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John Williams4 years agoThe coupons are cool, but there are exclusions that apply to vintage and used gear, etc. We will also disclose if reviewed products were kept when sent by the manufacturer to us for review.
Whether you are a musician or have a friend or family member who is into the musical arts, make sure that you head down to the Guitar Center this month to take advantage of the great steals and deals that they will be offering for their 50th anniversary.
According to John Camacho, the manager of Guitar Center at 139 Flatbush Ave in Brooklyn, the first weekend of February focused on sales around select items for $50 or less.
When shopping at the Guitar Center during Presidents’ Day weekend, make sure you look for the special price tag—that way, you can be sure that the item that you have your eye on is a part of the sale. No matter whether you’re a DJ in need of new equipment or a novice guitarist looking to pick out your very first guitar so you can rock out like your favorite musical idols, the Guitar Center’s 50th Anniversary Sale will allow you to purchase well-crafted items at great prices. We Are LIBLIB Magazine is an online lifestyle magazine, dedicated to bringing Long Island to the world and the world to Long Island. Every guitar player, regardless of their skill level or style, deserves to have a great buying experience.
Sweetwater’s studio-centric soul is still evident today, carrying everything from the tireless standard Shure SM57 to high-end, hand-built, professional grade studio rack equipment, in addition to guitars, basses, amps and effects for all budgets.
Combined with its capacity to carry dozens of examples of a single model and a sales engineer assigned to monitor every stage of your transaction, about the only significant advantage a brick and mortar store might have over Sweetwater is that you actually get a whiff of that new guitar smell before whipping out your credit card. Musician’s Friend has been a fixture in the music retail market for a long time, enabling musicians to develop a high degree of familiarity with it. As with most large retailers customer experiences vary wildly, but overall Musician’s Friend has carved out a reputation as a solid place to do business online.
To most, Carvin would not immediately be thought of as a retailer in the mold of Guitar Center or Sweetwater. Carvin also produces several highly renowned amplifiers, including Steve Vai’s signature Legacy series, the classic X100B and the highly versatile V3.
With 315 locations in 44 states and a robust online operation (through ownership of Musicians Friend, Music 123, Woodwind and Brasswind and their own site), Guitar Center probably captures the business of the vast majority of guitar players over the course of any given year. Guitar Center is introducing some interesting innovations into the marketplace that guitar players should aware of, however. Based in Wheat Ridge, Colo., Drum City Guitar Land was founded in 1965 by professional drummer Ronny Kae and is now owned and operated by his sons, Tim and Jason.
The Music Farm also carries a wide selection of popular brands and models for a huge range of budgets. For all the ups and downs associated with Ebay, there’s no doubt that auction sites are still a prime destination for gear seekers.
In addition to plenty of gear, there are artist and manufacturer profiles and an ever-expanding price guide. In Canada, a few of the more popular places with a lengthy music history and carry everything a musician could possibly want are Long and Mcquade and Steve’s Music. I have been using them for years and the selection and customer service is top notch in all my dealings.

