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By focusing on transparency and integrity in our hearing aid fittings, our patients feel more educated, informed, and satisfied with their hearing solution. Our Doctors of Audiology are qualified to repair, modify, and program almost any hearing aid available on the market.
We work with some of the top hearing aid brands in the world, and can help with simple age-related hearing loss as well as more complicated issues such as tinnitus, single-sided deafness, and cochlear distortion due to damage from loud noise. Known for their rich, natural sound quality, the Siemens Pure series hearing aids are small, receiver in the ear devices.
Our CommitmentWe are committed to providing the most comprehensive, convenient, and exceptional hearing care experience in DFW. As an Irish independent company (based in Dublin) Hearing Healthcare Ireland can choose from the best hearing aid brands, manufacturers and suppliers around the world, such as GN Resound, Phonak, Oticon, Siemens, Unitron, Hansaton, Puretone, Rexton, Widex, ExSilent, Audina. Solar Ear produces solar-powered hearing aids for distribution in underserved areas such as Botswana and Sao Paolo; all the aids and chargers are manufactured by deaf young adults.
This post first appeared on CSRWire on January 13, 2012.As we dive into the new year and face up to the challenges ahead, I am reminded of the fundamental reason so many of us are working in this area. David Wilcox is the founder of ReachScale, an organization that aligns the social responsibility goals of corporations with high potential social entrepreneurs working in areas of common interest.
Get the latest personalized news, tools, and virtual media on a wide range of sustainable business topics in your inbox.
SB events are designed to inspire, engage and equip business professionals to fully leverage environmental and social innovation to drive business and brand value.
SB newsletters will help you create and maintain your company's competitive edge by adopting smarter, more sustainable business strategies and practices.
Access reports, white papers, audio packs, and more - valuable learning tools whether you're new to sustainability or leading the charge. 100's of videos, research papers and more in one place for those new to sustainability or leading the change. Looking for an integrated marketing and communications platform that targets a unique audience of dedicated sustainability and brand professionals. The new LiNX? 7 is the new and improved iteration of the worlds first Made for iPhone hearing aid, the Linx 9.
Your Apple device can also be used as a remote microphone, to pick up the voice of one person speaking and stream it directly to you, ideal for noisy places or lectures. Because it has one processor dedicated entirely to sound processing it contains more channels, so it can produce more sound frequencies to compensate for the users level of hearing loss. Using Binaural Fusion technology and its 2.4 GHz wireless capability, your hearing aids can communicate with each other and work together to synchronise volume and programme settings. Other options include a Comfort Phone setting where the hearing aid on your ‘telephone side’ will use a specialized phone setting whilst the other hearing aid will automatically lower it’s volume so that you are not distracted from your conversation or find it difficult to hear because of background noise in the room.
The Environmental Optimiser assesses the environment and makes subtle adjustments to the sound levels to give you the optimum listening experience, it will also take into account any adjustments you make yourself and change its program accordingly. Feedback from hearing aids is a common complaint, a special feedback program removes the feedback sound before you can hear it. The Smart App also lets you save your ideal hearing aid settings when you are at your favourite locations. That’s why we offer a 2 week free demo period, followed by a 45 day risk free trial period.

