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As the first anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombing approaches, health professionals are concerned with those who may be experiencing residual effects of trauma.
Next time your child or grandchild returns home with results from an in-school hearing test, you may want to ask for a second opinion. Parents understand the importance of infants sleeping, not only for their baby’s health but for their own health as well. In Maine (ME), the Hear ME Now Center recently completed their 12th annual fundraiser: Break the Sound Barrier.
Learning about your hearing loss and selecting a hearing aid can be an overwhelming process. Nashville – the Music City- filled with musicians who constantly expose their ears to loud (albeit beautiful) noises. Hearing loss is a side effect of many different things, such as loud noises and some diseases. In Tahlequah, Oklahoma, Cherokee Nation Principal Chief Bill John Baker has issued an executive order to expand the tribe’s hearing aid program. For many who experience hearing loss, it can be difficult to access all necessary resources in every environment. If you’ve been struggling to decipher speech in a crowd, often ask your friends or family members to repeat things, or frequently lean into conversations with your “good” ear,Continue Reading.. What if pursuing your passion could lead to hearing loss, quieting what you love most?  Orchestra musicians face that fear head-on each time they play. It is nearly impossible to miss the many advertisements for “Personal Sound Amplifiers.” They are shown on TV, on the internet, and even in magazines. Noise induced hearing loss (NIHL) is a permanent hearing impairment resulting from prolonged exposure to high levels of noise.
After he lost much of his hearing, composer Richard Einhorn thought he might never be able to enjoy a concert again. Do you own and use a smart phone to store music, manage your calendar and work schedules, check in with social media and oh yes, make phone calls? We don’t often think about the everyday noises we encounter as we work, commute, play with children, fix things around the house, and socialize. For most people, hearing aid shopping is all about finding the right hearing aid and making sure it’s at the right price. SUBSCRIBEStay up to date, with what is going on at ContentDomainName by subscribing to the RSS Feed.
If you ask Alan Kutner what the last movie he saw was, you’d get a longer answer than you were expecting. This type of device sits behind the ear and attaches to a custom molded earpiece (earmold) which fits in the ear canal. Open-fit refers to a style of hearing aids that are worn on top of the ear with a thin tube coming from the hearing aid and going inside the user's ear canal.A They are quite small (much smaller than even a regular small-size behind-the-ear aid and are cosmetically appealing since they are not easily seen.

These devices do just what their name implies--they rest entirely within the ear canal and outer ear.
This style is about half the size of the full shell and only fills the ear canal and a portion of the outer bowl of the ear. However, not all individuals can tolerate the deep canal fitting and people with small or unusually shaped ear canals are not good candidates for the aid. What does a€?digitala€? technology really mean?A  A digital hearing aid, just like a digital recording, breaks the incoming sound signals into millions of bits per second and then a€?reassemblesa€? them before they are fed into the usera€™s ear.A  Because the digital process is happening so quickly (millions of times per second), it also enables other features and functions of the aid to be manipulated, in effort to improve the end result to the wearer. Today the FDA gave approval to the first implantable hearing device for adults with the most common type of hearing loss that occurs with aging, heredity, certain drugs that are toxic to the inner ear, exposure to loud noises like heavy metal concerts, or listening to your ipod on high volume.
Facebook,The Movie Starring Pete Cashmore, Gary Vaynerchuk or Guy Kawasaki?Invent An Enrichment Toy For The Hogle Zoo’s Animals Contest! I know writers need to have a catchy way to wrap up the end of their story but your statement that "now I can pump up the volume on my earphones and rest easy that there will be a solution for my aging ears" is ridiculous. Food and Drug Administration recently approved the first implantable hearing device for people age 18 and over with severe or profound sensorineural hearing loss of high-frequency soundsContinue Reading..
New hearing health research from the University of Gothenburg shows that this change in personality is amplifiedContinue Reading.. Many of those affected by hearing loss are tested by an audiologist and given hearing aids to relieve symptoms. Humans have ear hair cells, and the deterioration of these cells is linked to hearing loss. Complications such as high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, and even blindness are well researched and well publicized. Viral infections that affect the inner ear commonly cause hearing loss, whichContinue Reading.. Fortunately, between advances in technology and a few empowered citizens, thingsContinue Reading.. The crowd at CenturyLink Field watching a Seattle Seahawks game broke the world record for loudest stadium crowd at 136.6 decibels.
The anticipation of seeing your favorite band, the enthusiasm of the crowd, the lights, and of course, the music? Behind-the-ear aids are appropriate for all types of hearing loss and all types of circuitry are available.
Not every loss can be accommodated with this type of aid, and they are most appropriate for mild to moderate losses, especially high-frequency losses. It is a better choice for those with manual dexterity problems and the battery life is usually longer compared to the smaller sizes.
The aid is tiny, so manual dexterity is an issue and battery life is normally only about 1 week. The digital process can allow for a quieter circuit, less distortion, more flexibility in programming the hearing aid, and, for many, a better sound quality.

I was trying to show my relief because hearing loss can happen regardless of my behaviour - from side effects of drugs, or hereditary conditions, so I am happy there are people working on this problem. Some behind-the-ear aids are quite small, although those that are more powerful are typically a little larger. Generally, they are most appropriate for mild to moderate losses, but can be used for severe hearing loss as long as feedback (whistling) is not a problem.
A telephone switch can usually be added, if necessary, and for most manufacturers, there is a wider selection of circuits available so a wider range of hearing losses may be accommodated. Cosmetically, both sizes can be easily seen from the side, but often are pretty well hidden when a person is viewed from the front.
Generally the volume of the aid is a€?fixeda€? to a certain level and there is no volume wheel for the user to adjust. Also, this hearing aid is very susceptible to earwax problems and this can mean frequent repairs. However, just because a hearing aid is digital, it does not necessarily mean the individual will hear speech more clearly.A  The theory is, if a better quality sound can be fed into the ear and then from there to the brain, the person will understand better.
Thanks to these hearing devices, his hearing is in the normal range – but that was not always the case.
In the past they really only worked well for mild to moderate losses, but with the advances in digital technology and improvements in feedback control, a wider range of hearing loss can now be fit with this style.A  Cost is now much less based on the style or size of the hearing aid and more predicated by the level of technology. Unlike hearing aids that just amplify sound, they compensate for damaged or non-working parts of the ear. Other options include an amplifier which is part of the phone itself, or auxiliary amplifiers that plug into the handset. It's not clear to me what is different about the Nucleus Hybrid L24 Cochlear Implant System, but it contains an external microphone and speech processor that picks up sounds from the environment and converts them into electrical impulses. This has now changed with the popularity of the small, open-fit-type BTEa€™s.A Currently the ratio is about 60% BTE and 40% ITE in terms of types of units purchased. These impulses are then transmitted to the cochlea through a bundle of implanted electrodes. Some manufacturers offer a a€?boot-typea€? amplifier whereby a BTE hearing aid can plug into a loop amplifier or telephone booster.
Standard versus Hybrid Cochlear Implant Design Cochlear Implants have been around since the 1960's, with 324,000 implants as of December 2012, but just getting a Cochlear Implant isn't an option in this case as it destroys any low frequency hearing, and even though one of the risks with this Hybrid implant is low frequency hearing loss, the FDA decided the benefits outweigh the risks.

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