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Better hearing aids prices for digital hearing aids ZIVBetter hearing aids prices-ZIV800-8ch NEW!!! Do you remove yourself from conversations or social situations because it is difficult to hear what is being said? Oticon Hearing Aids - Save up to 50% - all Oticon Hearing Aids supplied including the Oticon Agil Ino Delta Acto pro Oticon Hearing Aids from Discount Hearing Aids.
The Starkey Ignite 20 and Tour 20 were launched as a budget range alternative to some of the higher priced hearing aids available. The Ignite 20 is available in a range of styles such as RIC (Receiver In Canal), CIC (Completely In Canal), ITC (In The Canal) and ITE (In The Ear). The Tour 20 is available in two different styles, RIC (Receiver In Canal) and Mini BTE (Behind The Ear). The Ignite 20 and the Tour 20 come with a range of features designed to improve your overall listening experience. These models also have a Feedback Cancellation feature to help get rid of any irritating whistling noises that may occur and the Ignite and Tour 20 also include Noise Management which will suppress unwanted background noise leaving the speech sounds clearer.  Both of these models also come equipped with a built in directional microphone which helps your hearing aids focus specifically on the sounds you want to hear.

Some of the models in this range are compatible with Starkey’s Surflink range of wireless accessories. The Surflink mobile is a multi functional device which allows you to stream your mobile conversations, TV and MP3 signals and can also be used as a microphone to pick up voices in meetings or group environments, making conversastion easier.
The Ignite 20 and Tour 20 are the lower level of technology in this budget range from Starkey.
A hearing aid website to address hearing aids, hearing, hearing loss, digital hearing aids and related hearing and hearing aid issues. Despite being a value range, they still have many of Starkey’s excellent features and some models have now been made wireless compatible.
The Ignite Xino now means that there is also an IIC (Invisible In Canal) option available in this range.
These models come with 4 sound processing channels which allow your hearing aid to be programmed for your individual needs. This helps too prolong the life of your hearing aids as it means they more resistant to substances such as sweat, wax or water.

This very discreet little device is designed to sit deep in the ear canal making it almost completely unnoticeable. Although there is not a great deal of difference between this model and the higher technology level , you do get more sound processing channels with the Starkey Ignite 30 or Tour 30.
We can supply all aids by Oticon including the Agil Pro, Agil, Epoq, Vigo, Tego, Go, Delta, Dual.
Hearing Aid Prices shown here - Save up to 50% on all the latest Digital Hearing Aids by Widex Phonak Siemens Oticon Unitron Bernafon.
We supply all Oticon products, Agil, Acto, Ino, Intiga and Chili SP with low prices and great aftercare.
See prices & features or schedule a fitting with a local audiologist for Oticon Delta Hearing Aids.

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