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Avoiding interaction with others: Many times, the person afflicted with hearing loss may feel some embarrassment of having to ask people to repeat everything they say. Benign tumors: Acoustic neuroma is a slow-growing tumor of the nerve that connects the ear to the brain.
Labyrinthitis: Caused by bacteria or viruses that inflame the the inner ear causing a feeling of imbalance. You may notice that someone who is hard of hearing may need to face you when speaking to them, or may need to look you directly in the face to read your lips. Auditory Processing Disorder (APD) This condition is a result of nerve damage that causes a person with normal hearing to not be able to process speech appropriately. The term Noise Induced Hearing Loss describes the effects of exposure to dangerous levels of sound either abruptly, like the sound of an explosion, or over extended periods of time, that in some cases occur over years, as in the case of a career in a hazardously loud working environment. Exposure to hazardous levels of sound can damage or destroy the fragile hair cells (called Stereocilia, pictured below) located in the inner ear that are necessary for hearing. Noise Induced Hearing Loss describes the damage that develops over time or abruptly from exposure to hazardous levels of sound. Acoustic shock is an injury caused to telephone headset users by exposure to abrupt and unexpected high pitched tones (HPT), 'shrieks' or other noises (loud or soft) that may occur in telephone networks.Another cause of acoustic injury can be using telephone headsets where you are constantly listening to your callers at a loud level. When Schwannoma type tumors grow on the Vestibular Nerve, which effects balance, they are referred to as Vestibular Schwannoma. If damage to the face itself causes severe pain or numbness, damage to Cranial Nerve 5, the Trigeminal Nerve may also be an issue. Vestibular Schwannoma, Schwannoma tumors along Cranial Nerve 8, are an issue that develops in many individuals with NF2. Cranial Nerve 8 travels a similar path as Cranial Nerve 7 (the Facial Nerve), extending out of the brainstem right next to each other. The facial nerve branches off to smaller nerves and muscles that go to 5 different parts of the face.
The nerves in the picture on the right show where on the face, outside of the skull, that the nerve branch extends out.
Talking: The same nerves that make eating difficult can also make properly or clearly pronouncing certain letters hard to do. Nerves that are a part of the Central Nerve System (CNS) do not heal as easily as nerves in other areas of the body. Natural healing that might take place will not visually be seen till about 4 to 6 months after the damage occurs.
Vitamin B12: Vitamin B12 is important in the formation of all cells in the body, especially red blood cells and the covering of nerve cells (myelin). Facial nerve physical therapy can consist of different types of treatments which should be discussed with a physical therapist. Acupuncture helps to stimulate blood to flow back to the different nerves in the face to encourage movement. During surgery if the nerve is only damaged or some attempt to simply reconnect the nerve is done, some amount of healing will take place naturally with help from just physical therapy and time. A Free Muscle Transplant is when a healthy "extra" muscle and transplanting it somewhere else in the body.
Tumors that grow on the nerves that effect hearing and balance tend to push on the Facial Nerve which follows a similar path inside the brain.

During different tumor management techniques used to preserve hearing and balance the Facial Nerve is lost. Facial Nerve damage can also cause Diplopia (Double Vision or Lazy Eye), as well as Nystagmus and Oscillopsia.
This branch affects the glands for tear production and mucous membrane of the nasal cavity. Yes, you heard me right my fellow groove-meisters; it is no secret that our ears (much like our limbs) are an integral part of our ability to make music. You know how your ears feel a little plugged after a loud concert or an intense jam session? There is a plethora (yes, I said plethora) of more discreet ear plugs on the market today available through companies like Vic Firth and Vater.
The best of both worlds comes in the form of the custom-fit silicone earplugs that an ear specialist might offer.
A popular working drummers’ solution is a decent set of ear-buds and a small sound board as a simple in-ear monitoring system. As an alternative to your acoustic rehearsal space, your band may interested in going all electronic offering everyone the ability to wear headphones and have their own volume control. Consulting with your health care provider allows for diagnosis and treatment to prevent further damage to the structures within the ear, whose sole function is to pass the information to the brain for interpretation. Another well known sign is their need to have the TV or radio up very loud where it disturbs others in the household or even the neighbors. This level is known as your average listening level.This injury is not just linked to faulty equipment. Therefore, when the nerve is damaged those smaller veins are not supplied with enough blood for circulation which is necessary for muscles on the different areas of the face to move. Temporal & Zygomatic Branch: Together these Nerve Branches affect the muscles control opening and closure of the Eye. There are things that can be done to help the nerve heal that should be considered when a nerve might or has been damaged. Everyone is different, so it might take more or less time for different people, but the majority of the healing that will occur on its own will be in the first year. Pain or any other feeling, numbness or lack of feeling in the face is the result of damage of Cranial Nerve 5 (CN5), the Trigeminal Nerve. Tinnitus, a permanent ringing of the ears, might easily be considered the drummers’ apocalypse. Our fore-bearers did not have the luxury of the information age and quite often suffered in silence (literally). While these may make you look less like Princess Leia, the hearing protection value is somewhat lower than the aforementioned muffs. It goes without saying that as soon as one band member gets a little louder, the whole band turns up. On the contrary, if you play on a loud stage consistently, you have already incurred some damage. He has studied under Crash Test Dummies drummer Mitch Dorge and Drumming's Global Ambassador Dom Famularo. Often times the person will complain that people are muttering and they can't understand a word that is said unless you speak loudly also.

It is not limited to any particular telephone or headset type, or any particular telecommunications network or equipment. The nerve damage will unlikely be completely restored on its own but there are some options to consider to help maximize the amount of healing.
The literal physical equivalent would be if you sat exactly 100 feet away from the launch pad of the space shuttle whilst it took off. What has happened is that your ears have actually experienced a temporary hearing deficit (aka hearing loss).
While objective tinnitus can potentially be cured, subjective tinnitus is like taxes—it is forever. The development of more efficient earplugs and in-ear monitoring systems, as well as the option to practice with digital drums, has made our lives a little less dangerous. You can also have your plugs fitted and designed to be in-ear monitors, thusly killing two birds with one stone. For those of us who are touring in theatres and arenas, stage volume levels will have less impact than in a smaller club. Although auditory problems can strike at any age, the elderly population have a higher incidence of hearing difficulties. That decibel level (150+) can actually cause permanent damage after only a few days of shedding. The recovery on this is about 14 hours, provided you are not exposed to similar noise levels (or louder) in that timeframe.
You will find that the drums actually sound incredible and while you have somewhat lowered the protection value by removing the foam, it is still substantial enough that you will not be causing yourself any permanent loss.
When you are playing a pub or a lounge, ask yourself, Do I really need to be heard outside? For now it may not be an issue, but as you progress in your career and play more, you will advance that process and ultimately if you never wear any protection (minds out of the gutter here, folks) you stand a 99% chance of not hearing a word I just said (insert nagging spouse's voice here). Hearing abilities begin to decrease around the ages of 30-40, and as we age this hearing loss progresses. Headsets exacerbate the problem as they take longer to remove than handsets.The Effects of Acoustic ShockStress and anxiety can heighten the effects of acoustic shock. In the rehearsal room or at a drum clinic, these babies are all the rage for today's fashion-conscious drummer. The price tag on custom ear buds is quite high, but alternately, so are years of med's to alleviate the agonizing ringing of tinnitus—or worse, hearing loss so severe that you are unable to play drums.
Being that you are running your monitor line direct into a small board and the output is direct into your ears via your ear buds, if you do get a blast of feedback with this setup it may be game over! It is important to see a health care professional when it becomes evident that some degree of hearing loss has occurred.

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