruijven assaults Griet, and she is also courted by the butcher boy, Pieter (Cillian Murphy). His most celebrated paintings capture a moment of suspension, of activity hanging in the balance. Unlike the rest of the house, it offers space, amplified by the painting's imaginary vistas. Scarlett Johansson's marvellous performance builds on the complex innocence of her screen presence ( Ghost World , Lost in Translation ). Webber and DoP Eduardo Serra deftly deploy daylight, candle and shadow, denying our desire to see clearly just as Vermeer refuses to explicate the situations in his paintings.

You are so good at portraiture, I can easily see why, in reading your bio, you were a police artist.
Vermeer is also one of my favourite painters and I'm very pleased if you join my group. I have learned how he has structured his shadows, his tones and can fully appreciate the lighting he uses to make this portrait stand out as it does.
Vermeer was, Ihinks, a class of artist, that stands head and shoulders above his fellow contemparies, simply for the dedication and patience he used in his paintings. Vermeer’s inspiration for his portraits, including women in his family and the use of pearls add to the mystery, texture and allure of his art.
She is on display in our new gallery, without any clues to her origin or obscurity until the painting was rediscovered in 1882, but every bit a visual beauty. Vermeer was popular for his realistic paintings and thus he can be described as painter of the people for the people.Although Vermeer held nothing original in his artistic interpretation and subject matter, he was extremely skilled in creating superb pieces of art.
Johannes Vermeer (Colin Firth) is an artist, whose perfectionism limits the number of paintings he can produce to support his family. Tracy Chevalier's 1999 novel responds to this sense of withheld immediacy by imagining a relationship with a servant girl that might unlock the mysterious atmosphere of the 1665 portrait Girl with a Pearl Earring . It attracts Griet's curiosity - when she stands in front of an easel looking at work in progress, we see her in the clearest light yet. Her sensibility is established when she instinctively arranges some vegetables into a still life in the opening scene. The painter's thumb smears a tear on her lip, and he finally persuades her to remove her cap, gazing on her auburn ringlets. I think I finally understand something of the process Vermeer used to get this painting looking the way he did. He didn't create many self portraits, focusing instead on objects that took the viewer to an image as he saw it.
Chevalier's success rests on deploying period detail against the slow build of sexual tension, despite unremarkable characterisation and narrative.
Chevalier introduces Vermeer with a hokey exchange over Griet's colour-coded soup vegetables.
She alone appreciates Vermeer's paintings, allowing herself a rare smile when he prompts her to look beyond conventional visual descriptions. Immaculate Griet must have her ear pierced for the pearl earring - the sound effect of the piercing and trickle of blood marks the end of innocence. Vermeer is commissioned to produce a portrait for his patron Van Ruijven (Tom Wilkinson) and decides to paint Griet wearing one of his wife Catharina's pearl earrings.
Peter Webber's debut feature replicates these features, but even if its central relationship is unconvincing, he crafts a compelling film about the work that surrounds art's stilled life.

Tensions can't be concealed in this enforced intimacy, and walls and furniture intrude into every shot (echoing Vermeer's own framing devices). The film delays his appearance, establishing the effect of his reclusive temper on the household. Against the film's predominantly grey palette, the painter's blue and yellow pigments are thrillingly vivid: Griet holds a piece of gum arabic to the light as if a jewel. The inside of the box would be painted white and using a series of lenses and mirrors it would reflect the outside image within. In addition to her other duties, Griet works through the night to prepare Vermeer's paints. In this household of unsmiling moods, Vermeer's indolent wife is puffy with boredom and pregnancy and her eldest daughter is a pint-sized piece of malevolence who spitefully tries to engineer Griet's dismissal. The drudgery of her daytime duties is contrasted by rapt work with pestle and mortar, spatula and pipette. The actor is brooding, unshaven and, as usual, stingy with his smiles, and Vermeer's attraction to Griet is routinely drawn.
This would give the spectator an ultimate three-dimensional, realistic and in depth psychological experience of the captured moment.This technique made Vermeer the revolutionary he is today, as he surpassed artists of the time and invented groundbreaking methods in pictorial aesthetics. They were not sold in convenient jars and tubes as they are today but were usually sold at apothecaries in raw powder form which the artist had to prepare themselves. This only accentuated Vermeer's exceptional talent and genius as he overcame such limitations.In general, Vermeer was very excessive with his use of paint and would frequently purchase the expensive ultramarine. Ultramarine was very rare and was made from pigments of the crushed lapis lazuli, a semi-precious gem stone.
The artist used ultramarine as an undercoat in his works as he felt this would enhance the painting's visual quality and surface which, he believed, resulted in his techniques being enhanced.This method of under painting in ultramarine can be seen in most of Vermeer's works including Woman Reading a Letter, The Kitchen Maid and Young Woman with a Water Pitcher. Besides using it as an undercoat he enjoyed using the ultramarine elaborately in his pictures to depict clothes and general objects.During the 1670s, Vermeer's painting style significantly matured as he mastered various techniques and his excessive use of the camera obscura and other technical methods were implemented.
Over time he incorporated more detail in his paintings to ensure a true sense of realism.It has been reported by art historians and academics that Vermeer most likely used the tip of his brush handle to erase and recreate certain parts of his image.
He can be seen erasing a layer of paint to reveal the undercoating to create a sense of depth and to accentuate several light reflections.To finish off his works, Vermeer's covered them in a type of glaze. For example, in his portrayal of clothes, tapestries and wood all of them have unique brush work movements and methods to depict them as realistically as possible.
Vermeer had figured out all of these methods thanks to his thorough experiments with available tools at the time.

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