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I have been looking without much luck (mostly due to my ignorance with the av tech stuff) for a Wireless Headphone for my Mom who is hearing impaired. The key requirements from the headsets are -To be able to listen to the TV audio on the Headset and also at the same time other family members can listen to the TV audio via its speakers.
I know Sennheiser makes Assitive Listening devices but the showrooms here (Bangalore) do not stock them and the staff has no clue about it. I am looking for Wireless Headphones designed specifically for those who are Hearing Impaired.
Alternatively, if your TV headphone socket does mute the speakers (try it, with any headphone!) then you can try looking for audio line out (two phono sockets; one red, the other white, likely to be a yellow one for video which you can ignore) to a small headphone amp (you can search for that on this site). If you have reduced hearing, particularly in one ear, you should probably choose the RS-140 model. Looking for Wireless Headphone solution for mom who is Hearing Impaired at the What Should I Buy? What i read on the Net on them sounds good but not sure if it will serve my above requirement.

Again, my key requirement is that while the headset is hooked to the television set, other family members should also be able to listen to the audio.
This is a matter for the TV, rather than the headphone, and could not be resolved by the headphone. Simply feeding a higher volume into your mum's ears that would be uncomfortable for the rest of the family? The addition of the closed back (for isolation), L-R balance control, and compression switch (to equalize the overall volume) could be helpful.
I purchased the wireless RS140 because I have a hearing loss and do not want to wear my hearing aids all day long.
Plugin a spare headphone to the headphone output of your tv and check whether sound comes through the tv speakers as well. While i have been told that this is not logical, i am hoping there is a workaround and specific headsets made to resolve this issue.
If you are looking for the headphone to resolve this issue, yuo are looking in the wrong place: it is a matter of a switch inside the headphone plug.

I primarily wanted them so I wouldn't have to turn up the tv to understand what was being said. Connecting headphones to audio out socket will allow you to control volume for the headphones and TV's native speakers independently.
It is connected to my LG 29 CRT headphone out which works parellel to main speakers and has seperate volumn control in TV menu. Headphones Dublin Cyber Acoustics Educational Series Stereo Headphones $39.33 Cyber Acoustics Educational Series Stereo Headphones are a practical choice when working gaming or enjoying media experiences.

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