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May 16, 2013 By Leann 27 Comments Short on the heels of reporting the arrival of the Pandora Summer 2013 collection, the limited edition Pandora Vintage Jewelry set has also been released in Australia! Like the name implies, this collection is very reminiscent of the old Victorian jewelry style – lots of filigree and delicate metal work. As for the availability of this set, it will only be released in Concept stores for Australia and New Zealand for the next 3 months, similar to the Pandora bangle. I will have a look at these at my store on Tuesday and will likely end up buying at least the charm- for now! Very much a filigree design although I’m thinking more Victorian than art deco – not geometric enough?

The Created Diamond is flawlessly clear and cut to perfection so that they shimmer with a fiery brilliance and romantic allure usually seen in the highest grade mined diamonds.
A subtle and impressively elegant earring set with DG Created Diamond design in 18ct Yellow gold finish.
If you still can not find your city in the list, please CLICK HERE to submit a request for inclusion of your city. As reported earlier, this set will include an openwork charm, pendant, Compose earrings, and ring. There is just a hint of gold around the spinel centers, which offsets the green beautifully. I can’t imagine it would bypass the US given the wide interest and likely high-volume sales.

To be maintained only inside a plastic cover and please avoid velvet boxes or other similar boxes. We only had a picture of the charm before, but thanks to Maria Ferrara, we have wonderful live shots of the pieces (please do not reproduce without credit). The content in this website is entirely created by our own team and its meant for viewing online only. Copying the content for use in other website or any other purpose is strictly prohibited under DMCA.

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