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The collector's edition includes a double-sided pillow case, an art book and a soundtrack CD. First Edition Bundle that comes with the 3G-enabled Vita, along with The Little Deviants and a 4GB card. The first two movies below catches me up on all the reviews I wanted to give you back in the spring roundup. The movie's multiple levels of narrative takes some getting used to, and it's a disorienting introduction to be sure. While that might sound awesome, the movie's base, action girl qualities are unenjoyable because the entire movie is marinated in so much rape fantasy it makes Lifetime movie-of-the-week villains look like saints among men.
Zack Snyder (Writer, Director, Producer) is not giving me much hope that he can correct Christopher Nolan's inability to know what to do with female characters. Simon Pegg and Nick Frost's third theatrical team-up still brings the laughs, but not quite as many as their prior work. Granted, Shawn of the Dead and especially Hot Fuzz are hard acts to follow, so Paul shouldn't feel too bad about itself.
True to Simon Pegg form, the movie has a lot of fun shout-outs to the nerds in the audience by holding up a mirror to nerd culture, including some spot-on scenes at a convention. The movie is a bit of a slow starter, getting bogged down in the first few iterations, but really takes off afterward. For maximum enjoyment, watch this movie again after playing through Ghost Trick, which you ought to have done anyway.
Part romance, part politics and part supernatural, The Adjustment Bureau catches you off guard as it slowly alters the mix over the course of the plot as the mysteries and conspiracies take hold. Stay tuned for the next installment featuring The Muppets, Puss in Boots, A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas and more. Picking up where I left off last week, I present part two of this month's Treasure Hunter column.
The holidays are also known as that time of year where consumers scramble to purchase gifts for friends and family and retailers do their best to out do the competition. This is the first time in history that a system requires memory cards to even boot up games. A lot of the fury over this would be mitigated if Sony threw the 4GB card into every package, but apparently they couldn't afford that. The gamea€™s battles appear turn based, but Tri-Ace isna€™t elaborating on its intricacies. However, just two movies would be short and lame so I'll give you a couple more released earlier this year that have now made their way to Qwikster Netflix and Red Box.
There is only ONE male character in the entire move who does not try to rape one or more of the women.
It's impossible to not have it click in the end (seeing as they just come out and tell you everything you could only assume up to that point). If you liked this movie, I would suggest also seeing Vantage Point for a similar story and storytelling device without the sci-fi elements. In terms of special, collectors and limited editions October has been an average month so far. Somewhere in the mix video game publishers are eagerly vying for the attention and dollars of gamers. This is prevalent even in the power-gaming sequences: The only time the action-girls ever get in danger is when a man or a man-substitute stops trying to hurt the girls with weapons and goes for a grapple. Along the way, some brain-twisty questions about the nature of time and the universe crop up.

