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We can turn up the volume on the TV or radio as loud as we want (disclaimer- mine is turned up pretty loud now!), and when alone we don’t have to ask anyone to repeat what they just said. But how do Southeast Texas seniors with hearing loss cope when in a social or business setting?
The question is far from academic; one out of every six baby boomers has a hearing problem, and one in 14 members of Generation X has a hearing problem, according to the Better Hearing Institute (BHI). The difficulties associated with hearing loss can be more pronounced and troublesome when experienced in a social or professional setting. Untreated hearing loss for SETX seniors has been associated with a number of psychological and sociological problems, including depression, loneliness, diminished job performance and earning power, isolation and withdrawal from social situations, and impaired memory, according to BHI.
While assistive devices like hearing aids can help improve your hearing, nothing can really restore your hearing to its original, undamaged state. It’s not uncommon for Southeast Texas senior citizens to deny or ignore our hearing loss.
Hey, we built refineries, hunted everything from squirrels to elk, and were around for the birth of rock and roll. Do you find yourself turning up the volume on the TV or radio, especially when no one else is around to tell you it’s too loud? Hearing aids can help Southeast Texas senior citizens with hearing loss reconnect with other people – and with everything going on around them.
In public setting such as parties or business meetings, move as close to the speaker as possible. With the right assistive device and coping strategies, Southeast Texas senior citizens can minimize the impact your hearing loss has on your personal and professional life. Learning to cope can help us increase our quality of life and our ability to function at work or with friends and family. An example of an audiogram where a hearing aid is probably not going to help because of a steep drop is shown below.
The problem here is that there is only a small range of frequencies where making sound louder will help (between 1-2K). In spite of this theoretical prediction, the literature does not bear out a substantial effect. Our take on this issue is that logically, there must be a risk of a hearing reduction from loud noise, including that produced by hearing aids, and that one should consider the (small) risks and benefits when purchasing one of these devices.
Hearing aids are very expensive and many people choose not to use them because they can't afford them. When the hearing aid is purchased from a separate entity -- such as Costo as an example, this potential problem can be avoided. There are some web-sites that offer hearing aids such as hearingplanet, and remoteaudiology. Multisensory convergence - we would like to see a hearing aid add-on that would also put up a visual display of a speech recognition system. We think that, for the most part, people looking for a hearing aid should find a dispensor that is close enough to them that they can easily get their hearing aid serviced, cleaned and checked. Our expertise and our state of the art diagnostic equipment ensure that you achieve the best hearing possible. Second, it’s important that it is someone you feel very comfortable around and someone you can effectively communicate with.

In the past, some people with hearing losses might have avoided hearing aids because they associated the devices with old age, or because they felt hearing aids were too bulky, visible or even ineffective. Your lifestyle and degree of hearing loss will influence what type of hearing aid will be most helpful for you. Try to sit away from high-traffic areas such as main doorways, kitchen doors or buffet areas in restaurants, and phone banks or electronic devices in business settings. For example, ask for a seat away from the stereo at the dinner party and suggest the host wait until after the festivities to run that noisy dishwasher.
There is a very steep drop between 1-2K, and at higher frequencies, hearing is severely impaired. Essentially the idea is that hearing aids make noises louder, and it is well known that loud noise can cause hearing loss. For example, Podoshin and associates (1984) reported hearing results over 8 years in 114 patients aged 10 to 91 years with different kinds of hearing aids fitted in one ear only, the unaided ear acting as a control.
To be safe, hearing aids or assistive devices should have circuitry that limits output to safe levels. Similarly, Maniakas et al (2014) showed there was no difference in hearing between individuals who were treated for otosclerosis early on or 10 years later. While it can be used like a conventional hearing aid, usually it is used in people who have good hearing on one side and no hearing on the other -- thus it is a surgically implanted version of the CROS aid. Bainbridge et al reported that a 28 to 66% greater prevalence of hearing aid use among more affluent older adults (2014). This is a good law that protects the hearing impaired population, many of whom are older and may be vulnerable. On the other hand, hearing is a very important sense and you can be oblivious to much important information as well as very annoying to your family when you can't hear. This has been accomplished rather well, and we think that the next big push needs to be in improving performance. Presently hearing aids use clunky FM or noisy AM t-coil systems rather than contemporary bluetooth or Wifi interfaces. In other words, something similar but smaller than the system that legal secretaries use already. In more rural areas where parking and traffic is less intense, larger distances seem reasonable. Delaying partial stapedectomy for otosclerosis: effects on long-term hearing outcomes following surgery. The benefit obtained from visually displayed text from an automatic speech recognizer during listening to speech presented in noise.Ear Hear. We work with you over several weeks to tune your hearing device as your brain and your ears adapt to better hearing. It’s not uncommon to feel unsure about which manufacturer or which features will be best for your hearing loss and your everyday listening situations.
You also don’t need to begin by focusing on what brand or style of hearing aid you are going to buy.
You will need to trust this professional to be able to openly discuss the difficulties you have been experiencing with your hearing loss and the communication difficulties it has created for you. Take the time to do your homework – check blogs, reviews and manufacturer websites, talk to those you trust and chose a provider you can communicate with effectively.
The right hearing aid may help Golden Triangle senior citizens hear better in a variety of settings, from one-on-one conversations with a loved one, to a teleconference with professionals from around the world.

A Southeast Texas audiologist or doctor of audiology can help you determine the right style and technology level for your needs. In an office meeting, ask others to postpone phone conversations until after the meeting is over. There was no change in hearing between the aided and the unaided ear at least for 8 years. These data suggest that the idea that your hearing will deteriorate unless you buy a hearing aid is just marketing hype.
While this will not be as good as a custom fitted hearing aid, it will give you an idea whether or not it is a good idea to proceed. BTE hearing aids come in many different colors to match your skin, hair, and bright colors for kids.
This type of hearing aid is custom made to sit flush with your outer ear and yet still is easy to manipulate. Most people with unilateral hearing loss are enthusiastic about BAHA aids because it works very well and it is unobtrusive.
The image to the left, from Prosper hospital, shows how a button is inserted into the bone of the skull above the ear.
The many choices that manufacturers now offer in their hearing aids can make it even more confusing. Look for hearing aid reviews that provide comprehensive information from a reliable source. The audiologist you select should have the educational background and the practical experience you need.
If you invest a little bit of time to investigate your choices before you purchase hearing aids, you’ll find that you feel your hearing aid purchase was money well spent.
This is also a good law, as it prevents people from being fitted with hearing aids who have, for example, brain tumors that need surgery (we have seen this). Manufacturer websites are generally consumer-friendly and can be a good source for information gathering. So, the key is in finding a highly trained, experienced hearing professional that holds the same high standards you do and is someone you can trust to be well informed about hearing loss and its solutions. But, he or she also needs to be a good communicator and a great listener, capable of translating your experiences into a technical solution to resolve important communication issues. Take the time to look at hearing aid reviews, ask someone you trust what their experience has been and most importantly, find a provider you trust. Ask your friends and family who they trust and then begin by checking the credentials of the person you are considering. Once you’ve had your consultation with a provider, ask yourself these questions: Was the exam thorough? Be careful with this information as it can often be colored by a hearing aid wearer’s bad experience with the hearing healthcare provider, not with the hearing aid itself. A more important question might be, did they respect and trust the person they worked with?

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