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When checked, Shutterstock's safe search screens restricted content and excludes it from your search results. We are located at the Poudre Valley Health Systems Harmony Campus at the intersection of Timberline and Harmony Roads in south Fort Collins.
We have monthly ENT clinics in Laramie, WY at Laramie Pediatrics, located at 1252 North 22nd Street, Laramie WY. We advise you not to send any personal medical information to us by email or otherwise over the Internet.A  Please see our privacy policy and disclaimer for additional information before contacting us by email. For faster service, you can download and fill out the forms prior to your visit: New Patient Packet. If you need to access your medical records and do not already have a login and password,please call our office to register.
As a division of ENT Associates of Northern Colorado, the Hearing & Balance Clinic provides unique and specialized services for all patient populations. We offer our patients with snoring and sleep apnea a variety of treatment choices that are best suited for their needs.
A : You probably have a condition called "rhinitis medicamentosa" where one gets a rebound effect from the vasoconstrictors in the OTC nasal sprays. A : Nasal polyps are benign nasal masses arising from the lining tissues of the nose and cavities. A : "GERD" (gastroesophageal reflex disease) most definitely can be a cause of hoarseness, even in the absence of heartburn. A : Digital hearing aids are sophisticated devices, like tiny computers, used to help hearing loss.

A : Adenoid tissue is composed of lymph tissue located behind the nose in a vault above the throat called the nasopharynx. A : The procedure of myringotomy and tubes is designed to ventilate the middle ear space by making a very small opening in the ear drum, keeping that open with a tiny tube. Doctor of Audiology, Meghan Abraham has been practicing in Colorado for more than ten years. Our mission at Ear Nose & Throat Associates of Northern Colorado is to provide the best care to adults, infants and children in the community.
To inquire about these hearing aid products, contact the Hearing Aid Doctor team at any of our three Minnesota hearing aid centers to see new hearing devices and learn about the latest in wireless hearing devices.
Continued exposure without proper hearing protection can lead to permanent hearing loss and constant ringing in your ears.
They may present with symptoms of progressive nasal stuffiness, drainage and facial discomfort.
Bruce Smith has been in private practice working with patients in Northern Colorado and Wyoming since 1979. She received her doctorate from ATSU in Mesa, Arizona and her Mastera€™s Degree in Audiology from the University of Wyoming.
Just fill in the information below to begin making the most of your listing and we will contact you shortly to complete the process. Avoidance of toxic noise levels or consistent use of hearing protection is very important in preventing noise induced hearing loss.
Treatment may include dietary limitations of aggravating foodstuffs such as coffee, cola, chocolate, mint and excessively rich foods.

If adenoids become enlarged or inflamed in childhood, they can cause nasal obstruction with sinus infections, secondary ear infections, mouth-breathing with sleep disordered breathing and dental malocclusion.
Indications for PE tubes are: Fluid in the middle ear space that causes significant hearing loss and is unresponsive to medical management, recurrent ear infections of the middle ear space that do not respond to multiple courses of antibiotic treatment and significant distortion of the ear drum with negative pressure in the middle ear space ( eustachian tube dysfunction). Our Otolaryngology clinic includes treatment for all areas of the head and neck and excellent ENT services in a warm, friendly, professional environment.
Evaluation of hearing levels through a hearing test can help to identify noise induced hearing loss. We are a€?in networka€? for the majority of insurance companies and are located at the Poudre Valley Health Systems Harmony Campus in south Fort Collins. Smith is the only physician in the area who performs the *Pillar implant procedure for snoring.
He is a graduate of Cornell University Medical College and interned at New York Hospital Cornell Medical Center. We provide treatment for several different illnesses including chronic sinusitis, allergic rhinitis, tonsillitis, adenoiditis, ear infections and disorders, voice disorders and hoarseness, thyroiditis, snoring, sleep apnea, gastroesophageal reflux, vertigo and hearing loss.
Smith is licensed to practice in Colorado and Wyoming and sees patients in both Fort Collins and Laramie.

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