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If one has hearing issues to the point of consults a Los Angeles Audiologist, someone who studies the ear’s ability to pick up sounds and maintain equilibrium, one may be told that he or she can ameliorate hearing loss with a hearing aid.
The earliest form of hearing aid, referred to as an ear cone or ear trumpet, was only useful in receiving audio out of a limited field, like a parabolic antenna.
Body worn aids preceded the ear cone, consisting of a case (roughly the size of a deck of cards), carried around the waist or in one’s pocket, and an earmold connected to the case via a wire. Bone anchored hearing aids (BAHA) are engineered to use bone conduction via a surgical implant within a patient’s skull.
However, some individuals who require auditory assistance with such a device, may be curious as to how such a device actually functions.

Sounds passing into the cone’s range would then funnel down and become amplified to a point where the user could hear it through the ear canal. An earmold is an impression of the user’s ear, made to optimize comfort and minimize audio feedback. Extended wear units are moisture-resistant and designed to be worn constantly for a short period of time, rather than being removed nightly or when bathing. BAHA units are utilized in patients lacking an external ear canal, those with conductive hearing loss, as well as those with unilateral hearing loss.
This article is written for the express purpose of explaining how a hearing aid aids the hearing capabilities of its user.

This rigging involves a battery and an amplifier, housed within the case, which transmit sound to the listener’s ear as a loudspeaker.

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