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In order to be able to listen to the samples you must install Flash Player 9 or newer version. Compact Cassettes.A Compact Cassette is housed in a plastic flipbox with an inlay with text and cover print. NetherlandsPolydor 3201 762Re-release, Music for the Millions serie, rare item, inlay with track times specified.
German Club-Selektion (bookclub) cassette EP re-release with different label number and different cover lay out. Netherlands21 Records 810.013Electric live album, 8 live tracks, one studio track (Something Heavy Going Down* meant to be used for the movie Teachers) The Something Heavy Going Down cassette and cd release contain the additional bonus track Radar Love** which is not an the lp release. NetherlandsJaws Records JAWS 554-4Cassette without tracks Nighthawks and My Killer My Shadow. NetherlandsPolydor 823 252-4Re-release, Music for the Millions serie, rare item, different inlay, no track times specified.
Sampler album, different name for Highlights From The Double album (Netherlands) with different inlay.
NetherlandsPolydor 810 922-4Sampler album, compilation of live tracks from Live and 2nd Live albums.

Alle cassettes zien er over het algemeen zeer goed uit.Spanje doosje heeft behalve dat het nog gesealed is ook soort strepen aan zijkant in doosje (gebrand of zo) Is dus in doosje, artwork is prima. Special thanks to Marcel Lodders and his Burning Stuntman website for supplying many cassette details and scans! Includes unlimited streaming via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.
This medium was used for a long time and the success deminished when new media like the cd were introduced.
New recorded version of Big Tree, Blue Sea track replaced the tracks Suzy Lunacy (Mental Rock) and Just Like Vince Taylor.
Small white band name Golden Earring lettering on small inlay side, grey box on front label.
A self-titled debut from a terrific 3-piece that will remind you of everything great about Heavy Metal in the early 80s.Night Demon encompasses the best about that era, but they bring the genre into the modern day with ease. This medium was only used for a little while and due to the small success of it, it wasn't produced any longer by Sony Holland from 1993 on. Sleeve colour unknown, different track list compared to Dutch release, but same as USA release.

Large red band name Golden Earring lettering on small inlay side, black box on front label. This means there are only two Dutch Golden Earring cassette singles and both are pretty rare and hard to find.
Moest er ooit twee nemen uit Spanje en portokosten lopen soms ook op omdat ze het aangetekend versturen.
Most of the time collectors don't have the equipment any more to play them or the cassette which has tape with magnesium oxide particles have low quality anymore. In countries like Indonesia Golden Earring albums were released on cassette as a counterfeit.

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