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Twilight Zone is a 1993 widebody pinball game designed by Pat Lawlor and released under the Bally name. It is based on the classic TV show of the same name and references to different episodes can be found on both the backgalsss and the playfield. Lawlor put everything possible in the game and most pinball players consider to be the most complicated pinball game ever built. In fact route operators tended to dislike the game due to the sheer number of parts that could break. Music from the original TV show is in the game as is remix of the 1982 song "Twilight Zone", by Golden Earring.

Clock Millions — Shooting the clock target awards 1 million points X the position of the hour hand on the clock.
The music during this mode is a main multiball track from the game whose clip was playing when the lock was shot. Shoot red area to "Battle the Power", Shoot Orange area to lights outlane, and Yellow area lights extra ball shot. Regular Multiball (3-ball) — Starts after locking two balls in the lock, then shooting the lock a third time or the left ramp. Below is a list of references in the pinball machines which match their counterparts in the TV series.

On a personal note I wish that the episode "To Serve Man" had made it into the gameplay as a mode.
All targets score a set amount of points, the jet bumpers increase the value of each target. Shoot the lock and the jackpot is awarded with a 3-ball multiball during which shooting the lock awards another jackpot.

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