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This poor image often prevents people concerned to be taken seriously regarding their hearing impairment. Poor hearing ability degrades the quality of life and poses social, private and professional.
There are two main forms of hearing impairment: one related to the conduction of sound waves and that linked to the perception of these waves (disorders of the inner ear). Cholesteatoma : Chronic inflammation in which a cluster of flat epithelium accumulates in the cavities of the middle ear and the mastoid *.
The pitch allows the physician to distinguish one disorder propagation of the wave of the auditory perception. When conduction disturbances of the wave, it is effective to treat the cause (infection, ear wax), see to operate, to improve hearing.

In disorders of the inner ear or perception of the wave, there is no therapy to treat the cause. A new method of treatment of unilateral hearing loss is the BAHA (Bone Anchored Hearing Aid). Copyright © 2012 Rayur, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. This results in destruction of the adjacent bone and degradation of surrounding structures, such as the auditory ossicles. This method allows you to inspect the ear canal and tympanic region, highlighting possible caps or clusters of liquid wax. Blow softly numbers is also a method of analysis of the hearing, since it allows to highlight a difference between hearing the left ear and right.

Whoever does not hear well is forced to ask questions, but this has nothing to do with a lack of intelligence.
Often other medical interventions are necessary to reduce or slow the loss of hearing, or even to allow healing. The operation requires a simple local anesthesia and is supported by the sickness funds and the AI.

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