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I almost died when I was a baby and the drugs they used to save my life are what probably took away my hearing. If you go to the website you will be able to see the different clasps I use for different types of hearing aids.
It depends on what type of day it is and how much homework I have and how many orders I have to send out. My dad tells me all the time ‘when I was your age I would have to spend hours cutting lawns to make $20 and now because of the internet you go off to school and come home to order after order. I no longer go to a deaf school, so no one else in my school wears hearing aids….but if they did they would all be wearing my charms for sure!
I make both but I get primarily female customers, the boys like things like the skulls, guitars, pirates, cars, and sports charms, the girls like pretty much everything! Oticon is one of the largest hearing aid manufacturers in the world, they give out an award called the Focus on People award which they give to people in the hearing aid community that help keep things positive and help people feel better about their hearing disability. I think Oticon gave me the award for that reason, they flew me and my mom out to Washington state and there was a big ceremony, it was really an awesome experience and they even gave money to charities I support (and I got a brand new pair of their top of the line hearing aids which are REALLY awesome). You sound like a very focussed and determined young lady, what plans and aspirations do you hold for the future. My goal right now for the business is to grow it to a point where I can pay all my college expenses. If there is anything that you wish to share that I have not asked about, please do feel free to include it. No, Ia€™m not ruthless yet but if someone infringes on my patents then that part of me may have to come out someday!
I think me being young has definitely helped my business; people like to help out kids as most people are really nice at heart. Do have any advice that you wish to give to people that may be struggling with disabilities or to those wanting to start a business?
I believe everyone is blessed with gifts from God, even disabled people and I think we all need to look to the positives that we can bring to this world no matter what we look like or what type disability we have.
Please Log-in or Sign-up to post Strategies, Resources, Technology, or Research news and knowledge. Students who are blind or visually impaired rely heavily upon their hearing, and should have their hearing assessed on a regular basis. The Listening Skills Inventory is part of Learning Through Listening developed by Learning Ally (formerly Recordings for the Blind and Dyslexic). The Texas Primary Reading Inventory (TPRI) is an assessment tool for students in kindergarten through 3rd grade.

The SEDL Reading Assessment Database is a searchable database that describes in detail early reading assessments. Speaking and Listening is part of the general education curriculum in English in the state of Victoria, Australia.
Communicating Orally (Ability to Learn Oral Language) addresses the necessary skills and their prerequisites for the acquisition of oral language. Purposes of Communication addresses the use of oral language within our social communications. Conventions of Language addresses the rules governing the sounds, sentences and genres of oral language. Ideas Communicated addresses the meanings of words, sentences, discourse and topics of language. Each area also has suggested teaching strategies, as well as indicators of progress tied to each standard.
This list from Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired includes a variety of assessments looking at technology that gives students access to text, such as screen readers, scanners, and note takers.
To learn more about auditory issues for children with visual impairments, see Are You Listening? Beyond Silence digital piano is a concept music instrument for hearing impaired people, especially children.
People think hearing is the only way to enjoy the music, thus, isolating hearing-impaired people from the music.
This concept also helps children to play the piano by feeling the wave and vibration of each tune from the resonance board. Ttone Interaction Toothbrush Plays Music as Your Children Brushing Their Teeth Teaching children the importance of brushing their teeth would be so much fun with Ttone Interaction Toothbrush. To put a charm on you have to take the tubing apart (most tubing can be taken off easily) and then you slip the charm on the tube and put the tube back in the hearing aid. I must admit to being in awe of your drive and determination.A  What type of reaction have you had from your peers when they find out about your business?
If you go to my customer page, it is my favorite page on the site, it makes me happy to see all these people smiling and happy because of charms that I made for them. My dad thought it was really fantastic as well because those hearing aids are super expensive I was favorite daughter that week for sure! I think to start a business you just need to start with an idea you are interested in and then you just need to start. Many of the conditions that cause visual impairment may also lead to a hearing loss, and thus it is a good idea to be sure to check hearing regularly.

The Listening Skills Inventory can be used to assess a student’s higher level listening skills.
There are subsections that deal with listening comprehension at Kindergarten through 3rd Grade level. It would be pretty difficult to grasp the idea of hearing impaired people listen to the music. To challenge this perception, three Korean industrial designers have come up with “Beyond Silence” concept, focusing on the fact that hearing-impaired people can sense and feel the vibration of the music. The bottom part of Beyond Silence digital piano concept has been designed with a diaphragm to create stronger vibrations and music waves for other hearing-impaired people to feel on the ground. This little toothbrush provides exciting, interesting, and interactive […]Quantum Tap Helps You Develop Positive Water Use Habit You can save a lot of money if you use water wisely, however it’s difficult to know how much water you use every day. Even without a hearing aid Perth, they could listen to this digital piano and for me that's really cool!
I went to a school for the deaf when I was in kindergarten and I noticed a lot of the other kids also tried to hide their hearing aids but I decided that I didn’t want to hide them anymore, I wanted them to stand out and shine so I was sitting at my grandmothers kitchen table when I was 5 years old drawing designs for what I wanted on my hearing aids. You don’t have to be perfect you just have to start, as you do the business more you get better. It just goes to show, anything can be turned from a burden into success (and that is not to mention her age!). This does not need to be a full evaluation, but should be at least a screening on an annual basis. A “reading comprehension” assessment that is read to a student can be used to determine at what grade level the student can comprehend auditory text.
This concept Quantum tap helps you measure your water consumption in […]RevOlve Kinetic Phone Improves The Life Cycle of The Mobile Phone How many of us use mobile phones effectively? Research shows that quite a number of people replace their cell phones very often resulting in the dumping of millions of mobile phones […]Opalum Move Speaker by Melker Molin As the result in collaboration with Opalum brand, this industrial designer has come up with Opalum Move speaker concept.
This project explores our behavior towards music and sound within […]CLEF Digital Music Note Stand Concept Music note stand is important part for musicians when they are playing an instrument.

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