The rest of this month's swag-filled lineup includes various anime DVD and Blu-ray releases from Aniplex and Bandai. Due to the start of the holiday season November and December are normally packed with tons of game releases. It would be a fun movie to watch with a genre-savvy fan of romantic comedies (you could also use Matt Damon's starring role to trick people into expecting an action flick). Unfortunately, this year is no different as there are more games coming out than any sane working person can afford. If you own a 3DS and held out for the upgraded version of the game you've been disappointed several times already. You might laugh once or twice, but The Adjustment Bureau is straight-up drama; a sort of film seen less and less these days. That goes double for gamers who like to buy collectors editions and generally like swag with their purchases. In true Natsume fashion Tale of Two Towns was originally supposed to be released in October but was continually delayed. However, the anime fans who enjoy swag with their box sets are out of luck this month-- so the topic won't be covered at all. If you pre-order from GameStop this alpaca will be included with the game-- unless Tale of Two Towns is delayed yet again.Sonic Generations is Sega's latest attempt at a Sonic game that will finally impress both new and old fans.
If you've been following Geoff's demo impressions you might have some idea what to expect from the game. Unfortunately, the pin set is no longer being offered but it could be possible to find an extra set at your local GameStop or on eBay. The series has been hailed as a fantastic example of how to make games that play more like a blockbuster movies. To celebrate Sonic Generations Sega is releasing an impressive looking collector's edition-- in Europe. Needless to say, fans are expecting a lot from Uncharted 3 and they'll have to chance to discover how it all plays out very shortly.
In a surprising twist the collector's edition sold out before the end of September in the UK.
For some fans just having the game isn't enough so we have the Uncharted 3 collector's edition for the die hards. For a cool $100 you'll receive Nathan Drake in mini-statue form, a steelbook, replicas of Drake's buckle and ring, a traveling chest as the packaging and if you pre-order from GameStop you'll also get the special Penny Arcade poster. Most likely the shortage is due to high demand both in and out of the country, a lack of adequate supplies or a combination of the two.
This series was originally aired in 2008 and 2009 in Japan, acquired by Bandai Entertainment in 2010 and was finally released on DVD on October 11. Either way, the only way to get your hands on this collector's edition is to import it from Germany for 96 Euros plus import fees. Interestingly enough, Tales of the Abyss fell into the abyss of constant delays as it was originally supposed to be released in July.
Most fans of the series believed the game would never reach North America but Aksys Games surprised everyone with an announcement earlier this year. Either way, fans of the game and anime can finally purchase part one of this series in North America.
The first volume of the limited edition includes the first book of the second manga adaptation, Tales of the Abyss: Asch the Bloody. If you're a fan of the series or the Persona-like gameplay intrigued you this game might already be on your radar.

Sonic Generations will arrive on store shelves in North America on November 1, sans the collector's edition. For $40 you can pick up the limited edition of the game which is only ten dollars more than the standard edition.
For the extra money a soundtrack and a gorgeous hardcover art book are included with the game.
The movie, also known as Samurai X - The Motion Picture, has a plot that isn't found in Nobuhiro Watsuki's original manga. Given how old and popular Rurouni Kenshin is you've probably already seen this movie since its release ten years ago on DVD.
Given the cost of shipping and the applied sales tax the magazine may or may not be worth the extra money to you. Like Aniplex of America's other RK releases this blu-ray comes with a deluxe booklet and an English translation book. The BD was announced in July and I would have expected Aniplex to have cover art available by now-- sadly this isn't the case. A brief synopsis of the series can be found in my Aniplex of America at Otakon 2011 write-up. The co-op action RPG is an already crowded genre this year but hardcore LotR fans will no doubt try this one out. Sixty dollars for 16-episodes on DVD is definitely more than what many anime fans are willing to pay-- especially those used to cheaper FUNimation box sets. The collector's edition of the game sports a fancy quiver case (for the arrows you may or may not own), an art book, a soundtrack CD and various digital goodies depending on which console version of the game you get.
For the money Aniplex has included a number of goodies including a mini-poster, 24-page booklet filled with character and production designs and 16 postcards-- one for each episode. If you're a hardcore box set collector, a fan of Oreimo or you simply enjoy slice-of-life comedies this box set with its included swag is probably worth the money.
It is the 2009 follow up to the 2007 release of Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles for the Wii. A special mention goes out to volume two of Katanagatari which was released in September by NIS America. For some reason GameStop had the brilliant idea to bundle Darkside Chronicles, two wiimote skins, the RE branded wiimote gun and nunchuck knife combo together. However, I did write about part one, so I believe it's only fair to give a quick mention to this subsequent release.
While these products have been available separately for years GameStop is the only retailer offering this specific bundle for a reasonable $40. If you enjoyed the strange katana collecting story from volume one, volume two concludes the story. If you've yet to play Darkside Chronicles or this bundle interests you it'll be released on November 1st.Does this image look familiar to you? However, box set collection includes a 30-page hardcover art book and six glossy art prints that are double-sided. If you're a fan of shoot 'em ups or shmups, you might already have a copy of Deathsmiles or something similar.

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