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There are a number of subsidy programs that are currently available for many Australians who live with a form of hearing loss.
The National Relay Service (NRS) is designed to assist people who are Deaf, hearing impaired or speech impaired to retain their independence and social contact through the telephone.
Contact us today at Hearing Link Tasmania to find out how the National Relay Service education worker can assist you to use the NRS to make telephone calls. For more information, including fact sheets and video demonstrations, you can check out the National Relay Service website here.
A free hearing assessment and provision of hearing aids or an assistive listening device (ALD) are available under this program.
Hearing Link Tasmania consultants are able to provide advice, testing and procurement of Assistive Listening Devices (ALDs) to Gold and White card holders. Clients referred for this service are provided an individual appointment to trial the most appropriate ALD, are followed up for suitability and then arrangement is made for delivery of the device. Other safety equipment such as door alarms and smoke alarms are available for DVA Gold and White Card holders. This program has been designed to provide eligible customers with specialised equipment so they can access the standard telephone service. If you want one of these products call the free call number 1800 068 424 and request the product you’re after. If your require a TTY or a cochlear implant telephone adapter you will need to complete an application form and have it signed by an audiologist, audiometrist, occupational therapist or medical practitioner.

To find out more about these products you can view the Telstra’s online catalogue here.
Hearing Link Tasmania offers the only access point for the Hearing Aid Bank program in Tasmania. For more information about any of the subsidy programs outlined above, please contact us today. The cochlea has a triad of fluid-filled loops oriented in the vertical, diagonal, and horizontal directions that help give people a sense of balance. Hearing begins with the ears, which receive sounds and send them to the auditory cortex, near the back of the brain, for processing. The main auditory sensory organ is the Organ of Corti, named after the Italian anatomist Alfonso Corti, who discovered it in 1851. Most humans are capable of hearing sounds with a frequency between 20 Hz and 20 kHz, and a volume greater than 5 - 15 decibels.
The upper and lower frequency limits are based partially on the physical size of the cells and organ and partially on cell sensitivity.
Our National Relay Service community education worker is able to assist you with ordering equipment and installation,  training and ongoing support.
For example, they assist you to hear the television while the volume is at a comfortable level for the other members of the household, and may allow you to hear conversations in crowded rooms more easily. This program is specifically designed to assist people who have a low income but do not meet the criteria of the Commonwealth Hearing Services Program and who need the assistance of hearing aids.

This was to prevent hearing loss because the job he was doing all day involved very loud noises. I had always heard that if you were exposed to loud enough sounds, it could result in hearing problems. Click here to find out more about the range of ALDs available to Veterans’ Affairs cardholders. The microphone converts sound signals into electric energy that is then increased in amplitude by the amplifier.
However, I had no idea that the hearing loss was due to the destruction of a tiny hair, on a tiny cell. The thought of sound being heard by the vibration of tiny hairs on cells is so strange to me! When you think of how you hear things, you naturally think of the ear.
This allows the amplified signal to be sent back into the ear in a clearer quality for the user. I also didn't know that you could lose hearing for some frequencies but keep hearing for others. Luckily my husband's earphones worked great.
But really, the ear, that thing on the side of your head, seems to have very little to do with it!

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