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Connector seal grommets and sealing strips provide sealing and corrosion protection for indoor and outdoor equipment, including connectors and electrical components. TITE 6231 TITEBOND INSTANT GEL 2 OZTitebond Instant Bond is a two-part bonding system that takes between 5 - 15 seconds to set and 30 - 60 seconds for initial cure. The material is cold-applied like conventional tapes and grommets or gaskets, yet it has sealing capabilities similar to high-performance potting compounds and is superior in conformability to traditional elastomeric gaskets.

It provides a strong, permanent bond and is ideal for hard to reach joints or surface areas that are difficult to clamp.
This material is unique among high-performance sealing materials because of its ease of use and its ability to conform, coat and self-heal, yet still be easily re-entered.
Designed primarily for wood and wood products, this adhesive is also very effective on a wide variety of materials and substrates.The gel viscosity product offers the longest assembly time of 30 seconds and an initial cure speed of 20 seconds.

Follow solvent vendora€™s precautions.LimitationsTitebond Instant Bond Wood Adhesive is not intended for exterior use or where moisture is likely.

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