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The extra large tilt screen displays incoming call information and the base speakerphone allows hands-free communication.
The Jitterbug cell phone is an easy-to-use, simple cell phone for seniors that is an entirely new experience. By delivering affordable and reliable products to customers with disabilities, speech, hearing and vision impairments, Clarity is able to better the quality of life of millions via enhanced communication methods. Clarity corded phones & cordless phones are also available for those with low vision impairment and speech impairments. All logos displayed on this page are registered trademarks with their respective organizations. By creating an account I agree to Factory Outlet Store LLC's Terms of Use & Privacy Policy.

Additional features include visual ringing indicator, redial, 10 number speed dial, mute and flash.
Assistive speech aids like an electrolarynx can help with communicating clearly and speech recovery.
With large backlit display, hearing aid compatibility and up to 20dB of amplified volume, you can enjoy Clarity technology when on-the-go.
You can combine amplification with a big button, picture memory phones, or Braille keypad phones. The Audio Assistâ„¢ 40db Handset Volume technology temporarily increases overall volume and enhances sound frequencies making speech easier to understand.
A variety of options means you can find the best telephone for your household, one that is designed for the entire family.

The Clarity line of text phones, which can be plugged into most cordless phones, allows users to communicate through a built-in text answering machine. Models, like the AME-Q90D, are great for people who require TTY technology on a daily basis.

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