They are known for allowing users to easily hear soft or distant sounds comfortably, while also allowing improved hearing in background noise and connectivity with any external audio device.
This fast processor coupled with their “Brain Hearing” technology allows users to hear naturally and effortlessly in almost any environment. These hearing aids are the perfect solution for those who have trouble changing batteries or just prefer not to have to change batteries once a week or more. We hope that we have the opportunity to help you maximize your quality of life with better hearing. We came to do more good, though we often find most of our time is spent doing less harm.CSR organizations are increasingly tasked to cover both. Not only can you listen to phone calls and music completely hands free, but you can switch from audio streaming back to normal listening mode with a touch of your Apple device.
With new apps for Apple devices being developed all the time, for work and leisure, the future possibilities are huge.
This feature can sometimes distort the sound of music as it confuses some music notes with feedback, however with ReSound’s Music Mode the hearing aids are programmed to distinguish the two sounds giving you full music clarity without feedback noise. Once your hearing aids are on the ideal settings, Geo Tag your location using the Smart App. It sits behind the ear with a small tube going to the front of the ear with a small bud on the end.
The Widex Zen feature helps reduce the annoyance of tinnitus and retrain the brain to reduce focus on bothersome tinnitus sounds.
Many patients say that they forget they are even wearing hearing aids because of the the natural sound quality. And we will have to come up with new approaches to scale doing less harm and doing more good at the same time.The Cost of IncrementalismWhat is taking so long? The smart app can help you to manage your hearing aid care, giving cleaning and maintenance advice, a user guide as well as battery level information so you can ensure you know when the batteries will need replacing. The frequency compression program compresses high frequencies which are most commonly lost, and processes them into a lower frequency range which the user can hear.
The app will automatically set your hearing aids to the same program the next time you visit that location. With its sleek and small design this hearing aid is very discrete, almost disappearing behind the ear.
They help you hear all day, and they charge in their charging dock while you sleep at night.
Looking at just one aspect of CSR, corporate philanthropy, we see lack of results from scale — from the ReachScale site:"Over the past forty years, over 200,000 nonprofits were established.
Due to the design of this processor, it provides powerful output as well as long battery life.
There are also 3 flexible programmes that you can choose from to suit your lifestyle and listening environment.
The special coating makes it dust, oil and waterproof so it is suitable for use in many different environments. Executives talk about the need to track involvement in major workplace issues (pensions, training, employee healthcare, etc), as well as environmental impact.
But treated as individual issues, the solutions often receive inadequate attention for any comprehensive solutions.This fragmentation problem is most extreme for companies who ignored externalities until recently and then just tacked on an external function to try to handle them.

Doing what's right needs to be mainstreamed, and it all begins by comprehending what it means to "do less harm."Unfortunately many companies fall victim to the equivalent of the mission creep that plagues the nonprofit world. As a result, real challenges — such as measuring water risk without addressing water stewardship — are avoided altogether.Too many resources are spent communicating small wins and covering up a lack of progress. Two years later, these new comprehensive mainstream models are being talked about as table stakes.The genie is out of the bottle on these issues. These days the scorecards are being kept by a variety of independent monitoring organizations.While some companies are still in denial, the smart corporate players are partnering with the scorekeepers to assist them in mainstreaming their "do less harm" commitments. The recent comprehensive fleet mileage targets agreement between the US Government and the global auto companies (highlighted in a 2011 editorial by Tom Friedman) represents an example of this trend that will continue across many ecosystems.Scaling and mainstreaming "do less harm" is garnering much of the effort in the best companies.
First, an example:Many challenges exist around young people, learning, access for people at risk and education for the disadvantaged. There are a broad range and most require donor-driven approaches with limited sustainability.One exception is hearing loss — an opportunity that can directly overcome the disability of 300 million people and over 180 million infants, children and young adults.
As is often the case, these opportunities exist because of underserved markets and this is one of the largest underserved markets with 60 percent of 600 million people at risk, untouched, globally.Access to the market has been created by a small team of innovators working over the past decade to invent the solar hearing aid. Eventually there will be 10 manufacturing sites serving 60-70 countries, with low tariffs, and reaching millions of people that are not served by traditional companies.
With an ethics-based marketing model instead of interruption-based one, new opportunities emerge. As corporate strategy guru Michael Porter pointed out in "Strategy and Society," a Harvard Business Review article he co-authored with Mark Kramer:"No business can solve all of society's problems or bear the cost of doing so. Other social agendas are best left to those companies in other industries, NGOs or government institutions that are better positioned to address them. In the future we cannot produce products like T-shirts in the environmentally damaging way we do it today.Going forward, companies will not be able to protect and preserve their reputations through "pretty pictures" CSR. Instead they will need to identify an appropriately big problem and then demonstrate measurable results towards a solution.Return on InvestmentWhat is new with ROI in the sustainable impact world is how it is achieved. In the past the corporation's core business produced the returns with a small percentage of the profits allocated to cost centers including CSR and philanthropy.
Increasingly global companies see how the most pressing problems that seemed to be intractable resource sinks can be, with appropriate innovation and collaboration, profit producing.
These partnerships are generating profitable and sustainable innovations by offering products at price points that a large segment of the pyramid can afford.
The creation of delivery systems for clean water to rural villages is an example of a rapid behavior-change solution.The reputational value of sustainable solutions can attract multiple sources of capital. As you watch the social investment announcements in 2012, you will increasingly see strange bedfellows clasping hands and acting together to drive integrated social and monetary returns.This new triple bottom line leverages strategic and brand resources within the corporation with highly innovative social enterprises. By combining social impact, enhanced reputation and a return on investment in this way, the whole becomes significantly greater than its parts.

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