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For musicians, soldiers and others exposed to loud sound in the workplace, the damage is known as noise-induced hearing loss. The issue hits real close to home for Fitzgerald, who said he suffers from a "mild case of tinnitus from a Dinosaur Jr. Inside the ear, there are outer hair cells — responsible for quiet sounds — and inner ear cells, which transmit information to the auditory nerve connecting to the brain. For musicians, the decision to not wear earplugs comes down to a combo of necessity and aesthetics. Sound pressure is measured on the logarithmic decibel scale — so, an increase from 70dB to 80dB would sound about twice as loud. The loudest sound that can be achieved on Earth's atmosphere is 194dB — above that, sound (presumably from a bomb, meteor or volcano) just registers as a shock wave. In the rock 'n' roll arena, KISS and shoegaze lords My Bloody Valentine are considered the loudest bands of all time, with their concerts registering in the 130Db range. The federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration allots a time amount one can be exposed to certain decibel levels before suffering damage. Hearing damage begins as short-term loss and problems with pinpointing a conversation in a loud room. Noise-induced hearing loss does work on your hearing — this is your guide to America’s loudest jobs. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), occupational hearing loss is one of the most common work-related illnesses in the United States.
The jobs that can put you at risk for noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) aren’t always obvious.

Members of flight crews experience up to 130 decibels (dB) of noise during takeoff, which is loud enough to rupture an eardrum.
Farmers are frequently exposed to excessive noise, ranking among the top three occupations and industries with the highest risk for hearing loss. An ambulance siren at close range is 120 dB, which is loud enough to feel ear pain instantly. Deafening sounds from trucks and machinery pose the risk of noise-induced hearing loss for factory workers. The noise produced by a high-speed turbine drill is not only annoying to the patient, but also the dentist! Concerts and loud sporting events can emit 110 to 115 dB for three hours or more — but you risk permanent hearing damage with just 15 minutes of exposure. From passing traffic to jackhammers, construction workers at all sorts of sites are subject to a variety of power tools and other sources of loud noise. The point at which your hearing might be permanently damaged is 85 dB, for which the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) has developed standards to protect employees in noisy work environments, but many of us aren’t aware of when noise is loud enough to cause damage. Call us today to get your hearing examined — from there we can decide what your specific solution is.
As ability and audiences grow, earplug-less musicians are able to hear less and less of their work — like a painter whose vision muddles with each brushstroke.
At the album release show last year, Grasshopper's Sovtek stacks pulsed with enough wattage to make my fake tooth hurt. After overexposure to loud sounds, you begin to hear a high whine in quiet settings — a ghost pain of sorts.

The little foam solutions cut sound levels 15-30dB, depending on the quality and fit of the plug.
Prolonged exposure — 15 minutes or more — to noise above 100 dB can cause permanent hearing loss.
This occupation works with heavy machinery that puts them at risk from both tools essential to their position and environmental noise (a pig squeal is 130 db).
The cumulative noise exposure of ringing bells, slamming lockers, loud announcements, and other random school noises may be putting teachers’ hearing at risk.
It accounts for nearly all cases of permanent hearing loss, and it is the result of repeated exposure to loud noises that damage the delicate sensors in the inner ear. But Bianca Quinones, at the front of SA punk quintet Amygdala, needs to hear at full capacity. According to a study published in March 2014, hearing loss is associated with higher rates of depression.
But, like cigarette smoking or biking without a helmet, hearing damage is another convinience problem with a simple answer — ignored until you can't hear the question anymore. Even then, you might not realize that your hearing has gotten markedly worse because you no longer have a reference point to understand what healthy hearing is — and you don’t know what you’re not hearing.

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