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Hear Again Hearing Aid Lab of Oklahoma City has compiled an infographic with information on the loudest everyday noises, those with the biggest potential to cause hearing damage. A hearing aid user can gain confidence of using it with little support from his family and friends. Assist the user in improving his listening skills as explained by us at the time of giving the hearing aid. Hearing Aid is a device which amplifies sound to make it comfortably audible and not LOUD for the user. Although many theories have been put forth to explain its causes, unfortunately they still can’t be pinpointed.
If medicines fail to lessen or relieve the symptoms, then usually patient is left to his fate. Tinnitus habituation therapy is not a cure but helps patient towards reducing negative emotions & annoyance. The thought that we are surrounded by various types of pollutions is very unnerving but unfortunately that is reality.

Moreover in India an indiscriminate use of public system especially during festivals & religious activities and firecrackers adds to noise pollution to a great extent.
At the outset let us promise ourselves that we would make sincere efforts to control & reduce noise pollution.
Construction work, household gadgets, radio, television, children playing, firecrackers, vehicular traffic, air traffic etc. Different noises generated in homes can be reduced by using these gadgets judiciously & by constantly maintaining these equipments.
By designing quieter machines, mounting machines on surfaces with better shock absorption using sound systems with lot of regards for needs of others, never beyond permissible loud sound and time which is only between 6AM to 9PM. By rotating jobs which are near the source of loud sound or by reducing the time of exposure to loud sounds. Please download the latest version of the Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, or Windows Internet Explorer browser.
A particular brand of hearing instruments offers a technology by way of which, user can even use his own mobile phone to change settings of his hearing instrument.

Family gets affected with presence of even a single member who has hearing loss and that person in turn gets influenced by the way family treats him. He is just explained that nothing can be done about it, & he will have to carry on by ignoring the symptom. Unplanned growth, industrialization, automobiles, air & rail traffic contribute majorly to noise pollution besides noise created in our homes.
After initial audiological assessment (audiometry, impedance audiometry, tinnitus matching & mapping) patient undergoes number of counseling sessions.
Patient is advised to use devices like hearing aids (80% of tinnitus patients also show some degree of hearing loss), noise generator or sound generator for easy & pleasant experience of hearing.

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