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In 1991, My Bloody Valentine transfixed shoegaze fans with the masterpiece Loveless, but then retreated into the hazy shadows before eventually dropping off the musical map altogether.
Keep your thumb on the local music scene each week with music news, trends, artist interviews and concert listings. Para reproducir la musica que tendra que actualizar su navegador o actualizar el Plugin de Flash. The prolonged wait for a follow-up finally came to an end earlier this year with their third full-length, m b v.
Opinions on the new material varied from proclamations of another MBV masterstroke to queries of why the band even bothered.

Ride's seminal debut, Nowhere, actually preceded Loveless by over a year, and many feel thatit is more inspired and a far better representative of the shoegaze movement.
An easy example is Savages, who return to Minneapolis on Tuesday for a show at First Avenue less than two months after devastating the Triple Rock.
We know people still return to 22-year-old but timeless Loveless, and it'll be a while before it's established that Savages' brilliant debut, Silence Yourself, has that sort of staying power. While plenty of bands have managed to overcome the spacious surroundings and put on amazing shows in the glorified gymnasium -- Nirvana, the White Stripes, Arcade Fire, to name a few -- more often than not the Roy has had a negative effect on the show itself, creating an echoey, muddy sound that frustrates bands and fans alike, while creating a distance between the audience and the performers that prevents a bond between the two from ever forming.And for a band like MBV, who create an epic, textured soundscape within their music, those intricate layers might get lost within the expansive Roy.
And it's a worthy question whether or not music that deafening can actually be beautiful, or even listenable. MBV's live show will be an all-consuming experience, and Roy Wilkins could play a heavy hand in its outcome.As to whether or not music can actually be appealing when heard at such high volume, that's a matter of taste and what you choose to subject your eardrums to. I remember taking out one of my earplugs at a Mogwai gig at First Avenue -- a band who play at a similar decibel level as MBV -- and it was like looking directly into the sun. All of my other senses seemed to shut down momentarily, as the thunderous sound took hold of me.

Sometimes music needs to be that forceful, where every other distraction and concern is obliterated by the sheer volume and majestic sonic scope of the music itself. If you share those beliefs, then I'll surely be seeing you at the Roy this fall.Have they lost their magic?Anytime a group leaves the music scene for an extended length of time -- in MBV's case, over two decades -- fans are bound to question their current cultural relevance.
But with merely two studio albums and legendary, cacophonous live shows, My Bloody Valentine's formidable sound architect Kevin Shields has unwittingly influenced so many of today's musicians.Though opinions are divided about the success of m b v -- I, for one, deemed it an absolute triumph -- no one can question that the band is still making headlines 30 years after its formation.
And for many fans who came to their music after the band stop performing live, the announcement of a Twin Cities date was met with praise and celebration.

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