On the evening of Thursday, March 14, 2013, Guitar Center held the grand opening of its new location in Katy, Texas, located at 24429 Katy Freeway, Katy, TX  77494. In addition to special programs at the new Katy store, Guitar Center offers year-round programs designed to spearhead creativity and highlight promising undiscovered talent.
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Guitar Center, the world’s largest musical instrument retailer, is slated to launch their first-ever musical takeover of the Long Beach Convention Center, giving the public an unprecedented chance to preview the latest products from the world’s top music manufacturers on Saturday, April 6, 2013.
Inspired by the groundbreaking new products and impressive expertise of the manufacturer representatives on-hand at January’s annual National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) Tradeshow, Guitar Center set off to re-create the experience for their customers this spring. Through their long-standing vendor relationships and placement amongst the diverse and ever-growing Southern California music scene, the retailer has gathered more than 60 of the world’s top music instrument and accessory brands, ranging from Martin and Fender, to Casio, Roland, DW, Bose, Pioneer, and more, to bring the NAMM experience to the upcoming Musician’s Expo. Guitar Center’s Musician’s Expo gives the public a sneak-peek at the best of next season’s music gear from the music instrument industry’s leading manufacturers, along with artist workshops, group lessons, panel discussions and more, all at one location.
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The Last Shadow Puppets – Everything You’ve Come To ExpectHold on – is this calendar accurate? Ocean Alley Talk Album Details, Touring the World and Fork BrandingThe life of a touring band is a strange one.
Brauninger – Seamlessly Blending The Blues and Jazz In SongFor Brauninger, music comes naturally. Graham Nash Talks About Love, Music and the Demise of Crosby, Stills and NashGraham Nash is a simple man of many intricacies. The first one is for Musician’s Friend where you can save 14% off on a single item of $299 or more. They’re offering a few deals: $20 off of a purchase of a $99 or more OR $50 off a purchase of $299 or more OR $100 off a purchase of $599 or more. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. There were 50 deals to choose from, so whether you needed a new guitar stand or headphones, there was something for everyone to buy!
The next one will be arriving on Presidents’ Day weekend, so make sure you head on over to the Guitar Center nearest you! So this Presidents’ Day, make some time to go shopping at your local Guitar Center—after all, you don’t want to be stuck waiting until next year’s anniversary special to get excellent deals!
Also why put Guitarcenter and Musiciansfriend in the list together since they are the same company?
Found on the internet and have purchased two guitars from them with at least 10% discount on what you would pay at Sweetwater and Musicians Friend.
The Katy store is Guitar Center’s 244th retail location and is part of a new wave of Guitar Center retail stores that feature lesson spaces, which allows the brand to offer additional music lessons, special programs and expanded opportunities for local musicians.
The fully-equipped, in-house lesson space is giving Katy residents of all ages and skill levels access to affordable music lessons.

The store features the latest in guitars, amplifiers, percussion instruments and keyboards, as well as live sound, DJ, lighting and recording equipment.
Shoppers will be able to purchase in-store, online and via phone, with the option to have products shipped to their home or to the store for convenient pick up. These programs aim to provide musicians with the opportunities and exposure essential to achieving their music goals. During his quest, Wall took careful pains to not interrupt the unwritten rules of the rooms or let the players know that he was recording them. They look like earbud headphones but are actually binaural (stereo) mic’s that go in each ear.
The Musician’s Expo expands upon the brand’s deep commitment to helping people make music by launching a whole day devoted to music makers and music fans in Southern California. On Saturday, April 6 attendees will be able to get a first glimpse while testing an array of musical instruments and accessories not-yet-available in stores and only previously seen by industry-insiders and retail buyers at the recent NAMM tradeshow.  Just as in Guitar Center retail store locations, attendees of Guitar Center Musician’s Expo will be encouraged to pick up and play the display items, interact with the new equipment and connect with the expert representatives at each brand booth.
So we decided to pick two retailers that we felt were emblematic of all the great independent music stores out while being able to deliver to just about anyone in the world, Drum City Guitar Land and The Music Farm. Today, however, thanks in part to the growth of the internet, most pawn shops have little in the way of remarkable finds or bargains.
At least you got #1 right with Sweetwater but your lack of quality vendors that should be in the top 10 shows poor research on your part.
Guitars are inspected and set up before shipping (free in most cases and no sales tax)and you get great personal attention. Sourcing locally trained store employees as certified instructors, courses will be offered on guitar, bass, keys and drums, as well as vocals and recording techniques using Pro Tools and Logic Pro and GarageBand.
And while the soundtrack is a bit difficult to listen to, the respect and admiration that Wall has for the musicians shines through the din. Chodorovski stumbled into the brand new Guitar Center at Time Square to discover a room full of amateurs. Another great thing about AMS is the have a easy payment plan so you can get the gear you want even if you don’t have the cash right now. Upon entry, I grab and prominently display the Absolute Beginners Guitar Chords book under my arm. Some cliques gather in the acoustic guitar room and the occasional couple show off for one another but this place is mostly loners. But the din has an ensemble effect and the unintentional group is abiding some unspoken rules. There’s a general respect in terms of volume, and sometimes strangers play in the same key and seemingly with one other.

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