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When the idea was developed to issue this DVD, as the title may indicate already, is chosen for the same approach as for the CD with the same name. From 1970 we regularly made a tour through Germany, so we were often seen in various Pop TV-shows. For the clip of this song the unknown, but to our opinion very talented young film man Dick Maas was approached. Here we pulled out all the stops with Dick Maas as far as the story goes; Acting, cloth changing and Monty Python type humour. A PR company of young people with much talent named Shop Around got the trust from Barry and the order to take care of the cover and all the required PR material for the album Paradise In Distress.
The band consists of 5 members, being George, Jaap Eggermont (drums), Frans Krassenburg (vocal), Peter de Ronde (guitar) and the undersigned. The girl on the first elephant was the English go-go-dancer Felicity that played a roll in most of Bob’s shows in the mid-sixties.

In fact he was the first encounter in the ’operating area’ between the settled members of the band and this new band member. The video budget was finished, so the choice was made for a fast and easy registration by the Toppop team of Rien van Wijk in the Hilversum NOS studio. We remember the nightly recordings, dressed in summer clothes in a cabriolet, driving hours back and forth over the A28, which was under construction, for the ’perfect take’. During this session we found out that he, apart from photography, had developed a new passion: the production of music videos. The figuration was, as usual for all our Dick Maas productions, carried out by acquaintances and known or unknown city types of The Hague. The wife of our truck driver wanted a main roll as the old nun, which was molested in the train. He filmed a few shots of our types and put these shots together while we were touring the USA.

Some shots of us, separately in an Amsterdam studio and an excellent mounting did the rest. In reality the train was parked in the carriage house, where the whole film circus was located during a day. During three fascinating days in the old Amacitia theatre in The Hague (also an area for first performances) the clip was recorded.

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