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A grim job market and crushing student debt have many people second guessing their higher education decisions.A Nearly half of recent grads regret choosing their school or major. A recent Reddit thread asked for some great careers that college kids have no idea even exist.
Here are some of the best potential alternatives to spending four years on a degree and racking up student loans, or potential alternative paths to people who graduate and find themselves working in retail.
The Audiology Department (01534 442551) provides comprehensive hearing and balance services including the fitting of hearing aids and aftercare. When a hearing loss is identified in a child, appropriate audiological support is provided. We consider that it is most appropriate to fit a hearing aid for a child when a significant and permanent hearing loss is present. For all children, close contact is maintained with medical and education services, and advice and feedback is taken from all support from all these groups, so Audiology can ensure that care can be individualised for a child.

More and more optometrists are enjoying the rewards of seeing patients in their own homes rather than a retail practice. I'm actually surprised, given how industrial designers have had a hand in pretty much everything that's ever been mass-manufactured. The problems are challenging, the work is varied and creative, and design consultancies have some of the best work environments and cultures you could ask for.
I signed on to a $100k salary (+bonus+benefits) straight out of my bachelors degree at 23 for a job that had me moving across the planet (Canada to Australia).
Audiology can care for children with multiple disabilities, those who are difficult to assess for any reason and for children who are at increased risk of permanent hearing loss. This might involve simply monitoring the situation or might involve the fitting of hearing aids. As a career, domiciliary is well paid with no weekend working and the satisfaction of unhurried contact with patients who really need the service.

It's hard to get bored when you're in a new town every week working with guys who have your back.
And at the core of it all, you're tasked with answering the question, 'what sort of future do we want to live in?' Design is so much more than making things shiny. The year I graduated we finished school in May and 80% of my graduating class had jobs lined up already and the remainder found jobs by the end of July.
Both the child's hearing levels and the effectiveness of the hearing aid are reviewed regularly.

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