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Starting in her first year as a postdoctoral fellow at the school, Shillam conducted and published leading research in the field of pain management for older people.
They just develop their own signs for communicating according to their convenience," Hina Nandrajog, Associate Professor at DU's Cluster Innovation Centre (CIC) told PTI. Nandrajog, along with a team of six DU students, is working on the project in which training sessions are being conducted for nursing staff to give them basic knowledge of the sign language and how it can help in dealing with hearing impaired patients.
The training-cum-counselling programme, which began last fortnight, has so far been conducted at Hindu Rao and Kasturba hospitals.
We have also compiled a hospital-specific vocabulary for training purpose," Nandrajog said. In the first phase of the project, DU had trained over 2,000 police personnel in order to sensitise them about the problems faced by deaf in communicating with police.

The workshops were conducted in collaboration with the National Association of Deaf (NAD) and Noida Deaf Society (NDS).
A police team also collaborated in suggesting us the contents and suitable vocabulary," Nandrajog said, adding, "once ready, the handbook will be placed in all police stations for ready reference. A handbook for hospitals will follow in the same manner." Similarly, a list is being compiled of the sign language interpretors available in Delhi and across the country, whose services can be availed in police stations and hospitals when required, she said.

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