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I love your tutorials and look forward to getting out to my newly organized art studio and working on jewelry.
Thank you for taking the time to put this together and post it for our viewing and creating pleasure.
Making your own ear wires is fun, affordable and can compliment your earring design beautifully. I do not recommend using the less expensive wires such as plated wire or copper because they can cause ear irritations for some, but if this isn't a problem for you, go right ahead! It's important to file the ends of your ear wire to clean up the burs that form from cutting. The cup bur is used by placing the end of the ear wire and then using a circular motion, run the wire along the inside of the cup. Use a smaller dowel, mandrel or pen, place a pair of ear wires together on the round object then gently press them together gently which will give you a more oval shape. Place one ear wire on the anvil and gently tap the ear wire with the hammer all around the ear wire. It's much easier, if you have a necklace findings kit with all the necessary components for making a piece of jewelry. At first keep the wrapping tight, then simply let go of the wire and let the coils expand naturally.
I like to put a little mark using a marking pen on my pliers so that I can ensure that each of my little loops are the exact same size each time. Notice there are two ways you can place the loop, one is on the inside of the wire, the other is on the outside.

These tiny little burs could cause your ear wire to possibly hurt the wearer by cutting the ear and we don't want that!
Both can be used alone, I prefer to use use them both until I get a nice clean edge on the ear wire. Experiment with a variety of metals and different hammer head types to get the that look you can call your own!
All images, site graphics and content are the property of Jewelry4Fun and protected by copyright. I used a wire jig to make these, which I will show you how to do in the second tutorial on this topic. If you prefer, you may start with a less expensive wire or some scrap wire until you feel comfortable with the technique. If you have a magnifiying glass, it will help to look at the wire, otherwise simply run your finger over all parts of the end. I usually use this tool then my flat file together until I am sure all the metal burs are gone. I will be using the nylon head to finish my ear wires since I just want to strengthen the wire and not flatten them.
The main rule - ear wires must be comfortable - it means not to cause any discomfort while putting them on and wearing.
See the following link - the earrings are made by me in my studio - Green Swarovski Crystal Earrings6. Make sure the ear wires are the same length, if not, using your side cutters, trim the longer one to match the shorter one.

Each bar has three holes, it enables to attach the bar to a chain easily and to add a pendant to the bar. There are two wire wrapped Turquoise gem beads and jump rings, which make it easy to connect all the components together. Prevents people from becoming frustrated and quitting too early before they realize the joy of creating.
If you haven't necessary tools to make the work carefully, you can purchase hand stamped heart shaped charms with sterling silver jump rings, see the following link - Small Initial Add on Heart Charm3. To make everything by yourself you should buy Hammer Jewelers Metal Tools, these hammer tools can be of different sizes, I'd recommend you to buy 2-3 different sizes!
If you're an amateur, you don't need to buy all the available tools,  2-3 types will be enough!4. I try to use only natural stones creating my handmade jewelry, but you may also use simple beads.
If you don't want to buy a large quantity of beads or gems, you can buy only some pieces - Precious Gemstone bead set5.
Buying gems or beads pay attention to the size of a hole, it must suit the wire gauge you have! You may choose any gem you want - everything looks great in the combination with a sterling silver heart!

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