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This title is unavailable for purchase as none of our regular suppliers have stock available. This resource has been produced bythe National Foundation for the Deaf.The PDF outlines the best type ofsmoke alarms and how to get fundingfor assistive technology. Sky TV has introduced closed captioning to the following channels: Animal Planet, Disney Channel, Disney Junior, TCM, TV1.
A Deaf Blind SculptorRead about DonaldGibson, a deaf andblind sculptorwho made the VADEC125th jubilee sculpture.
Helen Kellerat Sumner Schoolfor Deaf.World famous HelenKeller visits SumnerSchool for Deaf in 1948. Boys' House Fire at Sumner School for Deaf, 1958The story of the dramatic fire that destroyed most of the Boys' House dormitories .
How Does a Hearing Aid Work?Click on the image to see the animation.Parts and functions of the Hearing Aid and Radio Aid. Tertiary Study Support All tertiary institutions such aspolytechnics and universitieshave staff whose job it is to helporganise support for deaf students.Support is based on what the individualneeds and may be an interpreter,notetaker or the use of an FM systemby the lecturer, etc. Work Support ServicesThe Deaf Association, Workbridgeand Work and Income offerspecialised support services andtraining for deaf job seekers.Read the attached PDF .
The Deaf Association Supports Deaf School LeaversThe Deaf Association can supportdeaf school leavers with interpreters,needs interviews, service coordination,equipment, information and advice,job training programmes, support inemployment and adult communityeducation.Read the attached PDF . The Hearing AssociationThe Hearing Association's many branchesthroughout New Zealand offer supportto hearing impaired people the aroundthe country.

Deaf OrganisationsBrowse this comprehensive list ofcontacts for deaf clubs, equipment,groups, societies, sporting groupsand support services.Read the attached PDF .
AudiogramsTo learn more about audiograms andwhat the words threshold, decibel andfrequency mean read on!Read the attached PDF . Assistive DevicesThere are many assistive devicesthat are available for deaf and hearingimpaired people.
Hearing LossLearn about how the ear works.Find out about the types andcauses of hearing loss. Funding for Hearing Aids and Assistive DevicesRead the article to find out whatequipment the Ministry of Health (MOH)funds (pays for) or subsidizes(pays some of) and who can get it.Read the attached PDF . Cinema captioning started in New Zealand because a Deaf man filed a complaint to the Human Rights Commission in December 2001 regarding lack of captions in movies.
The Deaf Sports Federation of New Zealand was established in 1963 with the purpose of bringing Deaf people in New Zealand together through sports. New Zealand Relay (NZ Relay) is a telecommunications service for people who are Deaf, hearing-impaired, deaf-blind, or speech-impaired.
To show these are unwanted messages, this call list can ONLY start from the time when YOU STOPPED REPLYING. Sky Digital decoders can display closed captions through Teletext if the television supports Teletext. Read the attachedPDF > Study Support to find out thecontact details of support staff in themain polytechnics and universitiesaround New Zealand.

The services they offerinclude the sale of hearing aid batteries,accessories, assistive listening devices,amplified telephones, alerting devices,hearing tests and education and adviceregarding hearing loss.Read the attached PDF.
This article containsa list and photographs of the mostcommon devices in use such as smokealarms for deaf, TTYs, vibrating watchalarms, video phones, etc.Read the attached PDF .
Study twodiagrams to see how a hearing aidand cochlear implant work.Read the attached PDF . Due to the joint effort between the Deaf community, representatives of the film industry and the Human Rights Commission, New Zealand citizens can now enjoy captioned movies! Deaf people of all ages, backgrounds participate in various sporting events locally, nationally and internationally.The New Zealand Deaf Games are being held in Christchurch during Labour Weekend in 2009.
You can use NZ Relay to make telephone calls to family, businesses, government ministries—anyone who has a phone.
TV3, Cartoon Network, Crime & Investigation,Discovery Channel, Nickelodeon, UKTV and National Geographic. Contact Sky TV for advice on how to start captioning on your television if you need assistance.

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