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That’s right, move away from the sound source if possible and the decibel level will reduce. Turn down the volume on your personal stereo system (MP3, CD player, etc.), car stereo, radio, and television and speaker system. A decibel (dB) is used to measure sound level and provides a guide for what types of noise are harmful to hearing. Estimates from the World Health Organization suggest that hearing loss afflicts 28 million Americans. Musician’s Earplugs (custom made to fit your ears): If you play in a band or frequent concerts, we recommend you get a custom set of musician’s earplugs.
According to the American Osteopathic Association, “one in five teens has some form of hearing loss—a rate about 30% higher than it was in the 1980s and 1990s—which many experts believe is due, in part, to the increased use of headphones.” And once you lose it, you never get it back. Perhaps the most dangerous thing that happens with hearing loss is that it’s not always easy to tell there’s a problem.
Do you have trouble following the conversation when two or more people are talking at the same time? If you answered “yes” to three or more of these questions, we recommend getting your hearing checked. 3) The basilar membrane inside the cochlea breaks the sound waves up into different frequencies.
4) Tiny hair cells which live on the basilar membrane translate mechanical vibrations into patterns of nerve impulses.
Your basilar membrane is lined with tiny hair cells, which are responsible for converting mechanical vibration of the basilar membrane to a chemical signal that stimulates your auditory nerve. Hair cells in your ear come in two flavours: one row of inner hair cells and three rows of outer hair cells. The pictures below show electron micrographs of healthy hair cells (left) and hair cells after exposure to excessive noise (right). Nineteen minutes into extra time, Zidane had an altercation with Italian player Marco Materazzi. This issue is chock-full of go-getters and to start us off is the beautiful, hard working and ambitious Nana Wanjau.
Speaking of blogs, we bring you faces behind some of Kenya’s popular blogs and hope their stories in the Trending Issues will inspire you to turn your passion into a moneymaking venture.
If you were accosted by thugs and asked to choose between death and being raped, what would you go for?

Be inspired by Dr Victor and Fridah Ofula’s story in the Marriages that Last column, as they attest that marriage is a never-ending learning process, even as we highlight ways in which mothers can ruin a son’s relationship in the Relationships column. A Parents magazine issue would not be complete without articles that empower you on your health, wealth and well-being; this edition does not deviate from the norm.
Damage to the auditory nerve, indicated by the arrow, can cause sensorineural hearing loss.
These earplugs will not block the sound but will filter it to a safer decibel level so that you can still enjoy the experience without damaging your hearing. Damage to your cochlea—the elegantly designed, snail-shaped part of your ear that detects sound—is permanent, so it’s critical that you treat hearing checks as part of your general preventative health, just like going to the dentist and your annual physical. Permanent hearing losses can go undetected for years before you decide it’s time to see an audiologist.
At Hearing, Speech & Deaf Center we have a professional and caring Healthy Hearing Team waiting to serve you—please give us a call to schedule your appointment!
The near ("basal") end of the basilar membrane resonates to high frequencies, and the far ("apical") end resonates to low frequencies. The inner hair cells are heavily connected to the auditory nerve, and they send sound information to your brain. As you grow older, hair cells at the high frequency end of the cochlea also tend to wear out.
While most people can withstand levels of 90dB (decibels) for up to eight hours, the maximum exposure limit for a nightclub, where volumes exceed 110dB, can be under 15 minutes. Two hours’ exposure to 100dB sound levels, often found in pubs, cinemas and restaurants, require at least 16 hours of rest for the ears if the hearing loss is not to become permanent. Whatever the Italian player had told Zidane must have been provocative as the French captain suddenly turned and head-butted Materazzi on the chest, knocking him down. The veteran journalist opted for early retirement last year after years with the Nation Media Group and we caught up with him to bring you his story.
Osborne Macharia in the Young Achievers column turned his passion into a fulltime job proving it takes dedication, persistence and imagination to stand out in one’s field.
But noise should not keep us from enjoying the activities we like to do and frequenting the places we love to go!
Monitoring and managing your hearing health is part of a comprehensive preventative health program.
Vibrations at different locations on the basilar membrane therefore reveal what frequencies are present in the sound.

The job of the outer hair cells, in contrast, is to amplify the sound vibrations by dancing along. Tinnitus, or ringing in the ears on leaving a noisy environment is a sign that some damage has been caused. She wears many hats – a mother, entrepreneur, leader and humanitarian – without breaking a sweat. Get to know more about him in the My Story column, as he reflects on an illustrious career in media. The self-taught contemporary photographer uses photography to highlight the beautiful side of life. Well, that is what Wangu Kanja went through one chilly evening 14 years ago, opting for the lesser evil.
This little video shows you how the vibrations might look if the basilar membrane could be "rolled out in front of you". As well as blocking out excess noise, they will improve your ability to make out conversation.
As we commemorate Mother’s Day, we celebrate her and many other women who are juggling careers, motherhood and everything else. While at it, be drawn into the world of Robert Alai Onyango in Beating the Odds column as he recounts his journey from a nondescript young man from Nyando to a well-known blogger. Of particular interest is France’ captain Zinedine Zidane who had steered his lackluster team to the finals. If only he had exercised self-control… This month’s Living Value is a call to each one of us to reflect before reacting.
He had had a distinguished career in football and winning the World Cup would be the icing on the cake.
Both sides put their best foot forward and for a moment it seemed France would carry the day.
But by the end of the regulation time (90 minutes), both teams had drawn with a goal each, forcing the match into extra time.

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