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We carry hearing aid batteries, hearing aid cleaning wipes, hearing aid cleaning tools, ear cleaning solutions, wax softener, hearing aid dryers, and more. When checked, Shutterstock's safe search screens restricted content and excludes it from your search results. A successful hearing aid fitting is more than just selecting the correct device for your hearing needs. Prior to fitting the hearing aids, your audiologist will conduct a thorough hearing test to measure the softest sound you can hear at different pitches and record the volume of sound that is uncomfortably loud for you.
Different styles of hearing aids, levels of technology, and cost will all be discussed at your Hearing Aid Evaluation appointment. At the hearing aid fitting appointment, your audiologist will verify that the hearing aids are providing the correct amount of amplification by doing Real Ear Measures. Next, your hearing aid will be inserted in your ear taking care not to move the probe tube microphone already in your ear canal. Proper verification of your hearing aid settings is integral to a successful hearing aid fitting.
PHONAK CROS hearing aids are the best thing to happen for those who suffer Single Sided Deafness (SSD) or unilateral hearing loss or asymmetrical loss of hearing. Download a pamphlet about the PHONAK CROS Hearing aid, note that this pamphlet is in PDF format. The PHONAK CROS Tip would be the best fit of the 3 options to place a BTE unit of the CROS.
A PHONAK CROS ITC (In The Canal) would be the option most appropriate for those who does not wish to be seen with a hearing aid. Over the counter ear plugs work great for some, but for others keeping them in your ears can be difficult.

Many years ago I worked with the Veterans Administration to help reduce the hearing aids sent back for repair. The hearing aids need to be properly fitted to your ears so that they provide the correct amount of amplification to maximize hearing aid benefit. Based on these tests, your audiologist will know how much gain the hearing aid needs to provide in order to amplify soft sounds so they are audible and how much to compress loud sounds so that they are not uncomfortable.
Once the hearing aid is turned on, your audiologist will measure how loud the sound is at the output of your hearing aid in your ear.
If these measures are not completed, then the audiologist will not know whether your hearing aids are programmed properly. One would think that losing hearing on one side is not much of a problem since you have 2 ears. Your audiologist will have to measure the distance between the ear canal and the top of your ear to get the right size for the length as well as the size of your ear canal opening to ensure a good fit. It is also suitable for those whose ear does not have a fold to retain the hearing aid behind the ear. It is available in an award-winning behind the ear style or as a discreet custom in the ear.
We found that when a Vet was issued a Dry and Store dryer, the return for repair rate dropped drastically. It is important for your audiologist to play different volumes of sound from soft to very loud in order to verify that soft sounds are amplified so you can hear them, that moderate intensity sounds are amplified to a comfortable listening level, and that loud sounds are considered loud, but do not exceed your discomfort level. Real Ear Measures ensure that you are getting the appropriate amount of amplification in accordance with the severity of your hearing loss.
Actually it’s our brain that does the job of filtering noise so that we can hear in a crowded bus station or party.

A well placed CROS Slim Tube would be most comfortable for you and leaves out the worry of losing the hearing aid. If you work in the construction industry or the music industry custom molds are great for noise reduction and in ear monitors.
It saved the Vet having to do without their hearing aids and the VA Audiologist’s could spend more time working on new fittings of hearing aids. I often find families can better afford a Williams Sound Pocketalker for about $189.00 that helps the person hear but is not easily lost. Once the hearing aids are programmed, your audiologist will then review the care and maintenance of the hearing aids. It’s amazing how our brain can compare the sounds coming from both the ears and decide on what information to pick up. The PHONAK CROS retention also does not block the passage of the ear otherwise known as the ear canal. We also carry a complete line of TV streamers for hearing the TV better, amplified telephones, church systems for the hard of hearing, and more. This tube is connected to a microphone that will measure the volume of sound near your eardrum without any hearing aid device in your ear.
The PHONAK CROS hearing aid does it’s job well to reduce the impact of a single sided loss of hearing. It is simple to use but there is danger that the hearing aid would drop off the ear if one is too active and engaged in vigorous activities or sports.

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