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It is called tinnitus and is often described as ringing, swishing, roaring or clicking noises. In rare cases, the doctor can also hear the noise with a stethoscope or a small recording device placed inside the ear canal. In over 95 per cent of cases, though, tinnitus is subjective - only you can hear the noise. Unhealthy noisy environments are likely to be responsible over time for significant damages the sensory cells (hair cells) in the inner ear.
Any abnormal process happening on or near the auditory system - from the external, middle and inner ear, the auditory nerve and the brain structure involved in hearing - can induce various types of tinnitus. Some tinnitus may spontaneously disappear, but in most cases, the symptom persists for a long time and in some cases even worsens.
However, in many cases, no specific abnormality is ever found and the treatment may only be partially effective in reducing tinnitus.
Prevention of tinnitus starts by limiting your exposure to noisy environments and avoiding high intensity music or violent noises. Users are solely responsible for their comments.We reserve the right to remove any comment and revoke posting rights for any reason withou prior notice.
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This post should not be construed as an indication that I would like to murder people.Thanks for the homoerotic vision to start this thread. I haven't read through prior pages but OP, I heard this similar sound yesterday morning at around 4:20am when I was going to work. This "objective" tinnitus is mostly linked to abnormalities of the inner ear or disturbances in the blood flow within arteries in the neck or head. This can be associated with repeated exposure to loud noise and the progressive hearing loss of ageing. These cells are sensitive to external vibrations and transmit the "perception of sound" to the auditory nerve and then to the brain.
It could be simple earwax or a foreign body in the ear canal, infection in the ear or sinuses, abnormal blood vessels, Menierere’s disease (caused by the excessive production of fluid in the compartments of the inner ear), jaw hyperactivity or neck arthritis. These illnesses favour the process of atherosclerosis (plaque deposits within the arteries) and may hasten the ageing process of the inner ear. Severe chronic tinnitus may negatively impact daily life as it frequently leads to difficulties in concentrating or sleeping.
After thorough clinical examination, the physician may request additional tests to assess your audition and balance.

I received a product to facilitate my review and a promotional item as a thank you for participating. My step dad hates to wear his hearing aid, he calls it his Sunday ears because he will only wear it to church. I had endless ear infections as a kid (had tubes put in twice in each ear), so I’m not sure of that has anything to do with it or what.
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Exposure to noisy environments commonly affects workers in heavy industries, musicians, and individuals exposed to violent sounds (such as bomb blasts) or who suffered from head or ear trauma. The damaged hair cells may progressively become oversensitive and generate signals without external vibrations, leading to one of the possible explanations of tinnitus. Rarely does tinnitus result from a tumour developing on the auditory nerve (acoustic neuroma) or in the brain.
There are various therapeutic options that are nevertheless effective in dealing with tinnitus and include the placement of electronic sound generators, hearing aids, acoustic neural stimulation, some medications and counselling programs. Seriously, he should go more than once a year or so to get his ears cleaned out but he doesn’t. Speaking of ear plugs Etymotic does have ear plugs and ear phones available in their product line.
Most treatments aim at controlling tinnitus by desensitising the symptom and making it less annoying and sometimes almost "forgettable".
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