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If you want to define a 4th dimension, I believe the quantity of motion would qualify before anything else. So far, no one has brought up red matter (as seen in the newest Star Dreck movie [actually like it]).
However, if you look closely, the white area is her hand (2 fingers), and behind that (to the right in the image), you can see something round, with what appears to be a line on it.
I think it's possible she was talking to the cameraman, or someone standing near the cameraman.
I wouldn't have corrected you, but you corrected someone else, corrected them rudely, and corrected them incorrectly.
BUT, it was wireless, could be carried by one man and was by all intents and purposes, a cell phone.You don't understand what a cell phone is. I don't think she was talking to the man in front of her, as he continues on to the left of the footage, away from the direction she turns to. Dilithium is an artificial, manufactured substance, found naturally on only a few planets in the galaxy, and then only by a freak act of nature. Einstein's theory of relativity, both general and special, accurately predict things we can observe.

BUT, it was wireless, could be carried by one man and was by all intents and purposes, a cell phone.Here's a little more about A. It did not become a working experimental reality until 1970's, first commercially available until 1983.
However, the carbon hearing aids all seem to, so I believe she either has a ear trumpet, or a carbon hearing aid. Natural DC would get anti matter in the warp drive.Who know what would happen, super nova or space AND time would end as we know it. It's the best we have, and parts of it have indeed been proven.Constant velocity time dilation predicted by Einstein in his Special Theory of Relativity (1905), sets a universal speed limit of 'c' - the speed of light - ' The Hafele–Keating experiment proved it, no evidence that anything can travel faster than the speed of light!Einstein also predicted the equivalence of mass and energy in the famous equation E = mc?. The theory describes the fabric of space-time as a medium that may be distorted by the presence of mass and energy. E = mc?The curvature or distortion of space-time as due to the total sum of mass-energy present within the region of distorted space. When you write, make a video, publish pictures, anything on the web, you don't own it any more. AT&T's research arm, Bell Laboratories, introduced the idea of cellular communications in 1947.

Einstein described the relationship between space-time curvature and the mass-energy causing it, in the tensor field equation:G = 8?T'G' is the Einstein tensor representing the 'gravity' or curvature of space-time and 'T' is the total energy tensor representing the mass-energy creating the gravitational curvature of the space-time. The theory, accurately predicts many features of the solar system, such as the peculiar motion of Mercury’s perihelion, and may be used to account for the gravitational physics of black holes and neutron stars. Nothing I write is original, as the mother ship is controlling my brain (when my tinfoil hat is not on).
I could have spent more time re-writting it, but why bother.LSU is a fine school, but velocity is still a vector.
The extreme high pressure physics at the core of a star may be described using this theory. Bottom line if you don't want info used by others, don't put it on public forums on the web. Bottom line velocity can be both both scalar or vector, but it depends on how you mathematically write it.

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