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The Hearing Practice provide a complete private Audiological service to both adults & children. We want to give you all the information and help you need for you to get the best out of your hearing and listening. Very simply, we're here to provide the answers to your questions, the help if you need it and first class aftercare you can rely on. We provide the latest digital hearing aids and hearing protection and as a full clinical audiology practice we also provide Tinnitus Management, Hyperacusis Therapy, Audiovestibular Diagnostics and Medico Legal assessments for Quantum and rehabilitation.
You can either refer yourself for an appointment by contacting the practice or Hospital directly or ask your ENT Consultant or GP to refer you. We have been caring for Hertfordshires hearing for over 22 years and as well as seeing patients at The Rivers Hospital, in Sawbridgeworth, Pinehill Hospital in Hitchin and Spire Hospital in Harpenden we have opened our new practice at No. Hearing loss happens in your ears, but it can have an effect on many aspects of your lifestyle and health.
We understand that taking the first steps towards better hearing can be daunting, but we are committed to providing you with the very best care, information and support so that you are able to make an informed decision. Despite amazing developments in technology, some people are still not satisfied with their hearing aids.
EHP is a family run practice with over 30 years of experience in the world of hearing aids.
Audiologists and licensed practitioners believe those words, based on years of experience with patients.
Last post filled in boxes estimating average costs and net profit for private dispensing practices compared to Internet sellers.
Why should consumers fork out that extra $1300-$1500 for dispensing services and support when they can get the product directly for $399? Plowing through data from individual practices is done to explain and perhaps agree on assumptions underlying the cost and profit averages in last week’s boxes.
It’s no secret to frequent readers that getting numbers from individual practices is tough. Average costs of five dispensing practices in 1977 and nine practices in 1978 are shown in Pies 1 and 2. Though nothing but the numbers is known about these practices of the past, it seems safe to say that all or most were sole proprietorships. In the 1970’s milieu, Cost of Goods consumed the largest part of Total Revenues, followed by Payroll and associated expenses. Expenditures and profits of three hearing aid dispensing practices in 2013 are shown in 3 Pies below. A full-service practice offering most services billable under the Audiology Scope of Practice, generating 30% of revenues from diagnostics of all types, all billed to health insurances (B).

As in the past, COG and employee costs consume the majority of Total Revenues in each practice.
Net Profits are much smaller than in the 1970s practices, mainly due to higher cost of payroll and related employee expenses nowadays (retirement plans, payroll taxes, health insurance). If nothing else strikes you from the pies, the one thing that all five pies make clear is no single practice, now or 35 years ago, is selling scads of hearing aids, in contrast to burgeoning sales in bulk environments such as Costco, Sam’s and WalMart.
The third thing popping out of the pies is that all three types of practices operate with some degree of profit, meaning that they are managed well enough to stay in business in competitive environments with increasing costs of running businesses. It’s a win-win-win, at least for those who are willing to run the risks of doing business, those who are willing to pay the price of hearing aids, and those who are willing to gain licensure and show up for work every day. Which leaves the question:  Why should consumers fork out that extra $1300-$1500 for dispensing services and support when they can get the product directly for $399?  Unfortunately, for many consumers, the data are only beginning to be collected to support Dr.
May 28, 2013 By Stuart Trembath Recently, I was asked by a friend (another audiologist) why I belong to ASHA and what do they do for me?
Just in the last year, ASHA has provided me with a wealth of information related to reimbursement issues, which was developed in collaboration with the Academy of Doctors of Audiology, the Directors of Speech and Hearing Programs in State, Health and Welfare Agencies, Academy of Rehabilitative Audiology, the Educational Audiology Association, and the American Academy of Audiology. For me, the guidance for audiologists on reviewing third party payer provider contracts was a very timely and helpful reminder because—at that time—my practice was being approached by a number of entities to provide hearing aid services. Another helpful resource was the question and answer document about the new Otoacoustic CPT Codes that gave me information on how to bill these codes appropriately. ASHA’s ongoing advocacy for the profession of audiology has benefited me in so many ways. As I continued to think of all of the benefits from ASHA membership—as an audiologist—I realized there has been great value in continuing to be a member of ASHA!  I want to thank my friend for asking me why I still belong. Stuart Trembath, MA, CCC-A, is chair of ASHA’s Health Care Economics Committee and co-owner of Hearing Associates in Mason City, Iowa. If your student has trouble making inferences, knowing why the student struggles is the first step in deciding on a treatment strategy. Musicians stand to benefit from audiologists’ support to preserve hearing and to bolster performance. Amid renewed debate about teaching signed versus spoken language to children who are deaf, a cadre of professionals calls for emphasizing all forms of early language access.
The ASHA Leader Blog is the official blog of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association. If you'd like to advertise on The ASHA Leader Blog, please contact Pam Leppin or visit ASHA's marketing site. Metrics provide focus for action planning, ongoing course correction and can be a powerful tool to improve financial results. We have taken great pains to fit it out with cutting edge equipment so that we can deliver our famous brand of hearing care and hearing services to a brand new community.

The way your hearing healthcare professional fits the hearing aid is key to releasing your hearing aids full potential. Whether you are interested in invisibility or something that you can connect up to your sound system and PC we have a solution for you.
We will post any interesting stories or news here - if you have any comments or questions, we would love to hear from you! After all, they were the organization for speech-language pathology and really didn’t care about audiology except for the CCC-A, as believed by some. There was also information on new requirements for the Physician Quality Reporting System, which helped me too. These have been scheduled to take place every year for the last several years, but keep getting extended.
It is intended to inspire discussion about issues related to the fields of audiology and speech-language pathology, and features posts from a variety of authors, including communication sciences and disorders (CSD) professionals and ASHA staff.
If not, you need to assess what factors and issues are preventing growth and increased market share, develop a plan of action and a marketing strategy to reinforce your practice brand in your market.
Audiologists were only just getting off the ground with hearing aid dispensing and I could find no records of their business operations from those years. This led me to reflect on why I feel ASHA’s membership benefits me as an audiologist, focusing on the past few years.
Aside from these useful and helpful resources, I appreciate that the information was developed jointly and shared within the audiology community. I can’t help but think that ASHA’s lobbyists have been instrumental in helping in that effort. ASHA is also developing and implementing plans to help us navigate through the new accountable care organizations.  And, they are working diligently to see that we have a voice in the implementation of the Affordable Care Act. Posts written by ASHA members reflect their own thoughts and opinions, and publication does not imply ASHA’s endorsement of the products or services they may write about. As health care moves toward prevention of health problems and a new payment system, this will allow me to provide therapy services as part of a team!
The 2013 Siemens Benchmark Survey, though not reporting average values, seems to support this view.

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