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May 5, 2008: Spring is beautiful here in the Ozarks and we are excited about all the terrific interviews we have slated for the next few weeks! April 4, 2008: Just back from the Gathering for Gardner, with an amazing bunch of interviews. With hits like Ironic, You Outta Know, and Head Over Feet, the Canadian born Alanis Morissette has become a household name.
This retro glam rock band jumped into the top of the charts in 2002 with their debut album Permission to Land. The Thin White Duke has been around for decades covering multiple music genres including rock, techno, pop, and glam. I must also mention his amazing work in the movie Labyrinth where he wrote and sung several songs.
The sound is typical to folk using assorted acoustic instruments like the guitar and banjo.
This Dutch band has been together since 1965 playing classic rock with an infusion of early punk style.

Green Day is a refined mainstream punk band from California that formed in 1989 and takes inspiration from The Clash. Founded in the great city of Detroit in 1997, Robb Roy is a strong sounding heavy metal group. The songs of their first four albums are poetic and brutal with all the power that a modern metal band should have. Tom Petty has been rocking with the Heartbreakers since 1976 and has also created several solo albums like the multi-platnium Full Moon Fever.
Freak, nerd, weirdo, call him what you like, but Voltaire has become a staple artist in any self-respecting goth's cd case. That isn't to say they aren't as good, it's just that I'm too lazy to make a page for them. Bowie's life has been a roller coaster of drugs, sex, and rock and roll, but he's always landed on top. His poetic lyrics and mellow music are a tribute to American folk music and help define the genre.

Their sound is modern hard rock with almost operatic vocals from the whimsical lead vocalist Amy Lee. Axl is the only original member left in the group and a real album hasn't been made in over a decade.
The band has yet to become mainstream and still plays to smaller venues around Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana. Some of their hits include Refugee, Won't Back Down, Runnin' Down A Dream, and You Don't Know How It Feels. The Who's was noted for their violent stages shows which often ended with them destroying their instruments and equipment.
On the 10th, Frank Morgan will be on the UA campus, 7:30pm POSC 211, speaking on the Double Bubble Theorem.

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